19 comments on “Nomura Minami gets hit on by random foreigner at train station

    • I’ve been on the lookout the three weeks that I was in Japan and haven’t spotted one single idol in the wild, lol

      • But did you spend the entire three weeks standing on a train platform? You didn’t, did you? That’s where you went wrong.

        • I accidentally bumped once into Nakazawa in a supermarket. Of course, I didn’t hit on her, especially since she was like 8 months pregnant and with hubby. The surprising thing though is that she seemed so soft, warm and sincerely kind, the total opposite of her TV image. Makes you think about impressions and reality.

      • I did actually hit on Iikubo three years ago, and was also mentioned both on her blog and on Sunday’s radio show with Sanma.

        She was unfortunately with her manager..

  1. Sounds like a pick up artist who didn’t get a lot of return on his investment. Keep practicing that cold approach, one is bound to bite soon.

  2. I can do that right here in the ‘States. When I was trying to learn Nihongo I was always on the lookout for Nihonjin to practice with. “Nihonjin desu ka?” was my ice-breaker to get a conversation started. “Yorosheiku Onagaishimasu” would be worked into the conversation as soon as possible. Once they learned I was sincere about learning Japanese and Asian culture in general, almost always they opened up and became very friendly. Of course there were a few who did not respond favorably, but that is just human nature.

    Try it! It is a great way to make new friends!

  3. I’m glad that lots of people actually commented on her blog to be more careful and that that could have been them hitting on her… They typically read the blog comments so I hope she’s learned from it.
    But yeah bad things keep happening to them, any more and they’ll be renamed Fukou Factory

  4. Henkka, you should be more discreet when you are hitting on idols. You never when they are going to write about you on their blog.

  5. If it were me, I genuinely would’ve had no idea who she was. Outside of “Classic” H!P I don’t really know who any of them are except for a select few.

    • Minami is sticking her chin out now, asking you to take your best shot at learning some of the newer girls.

  6. The foreigner, I think, could be an Italian. Italians, when talking to foreigners, always mention pizza because is the only relatable thing from their country.

    I know this for a fact.

    • Well, the Finnish word for “egg” is a slang word for “dick.” So I could always find some humor in Hello! Pro Egg and especially their song “Minna no Tamago.” Look at these translated lyrics and replace all the instances of “egg” with “dick.”

      Your cheerful side, strong side,
      gentle side, your sassy side,
      your side that won’t lose, your side that’s dreaming,
      your honest side and your laughing side
      all become the base for your egg

      What you want to be, what you want to say,
      what’s important, what’s true,
      what’s about you, what people don’t notice,
      what’s mysterious and what’s happy
      are all inside your egg

      And my personal favorite passage:

      People who can see them, and people who can’t
      But inside their hearts, everyone has an egg

      I’m resigned to the fact that I’m forever going to find dick jokes funny.

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