23 comments on “Let’s think of realistic ways that would allow us to legally touch Sayu’s boobs (+2 other Sayu threads from 2005)

  1. I wonder if crowd surfing is a thing/legal in Japan. If Sayu decides to crowd surf, things would probably get really bad hehe I don’t think she’ll make it back to the stage…atleast not without losing parts or all of her costume haha oh gosh my sick mind after reading so much 2ch translations lol love your work :)

  2. Wonder if any of these fellows posting in 2005 are still around, now that’s she’s 24. ;)

  3. Hmmm this is when Shige sama was in the Narcissistic poisonous bunny era of her life… Back then she was the devil, would say the meanest things possible but in a way u couldnt even get mad, pure genius…

    An ’05 Sayu would be impossible to grope or accidentally touch the boobs… She would see it coming a mile away and then mercilessly taunt and ridicule you for being a loser for even thinking of trying lol… Those people from that thread would have to time travel to the 2014 Sayu cause that one is an angel who’s only desire is to make others happy, she might willingly do it with a little heart felt persuasion

  4. Thanks as always Henkka…. I know you don’t do requests but I hope we get some old Kamei-chan threads in there :)

    • So here’s the answer: dress like a loli, and Sayu will let you fondle her (and perhaps more!!)

      • Brilliant!

        However, you’d still have to pass as a loli to pull that off…

        …but I’m sure we’ll find the solution with enough rigorous testing!

        …any volunteers? >_>

  5. I love how the post about grabbing Sayu’s boobs says “Nothing unrealistic such as if you started dating her or something, got it!?” yet all the posts seem to involve changing the constitution, cloning her, or getting struck by lightning and switching bodies with her.

    But for these guys, dating a girl so you can touch her boobs is too unlikely to be considered.

    • Honestly, we’d have better luck revising the laws or cloning versus being able to date an idol.

      Dating an idol is pretty much pure fantasy.

      Especially for the type of people (wotas) that post on Japanese message boards…

      …the same goes for people (also wotas) that post on Websites that translate those Japanese message boards nearly 8 years later…



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    • You can pretty much just substitute every instance of “Sayu” with “KanaTomo” and it’d have almost the same effect.

      Most of those examples, especially the murder scene one, would probably be a reality if Rose Quartz was involved. =D

  7. Old threads?! Do I look like a damn time traveller?

    Aw hell, who am I kidding…FOR SAYUUU!

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