5 comments on “More mind-numbingly pointless stories by Kumai-chan (+5)

  1. Kumai, the girl cursed to forever were flat shoes in group pictures lol… Must suck for a model wannabe to never be allowed to wear heels when appearing with other group members

    And Junjun was huge compared to the Platinum era girls yet Kumai still towers over here, that so outrageous that she’s really that tall as a Japanese woman

  2. Damn, i wonder how tall her parents are compared to her, and of ahe is taller than her father that must be weird to be a dad and having your daugher looking down on you

    • I saw a Tv show like 3 years ago. They showed a picture and said that Yurina’s father was about 2 meters.

  3. Thanks Henkka!! But after read this i feel sad because there will be no “towers” or “kumai” anymore :sob: :sob:

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