13 comments on “Sato Masaki: “Who says people can’t turn back time?”

  1. Maa reminds me of that queen from alice in wonderland. The “off with their heads” one
    Younger chibi version

  2. I’m glad you translated another Maa related stuff, Henka. it’s been a while. Please do it often. I got to know this site because of it.

    Maachan on clocks.

    Her logic is like the protagonist’s in the Japanese detective novel “Summer of Ubume”. He’s an exorcist who doesn’t believe in ghosts or other paranormal crapolas. A popular quote from him is:
    “There are no strange things in this world, buddy. Everything has been here before the dawn of mankind. What makes it seemingly strange and mysterious is due to our lack of understanding and familiarity of it. We make natural things unnatural because they doesn’t correspond with our selfish notion that we are the most important thing in this world.”

    Maybe Maachan also thinks that there’s no such thing as empirical “time”, but merely a subjective one. Humanity metaphysically invented it, and make it manifests in the form of clocks, to remind us that we and everything around us is changing–and moving. It’s natural, but we make it unnatural if something changes or happens that is not the same us before, especially if we don’t like what it turns out. We blame it on time, and say “Time is running, we have to hurry to keep moving along with it, so it won’t be the same as before” with a mindset that we could avoid changes if we are aware of time.

    Maa contemplates with the notion that if time was just invented by people as means of indication that we are movng forward, why can’t we invent a version of time that moves backward?

    There you go, another over-interpretation by a delusional Maa fan.

    Well for me, the time stops whenever I look at Maa’s smile.

  3. Maachan actually more suited to become philosopher than idol,, her time is just a human creation is serious philosophy discussion,, o_o

  4. After the discovery of gravitational force, Maachan tried to deciper spacetime to make it practical.

    • Come on now. Maa-chan may be a bit of an eccentric, but she’s not completely out of her mind.

  5. this is just beautiful… that’s why I like reading her blog… she never fails to impress me – wether it’s her piano skills, voice or her mindset… this little genius is the future of H!P… or… well… the past if she finds out how to go back in time…

    thank you Henkka! that little blog entry made my day ^^

  6. 46: 名無し募集中。。。 2015/12/28(月) 02:46:36.44 0.net
    川* ´_>`)< Tanasa-tan isn’t here… Minishige-san isn’t here… Pretty soon even Yasushi-san won’t be here… I want to go back to when everyone was still around.

    Pretty much, everybody she’s been leaning on for support and mentorship is leaving her… Seriously though, if anybody is possible of creating time travel in my lifetime, I wouldnt count Maa-chan out… She is kind of a hidden genius, her mind works on a different wavelength than us normal folk

  7. At first I felt emotional because I really want to turn back time too… but the “?” at the last makes me laugh lol

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