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  1. I’m a man and I change my favorites too, maybe not every 6 months, but one year or two. And I have one or two favorites per group, I’d hardly could name my favorite Idol of all. Normally they disappear or change so much that I can’t like them anymore, how could I.
    >>153 “I, too, am seriously in love with my oshi, but when one of her wota switches to another idol, it feels like I’ve just lost a rival.”
    Rival in what? The more fans your favorite has the better for her, and you would like the best for her. I don’t know if you can call it “love” if it’s not like that.

    • I believe it’s rival for #1 fan i.e. the one that buys the most goods, attends the most concerts, shows full support etc.

    • Yeah…japanese are like that: “I lost my rival” = “I lost the person who is the reason to work hard to be the best” … “riva”l in the good way, the person you need to get inspired to improve every day. So… is kind of sad fot them lost a rival.

  2. Reading things like this, I am occasionally startled by how fickle fans can be.

    One per H!P group. I’m good for a while.

  3. Lmao Henkka, bastards they are

    56: 名無し募集中。。。 2014/07/02(水) 11:35:32.56 0.net
    It’s way weirder to only be a fan of one specific idol group when there’s such an abundance of interesting idols out there nowadays.

    Thats how i feel, I love H!P and will never completly leave or oshihen to another group but i still watch others idol groups…. You dont know what your missing if you never even look… Babymetal and Momoclo are so badass right about now, they put on shows that rival the quality of Morning Musume

  4. You know Henkka, that 2 friends of yours are real bastards cos you’re an angel and standing next to you, obviously the 2 of them will look like such douchebags lol

  5. Tried checking out other idols aside from H!P’s (well I just mainly dig MM and a bit of C-ute) but for some reason, I couldn’t get myself to like AKB (too cutesy and exploited), Momoclo (Maachan’s ADHD is enough for me) and Babymetal (coz I feel like a pedo watching those quasi-babies possessed by Ozzy and fuck that, but I liked one or two of their songs for I’m also a metalhead.)

    Perhaps I’m all merely for quality music and semi-decent stuff.

    Anyway, anyone ever noticed that most of MM female wotas are 60% on Sayu’s level of beauty. Damn.

    • I always find it strange when people use the word “pedo” in reference to BabyMetal, since, you know, those girls aren’t being sexualized. But maybe I’m just thinking too logically about it.

  6. I’m a female wota and it sucks seeing pretty much 90% of my wota friends lose interest in H!P :<… But nevertheless, I still keep tabs on all the idol groups (3d and 2d) since I'm a wota 100% in and out. I guess I'm constantly fascinated by all the new faces and personalities that show up, regardless of age xD

  7. Being a lesbian, I often wonder what it’d be like if I was straight. But I’ve been an fan for over two years now and don’t see an end.
    I think it helps to like lots of girls and have other hobbies. (It’s boring to only do one thing after all) I will stick by Maasa as my favorite but I have one or two faves for every group I follow.

    The only non-H!P/UFP group I like is Tokyo Girls’ Style, but I’m not a big fan though I love their music immensely. I can barely even put names to faces.

  8. have been a female wota for 12 years and learnt to accept the fact that nothing lasts, especially fandom

  9. im a female fan and had identity crisis due to exposure to H!P. damn, they are cute and beautiful. who wouldn’t fall in love with these girls or even just one of them? but i’m over it now (identity crisis?) and i still love them. though i would surely gush out if i came into contact with these idols…

  10. I’m happy to see a comment like #17’s!! I especially relate the puppy/kitten analogy–that line is just too accurate. The only difference is I started out admiring the Platinum Era girls since they were older than me, but now I just feel happy watching the new generations improve and mature.

    ‘Tis better to have wota friends and lost them than never to have them be wota at all.

  11. I lost some wota friends to other groups as well. And some where simply moving on to other fandoms. But I still try to get other friends of mine into the fandom. Right now I think you just need to carefully select them and show them how to not lose interest when your farvorite graduates and how there are lots of different aspects and joys of the fandom.

  12. I think people that swear to god they’ll love an idol forever and then switch to another idol in a blink of an eye, are not true fans. I enjoy hanging out with my male and female friends, in the past we’re at college so it was easier to meet now we’re all adults near 30 with jobs and stuff so is harder to keep the fabdom, still I enjoy our discussions!

  13. i am a female wota who had 2 close wota friends ( one male and one female) and i must say one of my fondest memory is when we traveled together to see momusu live in paris.
    Now they moved on and i feel so lonely ;_;

  14. I tried telling a very close friend of mine about Morning Musume once. She looked at me like a complete pervert and I’ve never spoken about it to anyone else again.

    I’ve been a fan for like 10 years……………..

  15. I had a friend that stopped being a Morning Musume wota immediately after EriJunLin graduation. He would try to convince me that the group was going to fail and he had “given up” on them. I would just say I’m going to support the group no matter what and I’m not afraid of new members and personalities entering. We didn’t talk for 2 years after that conversation until I saw him at a party and he took my iPod and saw that One Two Three was on it. He started belittling the group and me for “still listening to them”. I told him it’s ok if he wasn’t a fan anymore that was his choice and it was my choice to stay a fan. We have not talked since. It was just so crazy how angry he would get when he found out people liked the new generations.

  16. I want female wota friends so badly (speaking as a female wota), but I’m so bad at making friends lol. I always go to the events thinking THIS WILL BE THE DAY I WILL TALK TO ONE OF THE OTHER GIRLS STANDING AROUND (there are so many honestly like a good third of the people are girls) but I always chicken out and try and disappear into the wall (which doesn’t work cause I’m white).

    It’s lonely to be a solitary fan, though. I’m not like some of the other girls in the thread who’d rather go by themselves XD

  17. First of all this is so sexist it hurts.
    Second, only in Japan they think you have to be in love with the idol to support him/her. In western that makes no sense at all. I mean I have never ever fall in love with any performer and still support and love the music/personality/performances of many, both male and female artists.
    Plus saying that girls change their mind, well dont we all?
    This is why I dont really know if I should love or hate Japan. As a girl I wouldnt live there because of their mentality towards women.
    And I must say when I discovered H!P I though it was all made for girl fans, I mean the cute, the pink and the lyrics… Then I was kind of disgusted by the sad reality of disgusting thoughts (the masturbation topic was just AWFUL) from men, specially old men…
    Anyway still suporting H!P forever!

    • “Then I was kind of disgusted by the sad reality of disgusting thoughts (the masturbation topic was just AWFUL) from men, specially old men…”

      Pretty sure Japanese middle-aged housewives rub their vajayjay’s at pictures of Johnny’s boys.

    • You apply the standards of your own culture (such as common sense in your country) to understand the different culture. Reading the partial translations of the threads about a niche business like J-idols in 2ch which is considered to be very underground and peculiar, and you talk about the mentality of Japanese people as a whole… It’s like someone who’s never been in other countries talking about the mentality of American people and their culture when he only knows about America through Hollywood movies and the knowledge on the net.

      • Actually there are several studies and documentaries that show the sexist reality of Japan. It is not only because of this topic.

        • So what you’re saying is that it’s just someone else’s lines, not your actual experience in Japan, and you just believe in what you call studies and documentaries blindly. You don’t speak Japanese nor do you understand what they say. And you’re still saying you understand Japanese mentality, huh? You can enjoy watching idol clips and talking about how stupid 2ch threads are. But please don’t comment knowingly on something you actually don’t know about, like Japanese mentality toward women, in a biased attitude.

    • The world would be a better place if more people fapped a little more and whined a little less.

  18. grill wotas arre the worst.

    golden era was best MM era! colorful era is kil!! 2channel told me so.

  19. I’m a girl. I don’t look like a man. I”ve been a morning musume fan for 6 years.
    Once I settled on my oshii it only changed when she graduated and now I have a new one it wont change until she graduates.

    I would go to their concerts if I could afford it.

    • While I like other groups as well, Morning Musume has remained my favourite over the years. They were the first idol group I ever liked.

      • virtual high five girl!
        I’ve been momusu fans since 6/7 years ago amd still love them now (eventhough I don’t religiously search and download their varshow appearances anymore). I’m glad that I have fellow fangirl who introduced me to momusu in general and we pretty much still spaz and liked the same groups over the years (unintentionally-from momusu-°c-ute-akb-nogi and now j=j)

    • >fugging hos
      and dats why i only listen moslem somalian rap music. idoru music is muh secret sin

  20. Reading those 2chan comments just shows how mainstream idols are to them in Japan, its funny how fickle they are and what they take for granted there compared to what we have to deal with in the western hemisphere. I could never leave my fandom for H!P (and H!P isn’t the only group I like). The reasons why those 2chan users are so fickle, because idols are so common in Japan they lack the passion compared to us westerners. Its pitiful.

  21. I’m a female fan and have been in the Momusu fandom for four years. Not very long, but I can’t see myself leaving the fandom for a long while. I think I do understand why some of the female wota seem fickle though. As Momusu evolves, younger girls come in and it might make the female wota feel old (which no woman really likes feeling, at least for some). They might not feel the ‘parental’ or ‘little sister’ love that some of the other wota feel. I always hear how the Platinum Era appealed to female wota and maybe a lot of them left when their favorites from that era left, maybe they left for other reasons. I’m just trying to put myself in their shoes.

    129: 名無し募集中。。。 2014/07/02(水) 12:02:51.02 0.net
    Many of my acquaintances are so stingy when it comes to H!P but spend crazy amounts of money at Johnny’s concerts. On the other hand, the girls that do prefer H!P all look like they’re suffering from a gender identity disorder.

    Female wota might also feel conflicted about being such big fans of other girls (not to mention younger girls), it’s probably more acceptable for them to be Johnny’s fans (even if the boys are younger). Though, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it.

    66: 名無し募集中。。。 2014/07/02(水) 11:41:47.28 0.net
    I’m one of those girl wota who genuinely likes H!P for the songs and performances. I second there being a big difference in the degrees of commitment when I’m looking at all the fashion wota girls on Twitter.

    1. 名無しプロジェクト 2014年07月02日 15:26 ID:PpNoFUJd0
    I’m a female wota who came to like H!P purely because of their songs and performances. I don’t go to any events and I don’t make friends with other wota.

    Aside from the not making friends with other wota, this reminds me of the American (and possibly other) H!P fanbase; which is primarily female. I think fans here appreciate the music and performances just as much as the girls themselves. And, with that mentality, it doesn’t matter if their favorites leave, because they care so much for the group as a whole to just like someone else. Maybe a lot of the female wota there, who are still in the fandom, feel the same too? Again, I’m just trying to put myself in their shoes lol

    • In a way I agree to that. I have my favorite but I don’t necessarily follow them when they graduate. It’s like if they leave I just look for a new oshi to follow because I like to follow the group more than just this one person

  22. I’ve introduced some friends at work to Hello Project and MM by showing them Mizuki Fukumura’s PB. Ever since then, our working relationship’s been improving cos we’d spend the lunch hours after our meals discussing what would be the best positions to fuck Mizuki and shared with each other what we each longed to do to her during sexual intercourse. HP is awesome for some red blooded male bonding.

    After that, we’d adjourn somewhere private where we’ll fap to her pictures

  23. I’m a girl and all I can say is:
    HP (Buono!) is the first idol group I became a fan of . It’s been 6 years since I started following them, and I don’t believe that I can switch idol groups. It’s true that I like some akb songs and other idol songs but HP has always been (and will always be) my #1!

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