11 comments on “So if everything was one at the moment of the Big Bang…

    • tOTALLY! i’M fREakIN OuT maAAANNnn

      Those Japanese are scholars ahead of their time, I do say

  1. Henkka, I’m not even sure what the HELL I just read. Or thought, for that matter.

    I have to wonder if this lost something in translation…or maybe I lost something while reading it?

    Just kidding, I love some of the crazy shit these Japanese post. They make my inane commentary look boring by comparison.

    It wasn’t too long of a thread, but it sure was fun to read! Thanks as always my bearded princess <3 lmao

  2. What the hell happened here lol…. How did they go from universe big bang to sex and shige sama peeing in river lmao

  3. First a concert tour called “Evolution” and now we’re on the Big Bang. I’m loviin’ this.

    • I think you’d have better luck if the topic was “The Human Mind: A Descent into Madness”

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