27 comments on “Maa-chan is an angel

  1. “Maa-chan is the Merlion.” Fuck yea! Singapore represent!
    And there’s always that one guy who thinks he’s awesome ‘cos he broke the combo.
    Btw here’s mine:

    Maa-chan is the new face of Momusu

    • After posting this, I realised I broke the combo too (*facepalm*) please ignore everything except the last line if you wanna

  2. Maachan is aircon on a hot summer day.
    Maachan is someone translating 1000 Maachan comments

  3. This is crazy hehe and I love Maa-chan very much. She is just so special like Eri Kamei. Together with Haruna, she is my favorite members.

  4. Maa-chan is The Answer to The Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe and Everything.
    Maa-chan is 42.

    • It was only around half of that I think. Still, thanks!

      Maa-chan is the comment section of this blog. You guys are writing on Maa-chan.

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