8 comments on “Tsubaki Factory’s Asakura Kiki is way too adorable

  1. Adorable? No.
    Ero? Sure
    Ero kakoii like takahashi? Nah, not yet at least ero kawaii maybr.
    There is that huge ero mouth, the laid back feeling, like a relaxed manicurist that rrlaxes you with how relaxed she is.
    Cant be ero and all uppity. Doesnt work. No such thing as high tension ero.
    But not adorable.
    Gaki san was adorable upon entering and a bit afterafter
    Taguchi younger was adorable.
    Eri was never adorable thoygh. Cute and tamed sexy, yes

  2. I joined the fandom around the time Takahashi Ai had first joined MM, and I couldn’t help but become an Asakura fan because she reminds me so much of when Ai-chan was first starting out.

    She’s got a lot of talent to be tapped into, just like Ai-chan, so even though it’s a bit unfair to her, I can’t help but expect great things from Kiki.

  3. First time saw her, really remind me of Aichan. Until this time, Kiki chan still like Aichan ver 2.0

  4. When I read this in March, I didn’t get it at all
    But now I’ve become a complete Kiki-chan wota
    It’s already too late for me

  5. Around the time Tsubaki Factory debuted someone told me that Kiki reminded them of the smiling Titan from Shingeki no Kyojin and I’ve never been able to unsee that ever since.

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