14 comments on “Juice=Juice’s Kanazawa Tomoko — this is already 105% Yuukarin!

  1. huh? but isn’t yuukarin already a combi of airi and momochi? i kinda think of tomoko as the lovechild of maimi+airi…

  2. 36: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/07/23(火) 15:12:23.64 0
    She’s like OS X Mountain Lion.

    What ??

  3. I think they should just poke her in the neck with a Sharpie and put her in S/mileage.

  4. #191 hit it right on the head… there can be no substitute for Yuukarin… Maeda Yuka just has a look thats so unique that she cant be compared to others.. I miss her and wish she would have stuck around more but that might have jeopardized the growth of the 2nd gen smilies cause we all know she is the one and only center, no sharing with her around

  5. To be honest i don’t think Kanatomo looks like Yuukarin.
    She’s perfect theres no comparison…

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  7. that one picture only kind of resembles yuka because of the angle. i also dont see the maimi resemblance.

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