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  1. Wow, I didn’t expect something like #27, but I’m glad someone said it.
    Once you decide you dislike someone for whatever reason, you tend to start noticing only their flaws. It’s not a great way to live.

    I guess my unpopular opinion is that while I recognize Odasaku’s singing ability, I’m not as fond of her as the other members. I don’t dislike her and I still feel she does belong in the group.

    • Yep, don’t understand the haters. It’s ok to have an oshi, but an anti-oshi? The only member that trully disappointed me was Koha after her inappropriate comments, and even so, I don’t waste time sulking about it.

    • I think the same thing about Odasaku. I really want to like her, but I haven’t had success yet… I don’t dislike Sakura, but her personality is simply not my type, honestly speaking.

  2. Haha i got a couple opinions that i know people hate

    1)Love the fact the Tsunku puts his voice in every song, it adds contrast… He can do no wrong to me, best producer in idol history
    2)Riho voice is amazing, arguably the best singer in the group until Oda came along
    3)Never liked Koharu at all, even more so after she made Shige sama cry on the radio when she disprespected the group
    4)Takagi is the most talented member in Juice-Juice, surpassing Karin
    5)Sasaki Rikako is the best talent in the eggs and if she makes Morning Musume she will completly overshadow Duu as they are the same person but Sasaki is in a way cuter package
    6)The H!P kids just need to hurry up and graduate already, we gots tons of eggs ready to form new groups

    • I actually agree about your 1) and 2) and would argue that 6) is, sadly, a pretty common sentiment. At least I have seen it expressed a good number of times.

      Here are mine:
      – I hope Berryz工房 and °C-ute keep going on and on, even if people call them “old hags.” They are true veterans and it’s a pleasure to watch their performances today.
      – I don’t get what’s supposed to be so great about Karin-chan-san. She’s admittedly very cute, but her singing isn’t too great. I’d put her somewhere in the middle to lower half of Juice=Juice in that regard.
      – On the other hand, Takagi is really lacking in cuteness.
      – There are a few members that really need to lose some weight. I believe this isn’t a very popular opinion, at least in the western fan base. Maybe there are too many fat fans.

      • Haha, pretty much the opposite of my opinions but I respect the honesty… People always hating on my little monkey Takagi but i think she’s the cutest monkey (excluding Murashige Anna) in japan lol

        Karin’s lack of appeal and sometimes hatred i think stems from her insanely over obsessed wota… They put that girl on like a god tier pedestal way back when and constantly cried over the fact that she wasnt chosen for any group auditions… so when she finally got selected for Juice=Juice and got to show what she was capable of, most fans were like “Thats it???”.. She is a good singer and dancer but no where the level her annoying fans built her up to be

        • Gastrointestinal disorders work wonders. I’m pretty much always around 150 lbs.

          …that is, when I’m NOT in the hospital, of course.


          spam dat dislike button, baby

        • except that judging by the comments of you regulars on this site, even girls like Airi would be considered “fat”.

          • >”you regulars”

            oh ho ho someone sounds upset that they’re not part of the creepy-loser wota club! WHAT A DAMN SHAME

            >even girls like Airi would be considered “fat”

            hyperbole much? Pretty much only Maasa and Zukki are considered “fat”, but that’s compared to other idols…which Japan has many of, and they’re all much skinnier than Western standards.

            If you came here for fat chicks, you’re *probably* going to leave disappointed…just warning ya ^_^

          • you need to find something else to do than just commenting on this site, Aspenth.

            and it’s funny that you instantly use the “you must love fat chicks” excuse.
            I was refering to the fuck-tards on this comment-section that fap to underaged girls.
            who think that basically every grown girl with an ass or tits is fat.

            so now we all know you fap to Kenshuuseis.

          • >finally you found something you can be proud of in your life

            Life? …what life? ^_^

            >you need to find something else to do than just commenting on this site, Aspenth

            Why’s that? We’re having FUN here, aren’t we? Besides, who are you to dictate how I spend my free time? I’m gonna waste as much of my time JUST to piss you off. It’ll be FUN! =D

            >so now we all know you fap to Kenshuuseis

            Nice try but I can’t fap to any idols, especially ones that I’ve followed for years. And I just love your thought process here: even though I never explicitly stated that I disliked fat chicks, you immediately assume that I’m into lolis. How cute of you. It was a decent attempt but I’m afraid you’ll have to try harder than that <3

            This was fun! Let's do it again sometime ^_^

      • Nah, Im not even saying she should graduate cause she’s fat… She should truthfully graduate cause she no longer serves a purpose in the group… She pretended to be the wild crazy idol when they first debuted but got exposed when Eripon and Riho finally woke up and showed their true outrageous personalities… She was praised for having this awesome voice but she doesnt know how to use it and fluctuates more than riho, most of the time she strikes out trying to hit notes… By the time Oda showed up Zukki was a non factor, everybody had created their character and role in the group but her… Morning Musume doesnt need a person who is gonna become the next Sudo Maasa, somebody who is just there cause she still is legaly under contract

        • have you actually looked around for a moment though? I personally don’t care for Zukki much either (regarless of her weight) but she’s the only member besides Sayumi that is actually getting the group news media attention on her own. granted it came with the chubby thing but at least someone besides Sayumi is starting to get chances to get herself known.
          Even Tsunku has acknowledge that she may be the one to make MM really famous again.

          • Haha, and where have u been looking??? Last time i checked, i dont remember Zukki getting any solo appearances or media attention… Eripon had her stint with Oha Star and gets an occasional solo invites to variety programs and golf shows… Ikubo has some solo quiz show invites and talk shows… Daaishi and Oda are almost always used for promotional appearances… Maa-chan is banned from solo appearances from fear of what she may say so she dont count lol…. Where have you magically seen Zukki getting all this media attention you claim she has??? Everytime the group is on tv the camera never cuts to her and she is usually off screen or angled behind a member so u cant see her

          • @Novakayne

            the problem with TV-shows is that unless people are already interested in the guest they don’t watch the shows.
            unless it’s some big TV-show whereeven just the host is popular.
            and Musume rarey gets on those. their non-music-show TV appearances are few even when they are releasing a single.
            for example: OhaSuta was great exposure for Ikuta because kids watch it regularly since it features news on their popular franchises. but very few care for some golf show.

            it’s different with net sites.
            for the last singles every time Musume had a event with media Suzuki is often the only one that has been mentioned separately. if you read news articles on the net like Yahoo, Oricon she’s the only one besides Sayumi to get mentioned.
            and Musume regularly gets on the top of news websites.

            and besides, she is getting a solo appearance on some show now which Momochi is also in.

          • @Novakayne

            You raise some good points and, as much as I hate to admit it, you’re right that Zukki isn’t really filling any “role” other than to keep the dance formations at an even 10 members (which probably isn’t even necessary).

            I like Zukki, and have ever since she first joined, but she has let her image go to shit. She definitely does her best to keep up with the performances, as we can all see on rehearsal footage, but one has to wonder what changed in her since 9th gen, no, 10th gen’s debut. It feels like she’s done downhill since they brought in 10th gen…I wonder if Zukki feels like she’s irrelevant at this point?

            Like you said, she’s still under contract so we have to assume they’ve given her the “shape up or ship out” lecture by this point. If not, then I guess she’s there to fill the “chubby” niche? I’m as clueless as the rest of us on this topic, unfortunately.

    • You pretty much nailed it for me too, Novakayne *high fives*

      A few notes though. Tomoko is in the top ranking for J=J too. She’s amazing. Every time I see that picture of her writing something on Takagi’s face I laugh out loud.

      I have never liked Koharu and I have always thought she was a waste of H!Ps time even before the radio interview.

      Also I like Zukki (side note the only member of H!P’s history I have not liked is Koharu) but she doesn’t seem to fit in well. I don’t think it’s urgent for her to graduate but something doesn’t seem right. She’s the only one barring the new units that hasn’t been placed in a Satoyama unit, she doesn’t seem to promote herself as an idol much. She had a radio show but that’s off the success of the NY gig.

      Last one, I’m thirty, female and like Hello! Project’s music. I don’t tell my friends because they probably think I’m odd. However it’s apparently acceptable for me to like Babymetal. Go figure.

  3. Mine’s mainly ‘Suzuki Kanon needs to go’.
    Although I doubt that’s an unpopular opinion.
    I’m pretty sure Sayumi will outlast her. ;)

    I also don’t care for Chisato in any way and would much prefer her to not have become so prominent within °C-ute. That one is more akin to the theme of this 2ch thread I believe.

  4. Mine is I think Risako is ugly. And a 3nin 6th gen performance of the Matenrou Show would be the most awesome thing.

    • Woah, you gotta be careful saying something like that. Something bad could happen to you. If I’ve learned anything from this site, it’s that Yuukarin fans are crazy.

    • Lol, i loved Yuukarin but i completly agree… the 2nd gen Smilies are monsters and dont get enough credit for their talent level… Meimei, even though she is annoying and gets blasted for maybe being a vampire, is probably top 5 vocal abiltiy in H!P and Take-chan is an all around superstar

      • Agreed. Take and Meimei are definitely the superstars of second gen and, in my opinion, S/mileage overall.

      • Rinapuu and Kanana are no pushovers either. Rinapuu has her soft girlish charm and Kanana is starting to stand out more. And I think S/mileage has the best balance in vocals. Their voices go really well together.

    • No one can ever come close to replacing what we lost in Yuukarin and Sakitty.

      2nd Gen has done an amazing job, though…and the group has fared far better than I expected as a whole.

      There was a lot of “the sky is falling” and “we’re all doomed” going on when the S/mileage audition/graduation drama went down. I’m grateful to H!P and Up-Front Agency for keeping S/mileage moving in the right direction.

      …but it was completely Up-Front Agency’s fault to begin with, so I’d expect them to fix their goddamn mess!

  5. I have to confess I really like Koharu too. She was super annoying and her voice was terrible and for like the first 2 years she was in the group I didn’t like her at all. But somehow all of her faults became her appeal. She became my favorite train wreck.

    • I’m in the minority as one of the fans that absolutely loved her voice, even if it wasn’t amazing. In my opinion, it completely fit her “cute” image at the time for Kirari and what resulted were some insanely catchy songs.

      …I miss Koha…

    • Huge mistake. MM was already written off by the japanese media, but then they went to LA, Paris, and the media started to talk about them again.

      (BTW, same with Pamyu Pamyu. She got famous abroad first, and that’s how she became a star in Japan).

  6. Rikako is a shit half-breed who is only slightly cute.

    I hate Oda because she gets pushed so much and is getting a big head about it. Her being ugly and a slight failure considering all the work that’s been put into her only adds to my hatred.

  7. 01 Airi and Maimi are 4th and 5th cutest in C-ute.
    02 Risako has all the personality of a wet noodle when not performing.
    03 Oda is already in the top ten of the all-time greatest members of Momusu.
    04 Ikuta is kind of annoying and has a “talent deficit”
    05 Maa-chan is VERY annoying but does not have much of a “talent deficit.”
    06 Momoko is the all time greatest Hello! Project Kid.
    07 Sudou should just graduate.
    08 Dawa is nothing special.
    09 The Platinum Era had some fantastic singers but Morning Musume ’14 can light up a stage with twice the brightness.
    10 It’s about time Berryz Kobo and C-ute permanently merged and a few members to graduate.
    11 Mizupon would make a bad leader.
    12 I want to see how wild the crowd goes at her graduation more than I want my beloved Sayu to stay in MM ’14.
    13 Juice=Juice is a better group than Berryz Kobo.
    14 That bitch Koharu is a damn good singer.

    • Agree on pretty much all of them cept 4,5,&14, are u my long lost twin??? lmao

      I say this all the time and get blasted for it, Platinum Era is by far my favorite era but Morning ’14 puts on an equally amazing if not better show while being like 5 years younger and inexperienced… Can u imagine with an extra 5 years Morning ’19 if nobody graduates.. Those concerts would be legendary

      Momoko is clearly the best H!P kid, this shouldnt even be an argument… NO matter how much people can hate her, u cant deny the success shes had compared to the others… plus shes arguably the most all around talented of the Kids

      • Airi is more all round performance to me
        The cuteness, the dance, the sing, live performance, are all better than Momoko
        Probably just the fame that Momoko beats her, but she does not lack of it either

      • Nova, Momoko is just amazing. She’s very clever, knows how the idol business works and hit it off from day one.

        Momochii was annoying and like the devil but it got the right attention. Now her appearance in Country Musume will give her leadership experience and the group some good appeal.

        There are so many new H!P members and they need the H!P Kids to help them out as much as they can.

        I always wondered if Megu had stayed, would she had been a second Airi? Or much more?

  8. 1. Nakky is a better leader than Maimi
    2. MM ’14 is far less talented than MM PE and are hiding their lack of talent
    3. Rhio can’t sing live.
    4. Takagi is the most talented in J=J
    5. Airi is a huge dork
    6. Momoko is annoying as fuck and I hope she graduates tomorrow.
    7. Miyabi is funny looking
    8. Massa and Chinami are holding Berryz back.

    • Totally agreed on #7 and 8, especially 7. I can’t with how everyone raves about her ‘beauty’ – her skull is seriously deformed. Her face is bizarrely skinny and loooooooong.

    • I agree with number 8.
      I like Maasa, and don’t dislike Chinami, but they just aren’t motivated anymore. I constantly feel that they are only in the group to secure their steady income. They are content enough with where they are, and don’t have the motivation necessary to work hard to get better as idols and help Berryz Koubo achieve greater success like the other members are. So I think they should go, as sad as that is.

    • Been visiting here for some time now but never really bother to post until this: #8

      Yes, that has been on my mind for years now… (and it saddens me so much since BK is my fave H!P group ever to the point that I was so defensive against C-ute for years even if I like their stuff more that BK T^T ) I like them as individuals, Maasa is really caring and gentle and Chii has awesome personality, I do like that side of them but performance-wise…. *sigh*

      If you look at C-ute, their huge advantage right from the start is that they’re all good dancers, BK has few and those who aren’t really stands out… Airi is a great singer and used to sing the bulk of their songs so those who weren’t that capable were never really that noticeable, but even when they did started singing, say Nakky, I think she’s the best dancer but I really never liked her voice but you won’t even notice that the way she projects herself, same goes with Mai and Maimi… but now that Chisa got to belt out her awesome voice and they lost some members, you get 5 awesome performers, granted though that Megu would’ve been awesome and Kanna was good too…

      Comparing to BK, I loved how Miya grew up as an idol, everything about her is perfect but (lol I have to agree her face is really long but she manages with different hairstyles and make up, she looks better now) my fave Risako just makes me wanna cry T^T what happened to that gorgeous 14 yo?? Adolescence is to blame and although I don’t like her hair color I’m happy that she’s starting to bounce back…. Yurina has always been constant and Momochi is still the same although I wish she’d show her awesome dance moves like she used to and Captain is the one and only…for the rest though… honestly I think they would gain more if they were to lose members… I’m happy that they’ve reach 9~10 years and it’s an awesome feat but maybe it’s also time for some changes….

  9. This might be the only thread where the total of our down votes exceeds our up votes.

    I guess that’s a success for this topic.

  10. 1) Momosu isn’t mainstream famous and their western fans are diluted for thinking that four #1’s on slow weeks with no competition is the equivalent of them being #1 period.

    2) Chisato looks horrible with short hair and needs to grow it long again like she had it around Momoiro Sparking. I actually don’t think this is unpopular.

    3) And probably the most unpopular opinion of mine, Sayumi isn’t THAT cute. Best looking idol? She’s not even the best looking in H!P. This is in NO way a stab at Sayu. I adore her.

    • “western fans are diluted”

      you mean deluded. spellcheck isn’t always right , mate. and i don’t think i dilute in water like some wicked witch.

      • I didn’t use spell check. I just thought that was right. English isn’t my first language ^_^”
        Though with that definition, I still don’t think I’d change the spelling hehe.

    • 1) Many Western fans don’t even pay attention to the Oricon rankings. Those that do are the ones that realize how little consecutive #1’s mean. It’s all about timing.

      2) I, for one, was excited to see her go back to her old shortcut (oh ho! s/mileage reference). Honestly, she looks great either way.

      3) Sayu is typically considered the “best looking” since she’s the only one of legal age. Many fans (especially Western ones) think they’ll be publicly castrated if it’s discovered that they prefer the younger members. That all being said, I think they’re all great-looking in their own unique ways. It’s tough for DDs like me to pick favorites.

    • 1) Rankings are pretty meaningless and there are definitely far more successful acts, but that they’re putting up better numbers than the group has seen in the previous decade isn’t nothing.

    • I’m pretty sure even her group members wouldn’t disagree with you, LOL

      However, her attitude is part of her appeal. She’s sure to rub people the wrong way, but it’s all in good fun.

  11. 1. I will never accept that Aika was actually part of momusu
    2. I wish s/mileage 1st gen would graduate
    3. I wish Berryz would graduate
    4. I think zukki would be more popular if she flaunted those curves. She has a bigger rack than mizuki.
    5. masaki is not cute

      • Everyone has their own tatse and she is not stupid you stupid!
        And my unpopular opinion is anyone who hates Maachan is boring as hell :P

        • Well, she is semi-illiterate in a country with 99% literacy rate. Is incapable of recognizing other people’s humanity. But other than that, she is probably the most spoiled human whose parents aren’t millionaires.

          My unpopular opinion? Sato Masaki is the Kusumi Koharu of modern H!P. When she graduates and puts her foot in her mouth, she’ll live in gutter-level infamy. And just like Kusumi, she has fans now who will not abandon her when it happens.

  12. 1. “Bored” looks are some vain attempt to look sexy i that some choreographer has decided not the girls themselves
    2. Eripon has become redundant ever since Kudo came and did the boyish thing better than her. It’s been 3 years already when is that potential going to translate into an actual decent performance on stage.
    3. Maasa’s haircut was a horrible idea. It does not flatter her face and highlights how “idol fat” she is. (idol fat is not actually fat just large enough for it to be noticeable and not look good in a visual sense within the context of an idol group)
    4. Ayumi and Riho maybe on the same level when it comes to dancing but Riho has better control of her voice
    5. Zukki fans are delusional to think that she is some power vocalist and therefore deserves just as many lines as Sakura or Riho have now, I have never heard a live where she was substantially better vocally. At most she is slightly steadier than the weaker 1/2 of the group. I mean Up front could throw her a line once in awhile on an a side but she is not anywhere near where she needs to be vocally or visually to be at the front
    6. Tsunku/Up-front should really hire someone to do lyrics cause his are wack… Also hire an actual English speaking translator to make sure the subtitles on pvs read less awkwardly
    7 Sometimes I think international hello pro wotas take themselves too seriously and think of hello project as some magical company that has produced music that is some holy avant-garde masterpiece… It’s pop music get over yourself.
    8. When some on the internet decides that someones voice sounds shrill/bad on the studio recording what they really mean is that they are annoyed by the member and therefore repulsed by her voice. It does not matter about the actual vocal quality or tone that is actually heard on the recording they hate that “evil demon who hogs all the lines”… (see any Riho, Risako, Dawa thread)
    9. That noticeable Autotune effect is a stylistic choice and does not mean equate to bad singing. All recording artists around the world from any professional record label have used some form of vocal correction tools and/or software since the 70s. Its why studio recordings ALWAYS sound better than the live versions. No voice is left unprocessed regardless of how good or bad the singer is.
    10. People obsess too much over vocal performance when its a pop Idol group… Go listen to a genre such as opera if you want really care that much about vocals. Stop using it as an excuse to like or hate specific members when it really isn’t that important in the grand scheme of things when it comes to making money and obtaining/maintaining relevance.

    Wow apparently I’m bitter as fuck and sound like an anti but I’m tired of the shit I read around the interwebs…

    • why have people started this Eripon vs Kudo boy shit?
      neither of them are trying to be boys. Ikuta never was and Kudo has stopped long ago.
      are you fans projecting again?

    • I wouldn’t say you sound “bitter”, just that you’re trying to see the group(s) more “realistically” than others. You raised a number of good points and thus, this is the first post where I didn’t reflexively disagree with anything said.

      #6 is especially true and made me spill my drink while I was laughing. Thanks

      #9, likewise. I’m a big fan of Perfume and the “autotune” technique works flawlessly for them. They’re also excellent singers yet get shit from people all the time for having their voices altered, when it’s not even that much. Morning Musume uses this style even less than Perfume, so I am, too, sick of hearing people bitch about “autotune” and similar digital-editing processes.

      The girls still sing live, and that’s more than some fans get with other idol groups *coughAKBcough*

        • >”you are a complete tool.”

          Now THIS, class, is someone who sounds “bitter”.

          Thanks for the example! =D

          Now go get back to your rightful place in the shed, since you can’t seem to find anyone that you can agree with here. It’s ok, though…you won’t be lonely out there alongside the hedge clippers and lawn mower.

          (btw, just cuz I agreed with someone doesn’t mean that I agreed with them because I consider their opinion to be “realistic”, LOL…go take an English reading comprehension course and THEN we can have a decent conversation, much like I was attempting to hold with Anon Lurker before you started ejaculating shit from every orifice)

          • Holy shit where is all this hate for you coming from? Down votes for every post you make and now this guy lol.

          • It would be no problem if Aspenth didn’t act like this was his comment section.
            Nearly every comment here has at least a reply made by him.

          • I don’t see what’s wrong with him replying to stuff. He’s just expressing his opinions just like everyone else here. You’re free to agree/disagree (just don’t be a dick about it). I don’t see him “acting like this was his comment section” just because he replies to “nearly every comment here”. I just see it as him either really caring about what his fellow fans have to say, or having boatloads of free time. (Probably the latter =P)

          • he isn’t simply stating his opinion though. there is no such thing as “stating my opinion on your opinion”. That’s disregarding that person’s opinion. no matter how hard Aspenth tries to act it up.
            And he also acts as if his opinion is a fact. look at the whole conversation about 2ch or his reply on why C-ute isn’t boring.

            When you feel the need to either approve or disregard every opinion with your own, especially giving the topic this is based on, you are acting like this is your comment section.

          • @MNAS

            Wait a second…this ISN’T my own comment section? HOLY SHIT I WAS WONDERING WHERE ALL THOSE WEIRD NAMES CAME FROM! WHY AM I STILL HERE?!

            …nante ne =P

            I find it hilarious that so many people get sooooooooooooo incredibly BUTTHURT just because I respond to their comment in some way.

            It’s like:

            Poster A: “Zukki is fat and should just dieeeeeee”
            Aspenth: “why should she have to die? can’t the poor girl just lose some-”
            Poster B: “man, that aspenth poster is such a douchebag for ACTUALLY THINKING IT WAS OK to make a counter point. I’m going to spend the rest of the day bouncing through AT LEAST 7 PROXIES so I can down-vote the shit out of Aspenth…yea I mad”
            NovaKayne: “guize can’t we just be friends, Aspenth is kinda funny i guess maybe”
            Poster B: “jesus christ there’s cancer everywhere”
            Aspenth: “Um…isn’t a typical discussion based on the sharing of ideas, which may or may not agree, between two or more people? I’m just trying to have fun talking to you fine gents”
            Poster C: “you get ‘im, Steve-Dave!”
            Poster B: “no aspenth it is not, go back to hugging trees you Hello!Online scum”
            Aspenth: *cries*

            I’d love to claim this is hyperbole but it’s not that far from the truth. Seriously, some of you people need to realize how fucking retarded you sound. Try to learn how to lighten up a bit ^_^

            You’d better strap on your Depends™ now, my friends, cuz you’re bound to continue shitting your pants the next time I, inevitably, respond to one of your comments.

            [/disclaimer]To those of you who aren’t completely brain dead and have had fun thus far…this post was not directed at any of you.[/enddisclaimer]

            j/k I luv ya’ll regardless <3 <3 <3

          • You’re fucking hilarious, Aspenth. This one post just showed everybody how much of a pretentious little scum you are. Talking about discussion and opinions but when someone disagrees with yours they are the ones butthurt and retarded. At least you found a place where you can fulfill your day-dreams of people giving your presence attention for a bit.

          • @Anon

            I’m glad you enjoyed it! I work hard to make people like you happy ^_^

            >but when someone disagrees with yours

            Since you didn’t understand what we were just talking about, I’ll simplify things for you: basically, MNAS raised the notions that
            1) Posters on this site should be discouraged from commenting on other people’s opinions because the original poster may be unable to handle anyone else’s input, or worse yet, criticism,
            2) Posters like myself that enjoy chatting with all of the other readers, in both good and ill humor, should similarly be discouraged from replying to comments because people like MNAS don’t like seeing the regular, active posters’ names so often.

            I honestly hope you’re not trying to defend MNAS in this situation because his statements ARE absolutely ridiculous and would completely undermine Henkka’s purpose for structuring this site as he has. If you’d actually read my past commentary around here (not just in this thread), you would realize that I go out of my way to raise proper points and relate to the decent, non-shitposting fans that make this site such a success. I’m only actively “dismissing” (countering, to be accurate) the shit-posters that either add nothing of value to the conversation or try to raise asinine arguments lacking in actual merit (like expecting us to NOT chat with one another…lol).

            As for the subject of:
            >When you feel the need to either approve or disregard every opinion with your own, you are acting like this is your comment section.

            Guess what?! You see those up-vote/down-vote buttons? Acting like you’re somehow “righteous” in the regard that you don’t actively comment upon others’ opinions is beyond hilarious, considering how many of you click for up-vote/down-vote. ZOMG! Newsflash, my friend: You’ve been approving or disregarding other posters’ opinions this entire time. How does that crow taste?

            This site does not need people who only desire the death of communication. If you truly fear other posters’ commentary so much, please log off and go back to mumbling to yourself.

            As always, it’s been a pleasure chatting with you, my friend <3

          • LMAO, im honored to be used in your little skit Aspenth… I think you piss people off more than I do though :) But everybody just gets SUPER BUTTHURT when you even mention their favorite idol a non positive way, i’m pretty sure they wouldn’t even get that mad if insulted their mother lol.

            AKEKASU huh… Lol, fuck it, guess I am :) Im a true Morning Musume fan since 2007 but i cant help if I like Idols groups in general, I give them all a chance and the ones that entertain me I keep following like HKT and Momoclo… Morning Musume will always be #1 though, they are just a different type of idol.. More-so Artists than Idols i believe

          • @Nova,

            >LMAO, im honored to be used in your little skit Aspenth

            hahahaha, no problem! I had a lot of fun typing that up and you were the first name to come to mind, lol. I’ve enjoyed our pleasant exchanges thus far ^_^

            >I think you piss people off more than I do though

            I’m always doing my best with such a goal in mind! lol, j/k…or am I?? Honestly tho, some people make it waaaaay too easy. Most of the time it doesn’t even matter what I post; just the fact that I commented at all is enough to push them over the edge. Fish in a barrel! =D

            >AKEKASU huh… Lol, fuck it, guess I am

            Likewise! Nothing to be ashamed of there, lol. Among the sea of AKB idols, there are quite a large number of very talented gals.

            >the ones that entertain me I keep following like HKT and Momoclo

            Those are some excellent choices ;D Momoclo are very talented and I absolutely adore them. They put on concert performances that, in my opinion, rival those of our dear Momusu, and have some incredibly catchy songs, too!

            I also agree with you on HKT, their roster is packed with talent even beyond the 6-or-so “main” girls. Miyawaki Sakura is my oshi, she’s fantastic and insanely cute. There’s something special about Madoka, as well, that I can’t seem to put my finger on.

            I’m kind of disappointed in Up-Front Agency for passing on Tashima Meru during the S/mileage auditions. She’s really come into her own in HKT, being pushed as center even while she was still a research student! @_@

            Cheers, my friend! ^_^

          • Don’t wanna talk about 48G to much on a Morning Musume site but just wanted to put in my last two cents and say that HKT is something special… if you guys ever wanted to give another group outside of H!P a try they are the ones to experiment with lately…

            I’ve never seen a collection of people so well suited to be together aside from the Morning Musume lineups… they were blessed with a ridiculous 1st and 2nd gen to the point where there is practically no weak link, not to mention Sashihara Rino is there too…There all pretty talented and most are built for variety, they’re frickin absolutely hilarious…The russian monkey Murashige is my current 48g #2 oshi (harugon is my 48g kami oshi) and cant wait for the new Team K4 to start

            On the subject of Meru, she’s growing on me… I dont blame Tsunku for not choosing for the 10th gen morning auditions, Meru was absolutely horrible and probably the worst finalist there… She has grown tremendously in the time since the auditions and become someone worthy of a center push, Tsunku did say she is incomplete but would grow fast and he’s always right in his judgements

            Alright, enough of this 48G talk before somebody tries to track my IP and send me malicious software accidentally on purpose lol

    • “9. That noticeable Autotune effect is a stylistic choice and does not mean equate to bad singing.”

      have you listen to them singing live? go back and listen to the Riho around 123. and she’s the lead singer of the group.

      next you are gonna tell us Sayu’s solos lines and songs are autotuned out of stylistic choice too huh?

      • I should preface this with some personal background, I am in my fourth year of university studying to be a sound engineer. I spent most of my summer working at a recording studio using all those knobs and switches you see in Tsunku tinkering around with in behind the scenes videos. I mostly did work on audio correction for some random indie artists that no one cares about but even on the ghetto machines I had I could make even Sayu sound like fucking Mariah Carey with a little help from my friend Autotune. Okay maybe more like Katy Perry on a studio recording but whatever.

        Now that you know lets get one thing straight first, Autotune does indeed move your sung note to the nearest correct note however there are more to it than that. That robotic sound (aka Sayu voice) that everyone associates with Autotune is a specific setting called zero retune speed. Retune speed is the time delay that occurs between the singer hitting what projects as sound and the program dragging it to the note the engineer wants. If you want it to sound more natural you can direct the program along the lines of “within an span of 180 ms move the incorrect note 88% closer to the original pitch with a simulated vibrato variance of 4% at the beginning of the note and 7% once the input level drops below a -7dB threshold”. Sayu voice autotune would be more like in the span of 10 ms move the incorrect note 100% to the orginal pitch with no vibrato variance. It takes literally the same amount of effort to do both so it’s not like Tsunku is just being lazy. This is why it is a stylistic choice, it takes as much effort to make someone sound like a robot that it does to make them sound like they can sing “naturally” on pitch on a studio recording. When any producer chooses to use Sayu voice, it can be used to hide a bad voice but not it the way most people assume. Now whenever the artist sing the song live it doesn’t matter what they sound like because there will be a preset effect that there voice will go through to listener will hear. What they have done with Sayu voice is a brilliant move because at this point because they now no longer have to depend on her consistently singing at stable pitches. they just blast her voice through a program and something “cool sounding” comes out. I honestly believe she has problems maintaining a stable voice but if Kyary can have a profitable singing career why can’t Tsunku add a little flair to a song with Sayu magical robot voice.

        Secondly no I have not seen Morning Musume live in a concert in japan but I doubt you have either, so I’m going to assume you mean a “live” concert dvd. Hate to burst your bubble but audio engineers around the world will process the audio that goes into making your precious “live” concert dvd. Even if you are at a concert most artist today use a mixture of their live voice and at least one backing track, especially if their set list is dance heavy there maybe two or more. What the backing track does is allow for a little room for an performer to fuck up vocally while still allowing to audience to enjoy what they are hearing. Literally if your performer uses a microphone you better bet your ass there is an army of technicians working behind the scenes making sure nothing sounds so horrible that audiences will want to leave.That’s why you shouldn’t give a fuck of an artist mimes there whole stage if they are doing anything other than sitting or standing with a mike stand. Dancing basically causes most singer’s vocal control to go down the shitter. The 1,2,3 era relied heavily on backing tracks when they weren’t lip syncing the fuck out the 4 performances that I have watched on youtube. Does it really even matter, the platinum era as “talented” as they were are being completely outsold by the robo lolis and as long as UP Front is making bank and putting out more music its all good in my opinion.

        I fucking took this conversation way too seriously but now you know that what you hear isn’t actually what comes out of your precious idol’s mouth

        • no, i mean any kind of live concert.
          even on the DVDs you hear them fuck up. so Up-Front’s audio engineers and editors clearly seem to be missing a similar background to you.
          you can really hear them fuck up even during 123 with all the backup on the actual concert.

          i wasn’t defending the robo lolis.

        • Very interesting post.

          With respect to your comment on concert recordings, is it just me or do the recording on Hello! Station sound less post-processed than concert DVDs?

          Regarding Sayu voice, there was an interesting comment from Tsunku once in an interview with Hyadain:

          Tsunku: […] Japanese didn’t much like Auto-Tune. When you fix their voices even the slightest bit people would go like “Aargh! They did that again!” “They’re fixing it a bit too much!” on the Internet. But we were like, “Let’s do it once without worrying about the small stuff!” since around “One Two Three.” And I had tried it out with a few songs in the albums, like Michishige’s voices. So I didn’t worry about it too much.

          Hyadain: Michishige-san’s voice carries well on Auto-Tune.

          Tsunku: Her voice is often mistaken for being Auto-Tuned, even when it isn’t. That’s how her voice goes together with it.

          Hyadain: There are people like that.

          I found that kind of amusing.

    • If by “bored” looks you’re referring to Oda’s way of performing with ATTITUDE, it’s not boredom. She’s flirting with me, and you, and him and her and her and him… Roughly 7 billion people. That’s what goddesses do.

    • Agree with #5!

      However for #4, Riho butchers her lines. Indeed she COULD have done much better if she continued singing like in her first few songs (majidesukaska, only you) but now she just can’t make it. Ayumi on the other hand has fewer lines and hence the probability of her butchering them the way Riho does is much lower.
      Seriously, how can anyone really feel that Riho is one of the best singers of MM and comparable to singers like Ai (since she gets most of Ai’s lines — and butchers them)?

      On a side note, Masaki ruins duets by totally covering the other person with her squeaky pitchy voice (that is SO not on pitch for fans who insist that it is even if it sounds childish), and ruins solos, again with the squeaky pitchy voice. Just a note, her perfect pitch is NOT in singing but in recognising musical notes perfectly, eg C# or E
      Anyways she’d have done brilliantly in Smileage 1st gen and become the Ace. I’d root of her like there’s no tomorrow.

      • We are on countdown until she is the ace of morning musume :P probably really soon.

  13. I’m gonna post just a *few* of my thoughts, seeing as we’re all participating in this hot-blooded thread, lol

    1) There are other idol groups out there that are just as entertaining as any H!P group or act. Examples: Momoclo, AKB groups, Sakura Gakuin, Fairies, Tokyo Girls’ Style, etc. etc. etc. Being an H!P “purist” is fine, just don’t act like a dick and make the rest of us look bad, kk?

    2) The Platinum Era was “more talented” because they were OLDER and more polished, duh. Just wait ’til you get to see the current lineup in a few years; they will have improved dramatically (and they’re already very talented)

    3) Ayaka was treated like shit by most of the old Momusu line-up during the filming of Ayaka’s Surprise English Lessons. Especially bad were Tsuji/Aibon and Iida, while most of the others simply ignored her (which still was a bitch move). The only *decent* people in the line-up at that time were Abe Natsumi and Takahashi Ai…and maybe Yaguchi, but everyone hates her now so maybe I shouldn’t even bring up her name…

    4) Hello!Pro TIME and Hello!Morning were fantastic and I can’t believe there isn’t more demand for a new, regular H!P TV show. SATOYAMA was fun but the more personal approach of Hello!Pro TIME was the most interesting to watch, at least in my opinion.

    5) Riho was brought in during the 9th Gen to be groomed as Takahashi Ai’s replacement at the ACE spot. Stop lying to yourselves…in your hearts you KNOW it to be TRUE…and she’s worked hard and come a long way towards that goal since then. Stop hating the ace for being “overpushed”. She’s center for a reason (well, dual center with Ayumi now, and they make a great tandem)

    6) Kikkawa Yuu should have passed the auditions alongside Mitsui Aika, instead of being pushed as a soloist. H!P soloists that are not in established groups have seen moderate success over the years but are not sustainable in the long-term. Kikka’s talents are going to waste now since she’s not being properly promoted.

    7) NICE GIRL PROJECT is a joke and Tsunku should either start promoting those groups, move them back under H!P so they get decent (but still not proper) promotion, or just graduate all members involved. I’d prefer avoiding that last option if possible.

    8) THE Possible is a failed group that had a lot of potential, and was shipped off to NGP to be ignored. It’s a shame because I’m a big Robin fan. I always wished she could have been integrated into C-ute at some point.

    9) Up Up Girls, or whatever the hell they’re called now, should also still be a H!P group. The standard amongst the girls in that group is pretty high. I’ve been a Saho Akari fan since her time in Shugo Chara Egg and it’s also a shame to see her, and her group, not being promoted well.

    Back to H!P, sorry about the tangent but it was related…

    10) I was a huge fan of Otsuka Aina, ever since she failed the audition and became an Egg, and whoever fucked up her contract negotiations (either her parents or someone in Up-Front Agency) should be deeply ashamed. Yeah, I’m still pissed about J=J losing a member so soon, even though it happens at least once to every group.

    11) Similarly, whoever thought it was a good idea to add 5 more members to the 4-nin S/mileage should be coerced into seppuku.

    Seriously, how does one agency fuck up SO HARD?

    12) People need to shut the hell up about Berryz and C-ute “needing to graduate” and just enjoy whatever time we have left with them. NEWSFLASH: YOU CAN STILL ENJOY A GROUP EVEN IF THE LINEUP ISN’T COMPRISED ENTIRELY OF LOLIS

    I don’t want to hear your bitching after they DO graduate and you all realize that you miss them!

    13) Sayumi is the cutest idol in existence. Simply because she says so. Yeah, it’s that simple.

    14) Yasuda Kei had a good voice but her appearance really turned me off. This may not actually be an unpopular opinion, though…

    15) Takahashi Ai and Niigaki Risa should have been allowed to graduate together, to hell with “mentoring” the 9th and 10th Gens. Reina and Sayu did perfectly well on their own…hell, we probably only needed Sayu. Having Tanasa-tan was good for Maa-chan, tho

    16) Morning Musume is more exciting now then they were at any point in the past, including the Platinum Era (that I hold close to my heart).

    We’re finally getting better promotion, too.

    17) The current Momusu lineup will grow to be more talented and appealing than the past eras. They may not meet the same success but the roster is absolutely stacked with potential right now.

    18) I feel like Riho should, one day in the future, be named Leader of Momusu to complete the cycle that began when she was brought in to become Ai’s successor. That would mean Riho would need to outlast most of the other members, considering her age. I like to believe it’s a possibility, but who knows. This isn’t exactly an unpopular opinion either, just me trying to reassure myself I guess lol

    19) Juice=Juice feels like the strongest H!P group outside of Momusu at the moment, even tho C-ute is likely the most popular. This is just an observation as I’m starting to get tired…it’s almost 6 in the morning here, why the hell am I still posting on Henkka’s site?!

    and, finally,

    20) There is not a single member in any H!P group that feels out-of-place, nor without talent, except for Zukki. I’m not saying she doesn’t have talent, though. Just that she really needs to lose some goddamn weight and fix her image…she’s an idol, wtf is going on here?

    Sorry about the wall of text ^_^

    • I don’t know why you get so much flak here, What were people expecting to see in this comment section other than unpopular opinions? At least yours were kinda funny.

      That said, I agree with almost all your opinions.
      3) I think this is ‘cos she put them in an awkward spot, and we all know how screwed up H!P treated the coconuts musume members back then. And I actually enjoyed Yaguchi’s segments the most.

      5) I do agree with this. I’m personally of the opinion that if Odasaku were in Riho’s shoes, she’d have plenty of haters too. And the member to steal some of her limelight would be regarded a “savior” of sorts. Riho was just pushed at the wrong time. I fully blame the agency.

      6) Kikka’s such a sad case. So much potential wasted. She’s gorgeous, she can sing relatively well, and she has an outgoing personality, pretty much quality idol material.

      I personally have yet to start listening to some of THE Possible’s stuff, but I became an Up Up Girls fan recently. Things are finally starting to look better for them with their Nakano Sun Plaza concert being sold out and their latest single being well-received. But it’s a waste for such talented girls to have to start from scratch and go through so much to reach where they are today, and it’s still nowhere near the level of H!P’s popularity. Though on the other hand, I’m glad they’re not in H!P, where the agency never seems to be able to balance the treatment of its groups. Still, to have these girls be so close to their dreams and the H!P members they idolized, then take it away from them is just cruel.

      11) While it’s a tragedy that s/mileage lost two of their original members, I’m glad the 4-nin of the 2nd gen joined. They didn’t take away from the feel of the original s/mileage. (Too bad about that 1 that never made it though..)

      12) I personally don’t get people who can so easily say that a member (of any group) should leave. Good thing they’re not in charge of an idol group.

      • 11) Agh, how could I have forgotten about Fuyuka when typing this list?! Many fans still hope that, one day, she might get to re-join S/mileage, or at least be used in another group. Who knows, though? She doesn’t seem too happy stuck in Kenshuusei status, and who can blame her? Anemia sucks

    • My comrade in arms, you see things the way i do :)

      1) Hell yeah, I’m DD when it comes to idol groups.. Even though Morning will always be #1 i still support 48G, Babymetal, and Momoclo… The last two put on amazingly entertaining shows that rival the Morning musume concerts

      2,16, &17)Is what i’ve been saying constantly even though i’m a die hard Kamei Eri and platinum era fan…This current generation is insanely talented, unfornately most people confuse popularity with talent… Just cause the golden era was the most successful and popular doesnt mean they were loaded with talent… This current generation may be the most all around talented in this groups history

      4)Just bring back Hello Morning and all our problems would be solved

      5)Exactly… She’s the center and a damn good one at that

      13) Dont understand why people dont get this yet lol…Sayu is because she says she is…Nothing else matters

      • Exactly! You definitely understand, my friend =D

        Being DD sure is nice isn’t it? I feel like DDs get a lot of shit because other people think we’re indecisive or something. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying each and every member for what they are, since they each bring something unique to the group.

        I’m just like you when it comes to Momusu being #1 despite my love for other idol groups. Since Momusu was the first idol group that I ever started following, there’s that sense of loyalty, ya know? I’m ashamed to admit that I used to be an AKB-anti for the longest time, simply because I was so loyal to Momusu. I’m glad that I opened my eyes and learned to accept all idols and groups, because I sure was missing out for the longest time, lol.

        If Hello Morning returned…jeez, I could probably die of happiness. AFTER watching it, of course. I’m sure that’d make some people around here pretty happy hahaha. There aren’t even words to describe how awesome it would be to see the current line-up doing the same kind of hilarious skits that HaroMoni was known for!

        Lastly, Riho sure seems like she’s powered up at the center position ever since Ayumi came in to be her pair. Ever since I saw the two of them perform so well together against Miki and Sora (of Fairies) in that dance “battle” on Black Variety, I knew for certain that we had a powerful double center. Here’s the link for those that haven’t seen it yet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mNPupjxUCA

        • You can see how strictly loyal some fans are just by browsing the H!O tracker lol… Posters will usually list which idols appear in the show but most of the time they only list the members of their favorite group… for instance i was watching a show last week that that had NMBs Yamamato and SKEs Takayangi listled in the title but when watching it i also saw Takahashi Ai in it even though she wasnt listed in the title… Idoling!!!s Kikuchi Ami usually never gets included in the title of the torrent so im usually like ehhhhh, Kikuchi’s guesting on this show too??? lmao

          It happens quite often and it makes me wonder if posters dont list other idol group members cause they dont want to or they truthfully dont know who they are??? Either way, think people should open up their minds to other groups, they may be surprised at just how entertaining they might be

    • 5) I don’t think Riho was brought into replace Ai, but was seen as a potential Ace. So she was groomed to be Ace. Oda however, I believe was brought in to replace Ai. She was pulled out of the S/mileage auditions and groomed more specifically to replace Ai. However if you compare the two, Riho is definitely the Ace. However she can’t come close to the talent of Ai’s singing ability. Oda Sakura can.

      6)Some of us mused as to why Mitsuki was chosen over the others and reached the conclusion that Tsunku wanted someone who wouldn’t outshine the new Chinese members. Of course we will never really know why she was chosen.

      11)UFA knew they were losing two members in S/mileage so they needed to get new members before they left. It was done out of necessity to keep the group alive rather than someone’s idea.

      14) I see Ayumin as the new Yasuda

  14. mine is
    – i hope zukki is never be a part of momusu
    – can they just stop wearing high heels/whatever it called
    – i hope tsunku stop producing sexy/erotic songs
    – i hope juice=juice is a ”cute” group
    – the old berryz and c-ute is better
    – even if i hate zukki because she’s fat (ofcourse it’s not my only reason), i can not hate maasa
    – maachan and sakura’s voice are better than riho
    – daishi and duu’s voice is good too
    – i hate kanatomo’s sing style

    *sorry for bad english

    • Some of us being in agreement and having peaceful exchanges while the rest are at each others’ throats just goes to show the usual disparity in the H!P fan base (at least amongst non-Japanese fans, that is). Nothing out of the ordinary, lol

      And I may take some flak with my silly posts, as you said in the earlier post, but it makes things more fun that way =D I’m glad to hear that you’ve enjoyed the show!

      I enjoy posting on Henkka’s site more so than other prominent locations, like the Hello!Online boards, precisely due to the fact that nothing is censored here and we all have the freedom to agree or disagree as much as we want.

      Take this thread for instance: this was likely one of Henkka’s most successful threads, namely because it got us posters discussing each other’s opinions instead of simply commenting on the translated thread itself (or better yet, not even acknowledging the translation and just thanking Henkka lol)

      So many downvotes! And upvotes! And even moar downvotes! It’s been a blast! <3

      • >while the rest are at each others’ throats just goes to show the usual disparity in the H!P fan base (at least amongst non-Japanese fans, that is).

        what are you talking about? the japanese fanbase is way worse in that regard.

        • > the japanese fanbase is way worse in that regard

          Oh, I know, I was just commenting on what we can see here within our own comments: the Western audience’s disparity that is only evident from commentary on websites like this and Hello!Online. I don’t presume to “know” the true status of the Japanese audience since all I have to go by is word-of-mouth, event reports, and the exchanges we see translated here for our entertainment.

          Henkka’s threads have shown just how much worse the Japanese fans are than the international fans. I have to wonder if that stems from the fact that the idols are more accessible to Japanese fans, since they have the benefit of being able to attend concerts, handshake events and the like. Thus, those fans are bound to feel a more “personal” connection to the idols than we Western fans that have to suffice with YouTube videos and the occasional NicoNico live stream.

          • >I don’t presume to “know”

            You do though. An awful lot.

            Also 2ch isn’t the whole fanbase. It’s just a part of it. These threads aren’t representative for the whole japanese fanbase.
            (Go on and tell me how you know that too and were claiming it.)

          • >You do though. An awful lot.

            I’m just relaying what I’ve heard and read. You’re free to interpret that as you will. I was just stating that I don’t speak for the Japanese fans. I don’t know why I bother explaining something so simple to you, though, as you’re either just a desperate troll or prone to misunderstanding what people have said.

            >Also 2ch isn’t the whole fanbase. It’s just a part of it. These threads aren’t representative for the whole japanese fanbase.
            (Go on and tell me how you know that too and were claiming it.)

            Yeah, I do know that. You mad? ;D

            The commentary on 2ch is assumed to be the “vocal minority” but is pretty much all the Western fans have to go on. Seeing as the majority of Japanese H!P fans don’t voice their opinions on 2ch or similar venues, there is no clear consensus as to what the actual “popular will” may be. If every Japanese fan would just speak up then this wouldn’t even be an issue…but they don’t, thus we analyze what those who DO comment have said, even if their views may be unique.

            But it’s obvious that you don’t understand something as simple as “drawing conclusions from available data” so, whatever, you can, as usual, interpret this however you want. <3

          • >The commentary on 2ch is assumed to be the “vocal minority” but is pretty much all the Western fans have to go on.

            It isn’t. Have you taken a look at Twitter?
            2ch has become just a bunch of circlejerking among the lowest of wotas and wannabes.

            What I interpret from your comments is that you have to much free-time and found a site where you can talk all the bullshit you want thinking know will call you out on it..

          • > It isn’t. Have you taken a look at Twitter?

            Right, because Twitter is a MUCH more reliable source than 2ch, lol. Troll harder my young padawan What I interpret from your comments is that you have to much free-time and found a site where you can talk all the bullshit you want thinking know will call you out on it..

            Oh boy, and now you resort to slinging personal attacks despite the fact that you don’t even know what you’re talking about anymore. Have you really gotten that desperate? And all this time I thought we were just having some good ol’ fun…*tear*

            2ch is definitely a vocal minority, but apparently you don’t even know what that means, lol. I won’t waste time explaining again, nor even bother with you anymore, as you’re far too disappointing as a troll. I had high hopes for you, but alas…

            Ah well, there are many others here that actually know how to fill out a conversation properly. Fare thee well! <3

          • so Twitter is less reliable that an anonymous board that is 2ch?

            now you have really shown you know nothing.
            all the news 2ch gets these days are straight from Twitter.
            event reports, fan club reports, sale numbers, everything. 2ch is not even a source for info anymore as it used to be.

            all 2ch is for these days is circlejerking. a small part of the fanbase that is too anxious to show their true nature. Just look at the threads Henkka translates now. (Nothing against Henkka though)

      • Agree, the H!O boards will try to lynch you for having an opinion… It’s always so serious over there so i come here to post…

        Most of the threads that Henkka creates are fun and make you want to comment without fear of “offending” someones oshi cause theres more freedom here.. Everybody here for the most part has a sense of humor and can realize when others are joking and go with the flow

        • Exactly, they’re way too easily offended over on H!O. I stopped posting over there because people would get upset over the silliest things and would refuse any attempts at reasonable communication. It’s a shame because it’s a nice site with a lot of knowledgeable members. I just lurk those boards now for the latest info lol

          Henkka leaves these threads pretty open for our own interpretations and lets the comments section drive the discussion instead of trying to steer us in a desired direction. I just wish he had the time to post more often and interact with us all, although he does from time to time =D

          Then again he’s probably tired of my shit by now hahahaha

          • Haha Lurkers Unite!!! I usually just skip all the unnecessary convos/aruguments over there and scroll till i see a useful post with new member pics,blogs entries or info

          • I wish I had more time to interact with everyone, too. But you’re not missing out on a whole lot really; you guys regularly post stuff that’s much more insightful than anything I could ever come up with. Besides, I always figured that if I can only dedicate my time to either commenting or translating more, it’s more desirable for everyone that I focus on the latter.

            Still, I do read every comment that’s left on this site and — like you said in an earlier comment of yours — I, too, love how the discussion started in the thread is often continued in the comments, sometimes even more fervently than in the actual thread itself.

            I enjoy posting on Henkka’s site … precisely due to the fact that nothing is censored here and we all have the freedom to agree or disagree as much as we want.

            I’m very glad to hear that. I’m not a frequent reader of Hello!Online (or any of the other prominent H!P forums) and I don’t want to put them down in any way — on the contrary, I feel sincerely grateful to them for giving visibility to my translations on their Twitter so often even though I imagine they might be getting some hate for it, and I do enjoy sometimes reading the discussions that follow on their forums. H!O seems to suit most people’s interests just fine and I don’t consider this site a competitor to them or any other forum (it’s just a blog after all).

            But whereas someone might not feel inclined to voice their opinion on H!O in fear of backlash or even ban, over here I encourage people to speak their mind openly regardless of if someone might not like what you had to say, making use of anonymity when necessary. That’s not to say that I encourage saying shit just to try and offend people, but not censoring anything and trying to preserve the “anything goes” feeling does result in conversation that I think is quite different in color to that of H!O, sometimes for better and sometimes for worse. It’s not always pleasant and it’s not always even interesting, but I do think that it’s honest.

            Perhaps it doesn’t hurt to have a couple of places like that around, too.

          • /spoon Henkka
            /stroke beard


            I’m glad to hear that everything is going according to your plans, hahaha =D

  15. I’m gonna take so much flak for this but here goes: I think the lolicon Sayu jokes are really distasteful, even if it seems like she herself is fueling the fire for them sometimes. I don’t really consider things like that funny.

    Also C-ute is boring.

    • >I don’t really consider things like that funny

      That’s fine, as everyone has their own tastes in humor. Just realize that such a “joke” won’t disappear simply because someone in the crowd didn’t laugh.

      Besides, only the really *odd* wotas actually think that she’s a lolicon, while the rest of us just bring it up in an atypically fond sort of way to illustrate the role of mentor that Sayu has embraced.

      I, myself, see Sayu as a sort of “mother”, or at the very least an “older sister”, figure for the younger girls. She clearly adores them and as a result there’s a very pleasant feeling of cohesion within Morning Musume.

      …but that’s just how I intrepret it. Individual experiences may vary. ^_^

    • As for your comment on C-ute…

      What exactly do you find “boring” about them? You should elaborate here so you’re not misunderstood as simply trolling.

      I’ll admit that they could use some better singles, but the same goes for Berryz and S/mileage. It honestly feels like Juice=Juice are getting all the best songs at the moment since they’re still in their debut year.

      Besides that, though, I can’t imagine that you’d find their dancing as boring. Hell, they even started having Nakki and MaiMai do poledancing during lives (not really something I’m fond of tbh). Their singing is strong overall, but once again they’re not really receiving the best batch of songs from Tsunku and company (imagine C-ute performing Hadakano KISS instead of J=J…certainly not boring to say the least).

      On top of all of that, C-ute have been very active in events for a while now (being the first to Budoukan) and as a result are one of the top H!P acts in terms of popularity.

      I hope that you’ll shed some light on what you feel is boring about C-ute, because I certainly agree on some accounts. However, I find it odd that you’d find C-ute more boring than Berryz Kobo, who are in a sort of slump right now (once again, not getting good enough songs IMO). Do you not like the members?

        • Sigh, you’re just boring now with your thinly-veiled attempts at trolling via misinterpretation. It’s a shame that you don’t try harder, we could have so much more fun ^_^

          I bring up points actually helping the original post’s intent and you call that being “unable to cope with other people’s opinions”? lol, sound logic my friend ;D

          I look forward to better attempts from you if you’re just going to troll. I’m trying to have fun here with you but you’re only putting in a partial effort. You make an old troll disappointed =(

          It takes two to tango, so step up, you sexy beast you <3

          • this is my first comment here.

            you aren’t “helping”, you are making a backhanded request and unless he follows it you feel yourself in the right that he’s “trolling”.
            just as you are only bringing forth good points about C-ute and even bullshit as “I find it odd that you’d find C-ute more boring than Berryz Kobo”.
            you are bloody projecting.

            also, you should look up the meaning of trolling first.

          • >this is my first comment here.

            Welcome! you aren’t “helping”

            duh, lol

            >bullshit as “I find it odd that you’d find C-ute more boring than Berryz Kobo”.
            you are bloody projecting.

            I only said this because I’ve seen more people referring to Berryz as “boring”, so I thought it was interesting to find an opposing view. I love Berryz Kobo and every single H!P act, and do not find a single one of them “boring”. Just for clarification =D

            >also, you should look up the meaning of trolling first.

            I have a Masters degree in Message Board Trolling from Yale. I don’t think you’re qualified to make such an assessment without knowing the extent of my own personal experience. You’re welcome to try, though <3

            I look forward to seeing more of such deeply meaningful posts from you in the future, my new friend! *thumbs up to Piu*

        • Astonishing! Your butthurt levels are off the charts!

          You don’t HAVE to read each and every comment, you know…there’s this little thing called a “username” that lets you know who’s posting what =D

          I know you all just LOVE interacting with me since you keep going to such great lengths to start a conversation ^_^ I’ll talk to you any time you want! <3

          • That’s the thing. I didn’t read any of them. I just see your username under every single person’s comment. And nobody s butthurt. You don’t matter that much. Buuuut since you are a self-admitted troll, it’s not something to pay much attention to ^_^

    • Years and years of following H!P results in those opinions stacking up, which is similarly true for anyone else that enjoys their “hobby” as we do. The more passionate one is about something, the more fault one can find among it. Or at least it’s that way for some people. Individual results may vary.

      Not having so many opinions isn’t a bad thing, though. It shows you’re content with how things are, and how they have been, which is sure to benefit you with better health than, say, a fan that rants all the time and has high blood pressure as a result, lol. It must be nice being able to enjoy H!P with such favorable tranquility.


      We’re probably just anal-retentive or something, lol ^_^

    • It’s called love. The kind of love that notices the beloved’s every move and can’t help but feel one way or another about it.

    • lol mark <3

      Can you really call someone that sits in front of a computer all day "refined"? =D

      As long as you enjoy H!P in your own way, that's more than enough. There's no actual need for complicated opinions like those that have been thrown around this thread, anyways. We've just been having fun bitching at one another, hahaha. Feel free to join in if you so desire ^_^

  16. I just wanna bake a cake filled with rainbows and unicorns and the tears of all the trolls and toss it into a black hole and fornicate in the universe with it. Also that is the same space Morning Musume is in cuz of ya know the CGI thing. Thanks <3

  17. Here are mine just in case somebody still reads this:
    1) Even Ayumi is a better prospect to be the leader than Mizupon or Haruna
    2) Unpopular outside of Japan: Rihoriho is a good singer and dancer, AND one of the most interesting personalities in Momusu.
    3) Songs are a 100% better with Tsunku back-up vocals, and I hope he gets well soon and be able to sing again.
    4) Eripon is going to become the center of Morning Musume sooner or later.
    5) Zukki could be a fan favorite in Japan if she lost weight, she is still on time no need to graduate. ( She is really young, even I started *to realize how important it is* to exercise until I was on high school )
    6) C-ute should stop trying sexy.

    • 6) “Trying” being the main word. None of them have the body for it and they’re all too cute to make sexy work.

    • I agree with your point no.3 and no.6. Being overly sexy is not good imo. Yeah i do look down on them a little (dancing with the pole wtf). They should tone down the sexiness or just change the name to S-lut.

      I do think that C-ute and BK should graduate some of it’s members and converge into one group. This will make room to kss to form a new group. I’m badly in need to see new group in H!P. Yes we have J=J and they are exciting but i want to see more fresh faces.

      • hardcore Beri and C-ute wotas would rather kill themselves before these two groups converge.
        look at how Berikyuu sales turned out.

      • I don’t get why there are no auditions for next generations in Berryz and C-ute, the girls drafted may be even 18 years old, no need to take kids this time … and I believe it would keep the groups fresh. Even if you may say im crazy, this COULD happen, either way if it happens it would have to be next year, before they go into the shadows of entertainment.

        • It seems to me that Up-Front Group doesn’t want to fuck with another group’s chemistry, especially one(s) that have been together for ~10 years.

          When the agency has done that before (with S/mileage), they pissed off two of the (arguably) most popular members, who quit soon thereafter. I would hope that they’ve learned their lesson by now.

          UFG seems to be subscribing to the “AKB” grouping method now, meaning they’ll probably just keep pushing out a freshly-formed group of Kenshuusei every 2 years or so.

        • I think there’s an attitude of BK and C-ute ARE the legendary H!P Kids. Obviously they didn’t think that way back when Kanna joined C-ute but they do now. Or at least I hope they would. I think they should just fold instead of get new generations. As I’ve suggested before, if some but not all graduated they could merge first. Hardcore fans might not accept that but not all fans are “hardcore.”

    • “4) Eripon is going to become the center of Morning Musume sooner or later.”

      Look, having an unpopular opinion is one thing, but being nutty as a fruitcake is another.

  18. Maa-chan are in somewhat special position/Character that you can barely describe, just like KameEri in the past.

    • There had been the same trouble makers in the past & it’s not Kamei. It’s the ‘twins’ in the golden era, Tsuji & Kago.

      • Maa-chan is different from the two top
        Is she a trouble maker? just only sometimes,
        while Aibon and Nono were always, in the sense

        Special means one of a kind, I don’t Maa-chan is like KamaEri. But both of them are one of their kind -> a Totally special

        • I don’t think Kamei was a troublemaker at all. Maa-chan, on the other hand, is a blunt troublemaker, even Riho said MoMusu don’t need another one like her.

          • Is my English confusing or you are just bad at comprehend things?

            I simply said :
            Two Top -> Trouble Maker
            Maa-chan -> Trouble Maker sometimes, but nothing like the two top

            KameEri -> Special one, one of a kind.
            Maa-chan -> Also a special one, one of a kind

            Maa-chan =/ KameEri

            Not a single sentence I said that imply to KameEri as a trouble maker

          • @TIMMII
            Yes, your English is indeed confusing with the many grammatical errors. And yet you are criticising someone else’s comprehension? I see no fault in Two-Top’s comprehension from reading what you (badly) wrote.

          • @TIMMII

            Not a single sentence you said implied that Kamei Eri was a troublemaker. Not a single sentence you said made sense with your sentence structure.

  19. I agree with 41 so much!! for me Sayu is extremely beautiful!!!! but i feel like this is a really popular an unpopular opinion at the same time, and i’m afaraid people will say that is just because i’m bias or something like that….

    and the other issue is the Zukki thing, i do think she should loose some weight, but her fans are too oversensitive about it, so i feel that if i say that openly they will just say i’m a hater, and i’m not

  20. Unpopular opinion:

    Zukki needs to grad ASAP.
    1) She’s fat. Deal with it, she is.
    2) She’s not as good a singer as everyone claims she is. Her “low voice” is just her way of bellowing out her lines.
    3) She’s not as cute as everyone claims she is. OK granted this is subjective, but other than her nice smile I’ve never been convinced that she is cute at all.
    4) MM will do just fine without her. Time to bring in more talented kenshuusei.

  21. Based on the comments here, I guess my unpopular opinion is that I DON’T want Zukki to graduate :)

    There has always been room for Keichans, Risas, Makotos and Aikas in Morning Musume. It’s not a weakness to have non-typical idols in the group, or members who take a long time to bloom. Everyone’s beloved Eri Kamei took many many years to truly begin to shine. Gakisan may have been loved at the time of her graduation, but she was painfully unpopular for many years. If Gakisan was booted in 2004 (when she was still unpopular) we never would’ve seen her rise to become a leader to be proud of. In 2004 there were fans who were convinced that vocally Risa was as weak as Sayumi – would anyone still say the same? I’m telling you, girls that don’t shine instantly or shine now do not need to be booted… Choosing them was not a mistake. And I can’t believe I’m defending Zukki to this extent because she is not a favourite member of mine and even I’ve expressed wishes in the past about her losing weight (I’ve changed my mind since, however). I just think that anyone saying that a member should leave the group because they don’t fit their idea of what an idol should be like do not really even understand what Morning Musume is about (and are way too self-important).

    • “Everyone’s beloved Eri Kamei took many many years to truly begin to shine.”

      Aw, but you forget. Eri was skinny and cute. People tend to have less problems with someone as long as they have those two things. Sadly.

      • How could anyone have noticed she was cute? Reina was right there. And of course, SAYU! …Mikitty too.

        • I’ve always thought Kamei was cuter than Sayu and Reina. Still is. I guess that’s another unpopular opinion

          • Eri has been popular for most of her tenure in the group. Despite being close, I’d say sometimes Sayu has been jealous of Eri’s cuteness.

    • Welp, let’s wait when Zukki starts to lose weight or get serious in some sport or something. I remember during the golden era, Yossy gained a LOT of weight. It was only when there’s Gatas Brillantes and futsal when she drastically lost a darn lot of weight (or that other rumour that sh had bulemia, dunno if it’s true).

      Idol weight should be – (height – 100) x 0.9 –

      Personally, I like Zukki’s character. As she has become Yasuda – Ogawa – comedienne Musume of sorts.

  22. 1) I think the long haired twin tail Koharu was the most gorgeous musume of all time. She looks like crap now that her hair is short imo.

    2) zukki, masa and risako are all fat or to be politically corret “idol fat” but risako is more pretty so she gets less flack.

    3) i dont get people who comment here bashing idol fans. Why are they even here in the first place? Just random regular observers of idol news? Are they the dreaded kpop fans who wanna troll? Are they here because they are only drawn to henkkas beard but they cant stand idols and fans? Whats the beef?

    (someone commented that miyabi looks like a mango and i feel guilty for laughing hard at that coz i like miyabi.)

    • One thing I have noticed though is that the girls who are considered chubby have big chests?? So I think that’s just the way their bodies grow… Risako has lost a lot of weight now especially her thighs and even though her tummy is flat, it’s still wider that the other skinny girls because she too has wide hips… Now don’t kill me guys but look closely at Mizuki and Sakura~ They are both big chested girls and they are also wide (at least they are starting to) at the tummy/hips area, even Mizuki has more rounded arms and legs than the rest BUT her height and over all fat distribution are quite balanced that in fact it makes her look sexy…. Bear in mind that this is by idol standards and Japanese girls are really skinny, like ridiculously, I would know because I have Japanese friends and it’s unbelievable how they fit in a size 0 pants! O.o So by Canadian standards I bet Risako and Maasa would be slimmer compared to some girls here…

      On the other hand I really like how Miya gained a bit of wait as she grew older, I remember when BK went to Hawaii and she was straight as a bamboo so I was surprised when I saw her new photobook, she finally got thighs and her tummy is more shapely now… Anyways, Zukki is a growing girl, my sister was so round about that age then, Summer came and she grew a couple inches and lost the baby fats like in a snap!

  23. Here are my unpopular opinions. I discovered MM in 2002 so some of mine will cover past members too.

    1.I love Iikubo Haruna.
    2. I like the 10th gen better than the 9th.
    3. I always liked Koharu and I still listen to her songs.
    4. Ikuta Erina is the only HP member I have ever disliked.
    5. I don’t hate Mari. What happens in her personal life is her business.
    6. I loved the Golden Era but MM 14 is starting to become my favorite.
    7. I love Tsunku’s voice in the songs.
    8, Constant rants about who should graduate is the most boring part of the fandom.
    9. I don’t care about Zukki’s weight or anyone else’s for that matter.
    10. Zukki is adorable.
    11. I don’t like Mr. Moonlight.
    12. Sayumi is gorgeous.
    13. I don’t like S/mileage’s new image and think they deserve better. S/mileage is full of talent that could be used in a better way.
    14. I don’t call myself a wota.

  24. Stand back everyone because this one’s a doozy:

    1. I never liked Sayu from the day she passed the audition (don’t ask why, I just don’t…she really seems to get under my skin for some reason), I became horrifically disappointed when she became leader of MM (was hoping she would graduate before that happened), and I hope she graduates soon, especially now that we’re in the Colorful Era.

    2. I truly believe MM cannot move on to a completely new era until she leaves. I don’t know…it’s like…here we have 3 (hopefully soon to be 4) brand new generations, giving the group a fresh face and a total makeover after the frozen Platinum Era….and then there’s Sayu. It’s just weird.

    • How do you sleep at night speaking such blasphemy??? You better be careful that the goddess Shige doesnt come smite you in your sleep lol

      • @Nova

        Sayu’s not as menacing as she used to be, though. Back during her “narcissist” phase, she would give the glare of death to those that refused to acknowledge her cuteness LOL. Those were fun times =D


        Back when Sayu was younger I used to hear that she rubbed people the wrong way with her “narcissist” act. It’s very similar to how people either love or hate Momochi, mainly due to the way that she acts.

        I understand what you mean about a new era not “truly” starting until Sayu graduates. At that point, the present age gap will be gone and it’ll start to feel like the younger girls are finally done being “mentored” by Sayu, taking full control and leadership of Morning Musume. Should be an interesting turning point, whenever that may be ^_^

    • VERY unpopular opinions and, yet, I somehow agree with you about #2 lol. I don’t think a completely new era can begin with her there.

    • NOOOOOOOO!!! You jinxed her with your negativity and she’s graduating now… I hope your happy, i feel like a part of me died now lol

  25. I love sayu, but maybe you’re right… we’re used seeing an elder leading the group but what a teenage girl does the job and everyone’s loli and hyped-up and out of control (iikubo’s old though). it’ll be so much fun, i guess! we read their interviews and despite being these young kids they were quite matured with their answers and can think for the better of their group.

  26. My unpopular opinions:

    1. Same as number 63 in the thread. I’d rather Zukki be bigger than the other girls than see her go through an eating disorder, or yo-yo dieting like Maasa.
    2. I like Maa-chan well enough (4th favourite in MM), but I don’t think she’s a “genius” or an “angel”. At best, she’s very clever for trying to align herself with the leader and/or more popular members (giving Riho cider in a bid to become her friend, not sure if that really worked though).
    3. I don’t understand the legions of Maa-chan fans who can’t understand why people may not like her. Is it really that hard to figure out why?
    4. I did not find Nakki and Mai’s pole dancing that impressive nor sexy in that concert performance on Hello Station. Actually, along with the rest of C-ute, the whole performance just kinda felt like a desperate attempt to be sexy. Of course, it’s not the girls’ fault; I doubt they came up with the idea.
    5. Risako needs to smile more and pout less.

    • lol #5 yes but I find her cute anyways~

      somebody commented on how her personality is like a wet noodle when not performing…I had to laugh at that! Yeah she’s really ‘mellow’ and doesn’t talk much, she doesn’t work herself like the other H!P girls, (with the exception of Momo, I really don’t like it when idols force being cute outside of stage performances) also I find her ‘dark’ side funny, she’s so blunt(?) like when she answers Pocket Morning and I remember when she was paired with Momo in Hawaii to look for souvenirs, it was a funny pairing~ but when she’s on stage, she’s a different person and that’s what I like about her~! Risako and Miya tandem is one of my fave pairing when it comes to performance!

  27. 1: Maachan is so annoying and disrespectful (Yeah, I know that NonoAibon were not so polite either, but still had some respect towards their seniors)
    2: Berryz and Smileage do not diserve their budokan performances. Did they achieve anything special?
    3:H!P Kids need to graduate.
    4: Yuuka Maeda is the most overrated member in history, like seriously, to me she (and Airi) look just like normal idols.
    5: I hate the platinum era
    6: I cant stand C-ute wotas who say they do not get any attention, because this is just so false in many aspects.

    HATE ME~! xDD

  28. 1. I hate Riho and Masaki. Riho’s voice is strong yet annoying and Masaki is acting stupid, not angelic
    2. I can’t imagine MM without Sayu. Either Harunan or Fukuhime becoming the leader makes me feel anxious
    3. 4-nin S/mileage is forever a pain in my heart
    4. J=J losing Aina is the next pain
    5. Kikka not joining gen 8 is also a pain
    6. I never like Junjun and Linlin. Adding them to MM was a big mistake
    7. Matsuura Aya should have been promoted more and become diva like Hamasaki Ayumi or Amuro Namie (maybe not that big diva but still much better than then and now)

  29. My unpopular opinions:

    I think people overreact with odasaku. come on, she’s not the jeezus of singing, for god sake.

    I think zukki is very pretty and sexy and she shoud be center.

    Riho annoys the hell out of me

    Monrning musume of today is still a failure on tv compared with og

    Sayumi is not the greatest leader of morning musume, it’s yuko nakazawa

    the rivalries with morning musume og scares me a bit

    i don’t like kudo because she doesn’t respect other idol groups, she thinks that being momusu is like royalty, seriously kudo??

    mizuki annoys me a bit, but nothing serious

    i want to punch maro

    i’m not afraid of kanatomo and mikity and i would like to punch them, too

    i don’t know if ayacho seriously hates foreigners or it was a minstranslation

    ruru annoys me a bit, too

    i don’t like haga akane and that she wants to be sayumi 2, sorry akane, but sayumi 2 NO!

    i don’t want anyone in 12th generation takes pink color

    • > i don’t know if ayacho seriously hates foreigners or it was a minstranslation
      What’s this about? If you post a source that can be checked.

  30. 1. The worst Korean idols are 5 times more talented than the very best H!P idols (although the Japanese ones are more entertaining).

    2. I never understood why C-ute is popular.

    3. With few exceptions, I find the Platinum Era boring.

    4. I find fans’ obsession over group leaders puzzling given anyone with a basic knowledge of Japanese entertainment should understand it’s an irrelevant matter.

    5. I like Maro. She’s very talented and cute!

    6. Sudo Maasa is gorgeous.

    7. I wish Hashimoto Kana and Cuca were in Morning Musume.

    8. Last year I found it hilarious how a fan consensus formed about the old and sidelined Iikubo Haruna or the chubby and sidelined Zukki would graduate next and it wound up being Mega Ace Riho.

    9. I wish Jang Daeyon made it into S/Mileage.

    10. The way Management employs Nonaka Miki’s excellent English language skills is strange.

    Yeah, this thread is older than dirt, but I’m gonna take advantage of it!!

  31. An old thread, but an interesting one. Especially considering:

    1. The most recent non-Tsunku authored MM songs have been far, far beneath MM as a group.

    2. MM’s choreographer is over-using the “rotating circle” motif. Ten girls rotating around one girl in the center is NOT always the best way to move a song along visually.

    3. Every time MM is compelled (by management) to perform western “urban” dance movements/vocal performance styles, I vomit a bit in my mouth. (What they are being made to emulate, probably without complete knowledge of the roots of what they emulate, is so far below them its disgusting.)

    4. Although Tsunku seems to disagree, there is nothing attractive, meritorious, respectful, or responsible about encouraging (or disregarding) gluttony at the expense of aesthetic excellence. Idols are idols for a reason. One of the main reasons is physical beauty.

    5. Most people probably don’t realize how great a gift MM is to Japanese culture and history.

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