9 comments on “Common experiences for wota traveling to distant concert locations

  1. To 84>> or any others beside my bunk bed, sorry for your inconvenience. I need to arrange my luggage. Setting up alarm very early in the morning, so I can ride the first train to airport.

    Once again, sorry.

  2. 24>> I’m going to start sticking $20 notes to the backs of paintings in hotels from now on. Hopefully that will make someone happy in the future.

  3. 51: 名無し募集中。。。 2016/04/17(日) 11:33:19.08 0.net
    I suspect everyone I see on the same mode of transport, or hotel the same hotel as me, of possibly being a wota, too.

    I kind of do that too, i suspect people who ride the same trains as me on a day of a concert or any other major event to going to the same place i am… Def if they start walking in the same direction as me after the train ride

  4. 9: 名無し募集中。。。 2016/04/17(日) 11:21:09.53 0.net
    Lining up all the goods I bought on the bed.

    This is so accurate I laughed! EVERY TIME!

  5. I totally understand 6. Went to a Morning Musume concert for the first time in Yokohama and it felt so surreal seeing people with wota t-shirts (mostly girls) walking around the station and surrounding area. Same when I went to a release event for a new C-ute single. It’s an indescribable feeling of people walking around knowing they belong to the same ‘club’/fandom without talking to each other. Kind of as if a wota yakuza has temporarily taken over the area; not a lot to be obvious, but plenty enough to realize something is up.

  6. 88>> Hah! I always stayed at Toyoko Inns every time I went to a concert in a different city. They’re so damn convenient!

  7. “3: 名無し募集中。。。 2016/04/17(日) 11:19:16.99 0.net
    Finding that the concert didn’t fully satisfy me and thus calling up a prostitute to my hotel.”

    Just how “satisfied” was he expecting to get surrounded by sweaty wotas while watching, say, Kobushi Factory?

  8. Weird enough it happened to me at Mexico City (Im from Monterrey) and it felt great hahahaha knowing others like the same groups I do, when in my city we are only a handful. And I did saw a lot of japanese wota in Mexico City, I was gladly surprised. (If any japanese wota ever reads this, lets meet in future concerts in Mexico !)

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