23 comments on “Are handshake events fun?

  1. They’re alright. I did enjoy meeting Angerme at Sunshine City. Well, mainly Moe made it exciting. She kind of went a little crazy, when she found I was a foreigner. She jumped a little and started screaming,”Hello, Hello” in English. The other girls beside her were all like,”WTF is wrong with you?”

  2. handshake event is an abomination. at the very least the company should make sure that only 18+ girls can participate

    • (◕ᴗ◕✿) Friendly reminder: If you are applying modern American cultural values to Japan you are a cultural imperialist.

  3. I suppose there are pros and cons for the idols. It must be fun to meet some of the fans – the interesting and/or polite ones. But it must be difficult to remain interesting and interested after a long day.

  4. It’s enough to skim thru these comment section to know how detrimental female fans were and still are to H!P fandom.

    • Well, when shaking hands with the girls is pretty much the only contact with the opposite sex they will ever have it’s clear why they’re so passionate about it.

      • that’s sad :( I feel bad for these socially awkward men, because they know that nobody really likes them, or wants to touch them, so they have idols do the job

  5. When J=J did the World Tour in 2017 they also did handshakes, so as a person who went to one of them (and would never have a chance to go Japan to participate there) I think it’s fine going once… However if I had the chance to keep going I’d feel intimidated and bored, I guess.
    I also think those bus events happen more chances to interact compared to handshakes, plus they have other activities, so it seems better.

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