5 comments on “Morning Musume 20th Anniversary Official Book Interviews: Ishiguro Aya

  1. I have wondered about Ayappe and her last moments as a Morning Musume member for a long time; Some info is just very elusive. Cool to finally find out how it went. Hey isn’t her daughter totally amazing? Not only because of that Daaishi-feeling thread but also I like how she can make that remark with confidence what is Maa’s pairing criteria. I love Ayappe’s personality and not wanting to change her past if given a choice, that’s what makes people who they are now. She still delivers akarui the best.

  2. Even though Nacchi was the center, and Iida and Yuko were the variety scene stealers, without Ishiguro and Ichii, LOVE Machine wouldn’t have had the attitude and flair that drew people to it. Though she graduated so early, she was absolutely necessary to plunge Morning Musume into their next phase. 4th Generation would’ve looked different if she were still around.

    One of my favorite Ishiguro scenes is the making of LOVE Machine. It’s kind of hard to believe she’s actually YOUNGER than Fuku-chan, Eripon and Ayumin here, but this is what happens when you plop a 19 year old with life experience into the ‘idol’ world:

  3. One of the most interesting of the interviews, and thank you for translating! Even just reading about the demo tape for Summer Night Town gives me goosebumps too.

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