8 comments on “What’s going on with Momoko’s belly button? (+3)

  1. Lol Fukuhime found out the secret of Momo’s pinky not always sticking up by a old concert dvd, she was a bit crushed by this discovery…That was a really good episode of Hellopro! TIME… Wonder if she still likes Miya just as much as she likes Momo

    Momo, is a pro though, she will definitiyl be the most successful “Kid”… She has a college degree, massive variety talent, and the drive to make it successful… She’s one of the hardest working and she’ll def make it outside of the idol world

  2. Nah, Fuku-chan won’t kill Momochi.. But.. She might steal and lock Momochi in her multi-million dollar basement..

  3. I think Momochi became an idol because she envied idols eating good food (I remember that particular episode in a variety show)

  4. All those pictures are not different. Far right, 2nd row and 3rd from the right in the third row are the same pose.

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