9 comments on “Family seats at H!P concerts are the best

  1. For me it’s the other way around. I’m above 190cm and kind of worried about inconveniencing people if I attend a concert in one of the front rows.

  2. Family seats plus binoculars seems like a good idea. Emphasis on “seems”
    That guy wanting to see the idols sweat raised a red flag for me though.

  3. I got family seats at a C-ute concert back in 2011, first row balcony at Zepp Yokohama. It was nice and relaxing and, as a bonus, Takahashi Ai and her family were sitting about 10 seats away in front row center.

  4. 82> Thirtysomethings are still babies when talking on the subject of H!P wota


    btw, sometimes family seat rules don’t apply and people will stand anyway :P

  5. I’ve been to 2 Morning Musume shows near Tokyo. Best concert experiences ever! Fans were super into it yet were still cool, I could see everything, and no camera phones out!
    These complainers don’t know how good they have it…

  6. Ok so I’m confused
    I got a ticket to a summer harocon concert and I thought they’d sold out of family seating but I got an assigned spot (like floor 2, row #, spot #)
    But I think the machine didn’t really give me a choice in terms of choosing so
    Can someone please explain to me how seating works?
    I expected to be standing tbh (although I guess sitting is good too especially during the hot summer in Tokyo right now)
    At least I don’t have to worry about being crushed by sweaty wota

    • Oh wait I just looked at Nakano Sun Plaza and it’s only got seats from what I can see
      I guess that explains it

      • Also I got a terrible seat orz
        It’s on the balcony and almost at the back
        Everything is gonna look like specks

  7. When I sat in family seating once at Nakano, I thought everyone was gonna stay seated, but then everyone around me got up so I was forced to stand as well if I wanted to see anything
    The front half of the balcony where the idols’ family and friends go seems like the only place where everyone stays seated (and doesn’t use glowsticks)

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