13 comments on “Maa-chan to members of LoVendoЯ: “Fattie!” “Will you be in your thirties soon, auntie?”

  1. No one ever knows what Maa-chan’s on about or what she’s doing.

    I feel so connected. :D

  2. Maa-chan really reminds me of the Two-Top (Tsuji-Kago) of MoMusu’s golden age haha

    Nakazawa and Yaguchi had lots of headaches handling the Two-Top’s rowdiness LOL

  3. Sometimes I feel like Maa-chan’s level of sanity/insanity really syncs well with my own…it’s actually caused me to have some really odd dreams with her being the focus.

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  5. The day she is no longer a child -> the day she has evolution for herself to be something else, in which harder to comprehend.

    KameEri has a lot of childish in her too, so Maachan probably become someone like that.

  6. Haha, feel bad for Marin.. What is it that turns Maa-chan away from her cause usually Maa-chan is fearless about approaching anybody and messing with them…

    And Henkka, even though that day where maa-chan is not a child anymore is coming soon I dont think we have anything to fear… She has that personality type that persist no matter how old she gets, she’ll ball of fearless uncontrollable nonsense even in her late teens and early twenties

  7. She’s just like the most favorite girl in class. Everyone of her friends loves her, and everyone that’s not in her circle of friends fears her. ^^

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