14 comments on “Is hosting H!P concerts really what Makoto wants to do with his life?

  1. The thing I don’t understand about Gorou is that he only ever seems to be around S/mileage. I wonder why that is.

  2. That Kacchoiize JAPAN performance is one of my favourite H!P performances ever, if only for the way Makoto’s drums infused the song with so much energy (but also because v-u-den was kickass and that song is great). Just imagine an H!P concert in a big venue with a live band! It’d be so, so great. On a side note, v-u-den had some fantastic songs which are collecting dust. I wish they’d be mixed into the rotation at Hello!Cons some more.

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    • Please, yes, more Makoto dancing to idol songs. I think that’s the biggest ‘oomph’ factor H!P concerts have been lacking.

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