15 comments on “Asakura Kiki proudly admits that the “only music she listens to” is a band whose lyrics are full of sex talk

  1. Surprisingly informative. However I can’t help but be annoyed when every other comment is “If an idol likes something sexual she must not know whats going on!” like??? they’re people too. they have Japanese urban dictionary(probably lol) and edgy music phases

  2. I have to check out this group. I love stories like this when the girls like something that. It seems just so much more natural for teenagers to seek out “adult stuff”. lol

    Can someone tell me btw why the numbers of these threads aren’t in order most of the time? Is this some editorial revision?

    • it’s a translation of a matome site so yeah the threads are usually edited by the matome site, and then further edited by henkka

  3. Happy for a new Kiki thread but please don’t lewd the Kiki .-.
    It was interesting seeing what everyone likes though, especially when they were groups I love like Mizuki Nana, Silent Siren, and T.M. Revolution
    And here I thought Kiki liked nothing but Buono… someone put this girl in a rock sub-group

  4. Honestly more surprising than Kiki is Riko who apparently likes American rap?? I would have never guessed lol

  5. I remember thinking that in recent years Miyabi was really starting to resemble Miliyah, and it turns out that’s more than just a coincidence!

    Yamaki gets major points for liking Mizuki Nana.

  6. I kinda like ABC too, Pistol is actually quite a good song, but I have no idea about the lyrics, maybe I should start to pay more attention to them xD, I didn’t know that Black Cherry has that sorta meaning either…

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