17 comments on “So it’s been five years now since Morning Musume broke up…

  1. >Yaguchi managed to stay in the group until the very end.
    They sure got a lot of predictions wrong back in 2004!

  2. I liked 39th gen the most, they were all raised starting from the time they were in Momochi’s elementary school class to become the perfect idols, after all. You just don’t see idols like her anymore these days… how I wish I could’ve been alive to see her perform in person.
    I still think about her death all the time…how she’d been gone for so long, but suddenly returned during the war to protect H!P headquarters…those legendary last words, “yurushite nyan”, which she uttered while smiling up at the members before she drew her last breath…
    Nobody wants to admit it, but we would’ve lost the war without her brave sacrifice.

  3. “300: 名無し募集中。。。 2004/11/25 00:00:10
    Shin Tanpopo, Zoku Tanpopo, Tanpopo turbo type D…
    Am I forgetting any?”

    Out of all of those ridiculous predictions, this was actually kind of close.

    • I can imagine Tsunku scrolling through the thread thinking “ah, that’s a good one” and noting it down for future use.

    • Isn’t that how he’s always guided them? Sudden burst of singing coming from the heavens, followed by an overly lengthy and cryptic message?

  4. >73: “Honestly, I drifted from the group when that girl with multiple personality disorder joined the group in 38th gen”

    Maachan joined Momusu twice?

    Lol, ok no.

  5. Everyone here’s soooo wrong, the best era was obviously the 66th gen when there were no members because UF had gotten so cheap that they didn’t want to hire anybody and just re-released remixes of their older songs. Also, remember how they only put an old radio on the stage to play them in concerts? Ah, good times, Radio-chan was so cute~

    • Either that or 67th gen when they still didn’t want to spend on paying anyone and they used models on Miku Miku Dance for the members instead.

      • You can’t compete with the 68th generation for cheapness though. Did they really think putting Taisei and Makoto in wigs would fool anyone? They’re nearly 90!

  6. Nobody mentioned how word peace was achieved by mass cloning of Sayumi Michishige doing nothing but the Usa-Chan Peace position while lalala No Pipipi is playing in the background.

  7. “208: 名無し募集中。。。 2004/11/24 23:38:17
    How long have you guys been fans?
    12 years for me.”

    Back then being a MM fan for that long still sounded like a big joke. Incredible how far we’ve come

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