16 comments on “Kamei Eri’s funny anecdotes and amazing life advice

    • I can still hear that laugh in my head, clear as day. It really was the best, eh? ^_^

      Kame was comedy gold

  1. It’s hit and miss. But when it hits… it hits deep…
    Eririn, I hope you go far in life.

    Thanks for this Henkka. I’m probably gonna come back to this page once in a while to just remind myself of her humble words.

    • You’ve gotta wonder if Kame endured some serious shit to see life in such a way, or was simply blessed with this wisdom all along. I like to imagine it’s the latter lol

      I wonder what she’s doing nowadays? I hear she still shows up at H!P concerts from time to time. I hope she’s doing well. Being a fan of a fomer idol is tough when they go off the grid like that.

  2. Eri should write a book. It will be treated as holy scripture and everyone will worship the Turtle Goddess.

    • Except we already DO worship her as such, hahaha

      Now we just need a book…

      …I guess one of her photobooks could work for now, no?

      ~={ALL HAIL KAME-SAMA}=~

  3. Wow, this thread got deep. Some very insightful comments from both Kame and the 2ch posters! I agree, Henkka; this was very enjoyable. I’m glad that you had fun translating it and decided to share with us ^_^

    Seeing stuff like this from Kame only further cements the notion in many fans’ minds that her “baka” image was just a ruse. Eri was, without a doubt, a very intelligent girl rooted in reality. She was one heck of an actress, too, to be able to sell herself off as a “fool” so convincingly.

    Ahhh sigh~

    Like the rest of you, I too really miss Kamei. She’s one of those “legendary” members that will still be talked about fondly for years to come. I’m just glad that I got to enjoy watching that star shine while it lasted.

    *runs off to YouTube to watch Eric Kamezou videos*

  4. Haha, greatest idol ever!!!

    Who else can go to lecture somebody about doing something wrong yet in the end become the bad guy lol… Her sister was probably thinking to herself “Eri is the biggest slob i know yet shes tryna lecture me about not shutting a drawer” lol..

    It must be sign though, after the nonsense of the unpopular opinion thread i watched old Morning DVD’s and shows with Kamei in them before i went to bed and what do i see the next day??? A Kamei Eri thread, ohh Henkka why do u spoil me so much :)

    PS watched Alo-Hello 2 again last night, Kamei and Koharu pairing had me crackin up…. “bus come on, bus come on”

  5. “从*^ー^)< I want to move to some country without any insects.”

    eri was a martian because mars dont have no stinkin insects

  6. They say real men don’t cry….

    I must be the unmanliest guy in the world right now…

  7. Thanks Henkka for taking so much time and effort to translate these threads. I’m quite certain many fans who frequent this site really appreciate your efforts. I know I’ve said this before, but I will say it once more: this universe doesn’t deserve such a beautiful and awesome person in Henkka!

    Henkka is just about the most awesome Finnish guy to have ever existed…now if only he could start giving everybody presents on Christmas Eve…. *whistles* :P

  8. up until this day i’m still waiting for her to comeback. she will always be the best idol ever! oh god why cant she just show up just once?

    • I have big hunch she already has a boyfriend & don’t want the restrictions of being an idol anymore.

  9. I was trying to write here and express my love to Kamei.

    However writing it I realized something, I presented a drawing to my math teacher and she said she likes it very much, however the drawing is very sad, it’s a man screaming in pain, and she said she wants another one that represents good, and I couldn’t think of anything so far that can represent that until now, I realized kamei eri would represent exactly that, the good in the world, the opposite to negativity, the opposite to whatever bad is in this world. And I to defeat my laziness and start drawing kamei eri ^^

    And I want to close this by saying that this is not a teenager lover, this is not a primordial love, don’t invoke such things to defile my love for her, my love for her is deep and meaningful, it has nothing to do with hormones and sexuality.


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