43 comments on “Sato Masaki tries to bring members snow from Hokkaido; snow melts (+1)

  1. 17 points!!!! Seriously!!! how the hell is she even advancing in grade levels??? I know shes the type to only do things she likes seriously but this is outrageous lol… Luckily for her japan doesnt make High School mandatory, she might be the first Musume to skip high school since Reina did way back when… Thank god that girl is a genius in the music/entertainment field

    • I have to wonder if she even takes high school seriously after getting into Morning Musume…everything else must seem insignificant by comparison, LOL

      If that’s the case, at least we won’t ever need to fear a graduation to “focus on her studies” ;P

  2. 103. The snow might’ve melted, but the warm feeling inside me only piled up.

    This is exactly how I thought, even you got only 17 on the test.

    • That day will be here before we know it, I’m afraid…I think we’d all prefer if Maa-chan would forever remain as obliviously fun as she is now. Ignorance is, indeed, bliss, Nif =D

  3. I used to scored like that on exams when I was still a student. Funny but my classmates and friends still considered me intelligent.

    Perhaps when dealing such stuff, Maachan often murmurs, “These earthling thingies.”

  4. I’m genuinely worried abt maachan’s future tbh. Dont think we had such a terrible student since reina, but at least she could rely on her talent in music. like it or not, even ex-idols will need some form of education to get ahead in life. just hope that maachan will figure this out (or someone gets it thru to her) and at the very least she scrapes her way through high school.

    yea, abit heavy for this site.

  5. I just noticed that haters merely go here just to dislike comments of praises for Maachan. Haha pathetic losers. Get a life, nerds.

    • Agree!
      But it also means that they care about her :)
      As for me, if I really hate someone, i would avoid reading anything related to her/him. It is like it’s not worth spending my precious time reading about someone I hate, they don’t deserve it.
      I just can’t believe that there are people who can hate this cutie o.O …How can they hate her?
      Indeed, this world is full of mysteries!
      This girl is so pure and adorable! Maachan, please please please never change!

      • That’s what the people who hate on Maachan should do, but they don’t have any common sense. Why anyone would waste their time on someone they hate so much is beyond me.

    • I noticed that too.
      They must envy her because she’s too cute and innocent to be true?! I guess.
      I bet they have boring personalities, they just can’t stand the wonderful randomness existing in Maachan.
      Doing such a dull thing like voting down is just… well, poor them :P

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  7. If there was a test for cuteness, Maa-chan would pass every time without problem.

    She’s hard-working, too, so she’s in the perfect line of work ^_^

    • Highest score so far being 17 over 100 does not really qualify as a ‘hard-worker’ though.

  8. She’s the type of girl that I would like my daughter to be.
    The grades doesn’t matter. I want her to be innocent as possible

    My Daughter just kept on singing ‘Let it go’ everyday.

  9. lol so many losers here
    You are pitiful

    Btw, your highest test score is really 17, Maachannnnn XD

  10. Maachan seriously must have some kind of magic; incidents like these keep happening and somehow still manages to win my support with no questions asked.
    Sometimes I feel like it might be kind of like kotoamatsukami, but no one really has powers like that, right?

  11. I also hope she doesn’t lose that playful, impulsive spirit. There is a certain wisdom to be found there (the laughing Buddha). However she desperately needs some knowledge to go along with. :P

  12. There’s a difference between being aware of the world around you and making great academic achievement but damn this girl needs to wise up.

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