10 comments on “Morning Musume 20th Anniversary Official Book Interviews: Niigaki Risa

  1. Gaki-san…

    Reading all of that made my heart swell with joy, remember what is it about Morning Musume (and Hello! Project) that brought me to them.

    Niigaki Risa always had my respect and now I respect her (and everyone else involved behind the scenes) even more.

    This was a truly great read and thanks for the translation. Keep up the good work, Henkka!

  2. Really good interview. Gaki-san went through a lot in the group and it made her a stronger person, seeing how she overcame her more recent problems.
    Thanks for the translation.

  3. I’ve always really liked Niigaki. I find her twin tails really cute! :D

    These types of interviews are really fun to read and also very informative. Thank you for translating this!

  4. I just realized a weird coincidence: Gaki’s ex-husband was one of the Ultraman’s and the hair style they made Gaki-chan wear was Mother of Ultra hair.

  5. Asami’s eyes and tiny voice made me think she’s negative haha mind you I like Konkon. Young Risa’s former hairstyle was goofy but I like her bangs and eyebrows like many others. I hope there’s a video how Junjun and Linlin decide to take breaks in the midst of rehearsal but I doubt it because the office probably wouldn’t like it haha. Eripon is my oshi so I loved that part as usual. I definitely agree with the fans can sympathize with that certain “Morning Musume spirit”, their music conveys it and they are proud. Overall what a kind woman and I love her husky voice. Risa is a true morning musume.

  6. -“It was only when I got to show myself graduate after having spent 10 years in the group and everyone was cheering for me that I attained this peace of mind. “I’ve finally been accepted as part of Morning Musume.“-”

    That part really give me the shivers… Sooo tragic and romantic! That words breaks my heart, for good and bad…

  7. such a good read. gaki’s words really make me appreciate morning musume, and how many of its members still love and appreciate the group

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