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  1. No matter what she’s done in the present, the fact that Yossi was Yossi in MM’s past can’t be changed or taken away. I can imagine her disappointment being thrown to the wolves after her DUI, especially when her ideas of loyalty within the ranks of past musume are so pure.

    In spite of all that “boyish” nonsense they pushed on her during her time in MM, I think the best clue of who Yossi was and is can be found in the 12ki dokkiri footage. Her sincere panic and concern for Makino after she burst into tears was quite moving. It is a shame that an awareness of that sort of sensitivity is still buried under that “boyish” image the public has of her.

      • (Anon, please watch this fast as the 10+ copies of it which were all over Dailymotion and Youtube have now been reduced to this one link!)


        The footage between 5:38 and 5:48 is telling. Up until she actually saw the monitor (and thus saw Makino falling to pieces) everything had been a prank. Yossi’s genuine alarm is quite moving–especially since she may or may not have been aware of Makino’s early tendency to cry all the time.

  2. Well firstly joining others: it was low what Hitomi did but no need to kick someone when they are down..let her redeem herself..

    On topic: Not one of my favorite member(she was funny tho) but still glad to read this you still learn from others. Fujimoto always so fierce, eyes on target. Konnoooo! [ Tsuji was announced as the starting goalkeeper. The moment they did that, Konno burst out in tears and ran away. I went, “oh no, this is bad,” and ran after her to console her. When I did, Konno struck back at me, going, “but Non-chan didn’t even show up for practice!” ] my heart I adore that girl. Lastly “I WISH” has the best cover ever!

  3. In light of last year’s events, it’s interesting that she says she wasn’t a responsible person in her MM days, and she gave a couple of examples of making quick, unwise decisions.

    This remark of hers is also interesting because the other MMs did NOT support her last year:

    “It’s an unspoken rule in Morning Musume: if something happens to one of us, the others will always be there to support her and to cover for her. And that’s something that doesn’t change even after you graduate.”

    • Well, to be fair, whenever one of them has a scandal of any kind, when do the members ever speak out in public in the person’s defense? Obviously this is just pure conjecture on my part, but I’d bet many of them have shown their support to her — in private.

      Sure, she fucked up. But I don’t think any reasonable person out there feels that her life should end because of it. And maybe I’m just being overly optimistic, but I can definitely picture her coming back from this, even to the world of entertainment.

      It’s amazing what a genuine apology and the passage of a little time can do.

      • Also, there is the recovery angle, too. She needs to write a book on “How I overcame my alcohol dependency”. I bet her die-hard fans would scoop it up during her Apology tour.

      • The defended Mai from C-ute. Mai was seen with a friend and people made a piss about it.
        She considered quitting but the girls tried to help her and Maimi made a statement.
        They did disband a year later but I doubt it was because of that.

      • Also Hitomi had 2 incidents. I think people are forgetting. The first one was a car accident which gave the man a minor foot injury. The other one she hit a cyclist and their bike flew several meters to hit another person while under the influence. This is why she got shit on because she continued to make mistakes 1 year apart so she served prison time. It’s so fucking sad to see people go down the hole like this. You all forgot her brother died from a drunk driver and now she almost killed someone.

        That said, she wants to come back to entertainment. Her probational period ended/s this year. She’s a full-time housewife now so I hope she recovers and learns from all of this. It’s also sad that everyone from MM turned their back on her, even Aibon still has friends lol.

  4. Okay she really fucked up leaving the scene of an accident she caused while DUI, but SHE CAME BACK IN LESS THAN 15 MINUTES. That took tremendous courage. I don’t hold it against her at all. We all screw up in our lives. It is a shame Up Front cut her off at the knees over it.

    When I think of Hitomi, it is always in absolutes. Yossi is absolutely one of the best MM members EVER! Absolutely best MM concert EVER was her graduation, Sexy 8 Beat. Absolutely best post MM entertainment career was Yossi with Rika: Ongaku Gatas, Angry & Hangry, et al.

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