14 comments on “Kishimoto Yumeno’s favorite bands: The Beach Boys, The Beatles, AC/DC, The Rolling Stones, and King Crimson.

  1. I can not thank you enough for translating these threads about the real music wotas in the Hello Project community. Why doesn’t the english community have discussions like this? I love a thread about “lolikon idols preying on their kouhai” as much as the next guy, but the music threads are my absolute favorite!

    I double-ly love it when the idols themselves have informed thoughts about the music they consume… those are almost always my oshis. I just think people with their own opinions about the music they consume are generally more interesting people in my experience.

    Just like those old wota, I consider myself a real musical connoisseur (I am however, not a rock fan though), and here I am listening to the music of hello project. So just like 239 I would encourage Kishimon to pay more attention to the music coming out of H!P, its not half bad…

    Kishimon is my Tsubaki Factory Oshi, btw…

    • Cheers jigen. The music threads are always a favorite of mine, too. I suppose it’s because by far the biggest reason for me getting into H!P in the first place was the music. It’s just cool to me as a music fan to know how the idols as well as my fellow fans of H!P feel about music.

    • Back in the day there used to be a lot of discussions like this in H!P forums. It was just sort of accepted that serious music fans who got into idol music were mostly fans of H!P. Metal guys *especially* seemed to be drawn to Tsunku projects. During the Golden Era, there was an active H!P remix community that was far bigger and more diverse than for any other idol group. I really miss those days. Some great stuff was recorded by a lot of very talented H!P fans.

      • Yeah, metalheads getting into J-pop and H!P in particular always seemed like such a commonplace thing. I would know, being one myself. I kind of wonder if that’s still the case today in this post-Tsunku era of H!P.

  2. My old man listens to those a lot. His vinyl collection is absurdly big. Thanks to it I found some gems like Thin Lizzy and Jethro Tull, good rock. Kishimoto has good attitude, I’m way too lazy to study music deeply but I like listening to all types of music from classic genre to instrumental versions of songs and even video game bgm.

    • Jethro Tull — the ultimate “my dad got me into them” band. (Though in my case it was through my dad’s VHS collection.)

  3. 239 sums it up pretty nicely.

    The HP recording sessions are my favorite HP insider stuff. That guy on the organ was just crazy (and you can barely hear him on the official track, a shame).

    • Oh man, I watch that video probably a dozen times a year, lol! He’s such a monster, and he really kills it on that track. I also wish it wasn’t buried so deep in the mix.

  4. Henkka: “Lionheart” is absolutely the best Kate Bush album. I’ll fight anyone who claims otherwise.

    “The Dreaming ” is Kate Bush best album .
    It’s her first album where she had total control about the music , resulting in a unique and very creative collection of songs , all songs on that album are classics .
    “Lionheart” is a very good album , ” The Dreaming ” is brilliant ! ”
    Sorry for fighting you , Henkka..

  5. A request:

    Could someone (anyone!) who can post to Kishimoto’s blog PLEASE recommend that she checks out Fleet Foxes, Simon and Garfunkel, and “Painkiller” era Judas Priest? I have tried to post there twice but was rejected both times because I can’t write Japanese. Thank you!

    • Sorry to omit: if you can post to her blog in JAPANESE. The webmaster doesn’t speak or read English, it seems.

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