17 comments on “Why does Risako use such heavy make-up when she looks better if she doesn’t?

  1. My friends say they apply A LOT of make-up in order to look natural/bare-faced…
    Anyways, I do agree that light make-up will do wonders for the current Risako.

  2. 54: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/07/14 18:06:50
    She wants to look like an artificial product like Kyarii. (laughs)

    Is he/she refering to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu ?

  3. I actually don’t see a lot of make-up on Risako. I wasn’t fond of the heavy blush time they had going – but all the girls did. Risako actually seems to use less make-up then some of the other BK girls. Anyways. It’s obvious that these 2ch people have no idea what “heavy make-up” actually means *points at gyarusu*.

    Also, she’s a young woman, she can style herself like she wants and she’s actually really good at it too.

  4. I think her currently problem is her hair color more they how heavy she wears her make up.

  5. looks to me like she’s just trying to cover up some of the pigmentation on her face. that or heavy makeup does in fact look better with some of her silly hairstyles

  6. I don’t mid the make-up, but the pouty face she always makes on photos is a bit annoying sometimes, but I still love her, she’s my favourite Berryz member :)

  7. always preferred her natural look with a huge smile on her face. i was never a fan of the heavy makeup and attempt at a sexy pout.

  8. Luckily men are ignorant about the art of cosmetics, it would be really annoying if most men would use cosmetics too. Women and girls tend to use too much anyway (the usual amount of make ups you females need is 0%), I’m not into make up and similar cosmetic things, I prefer to see natural people, not a make upped mirage of someone. It’s kind of cheating when no one knows what you really look like. At least in the long run that can’t be a good thing.

    Hopefully Risako’s crazy hair time is starting to be over, I don’t remember any super excessive using of make up, if Loving you Too much PV isn’t counted. And all of them were overly maked in that on, of course it look especially weird with Risako since her hair color was so unbelievable that no one even knows what that color is, pinkish gray or silver, like a porridge which has some pinkish color in it.

    • I know right, how dare she try to protect her child’s privacy! Especially since she’s no longer working in the entertainment business. It’s not like you see basically every single other former H!P member doing it.

      oh, wait

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