12 comments on “Ishida Daaishi: “Tonight I’m sleeping in a hotel with Sayashi-san”

  1. Wow another thread on SayaIshi…They are proving to be a very popular couple and definitely my favourite couple in the current MM line up. I really wish they could be a real life couple cos it’ll be sooooo adorable!

    And oh, thanks Henkka once again for taking your precious time out to do a translation. Deeply appreciated!

  2. OMG Henkka are you a genius or just a psychic aka mind reader? You just translate this thread and Daa-chan dedicates tonight’s blog post to her beloved RihoRiho….man Henkka you deserve a Nobel Prize or something :P xD

    • I don’t think I’m either — maybe Daaishi just actively checks this site in an attempt to keep up with her own sexual escapades?
      “Oh right, that happened. Maybe I should mention her in a blog or something…”

  3. I can almost see Michishige coming to their hotel room late at night and asking to stay over for some obvious pretense to prevent anything from happening.

  4. A Historian??? Only a god would be able to map out a relationship chart of H!P… Its complexity is something a mere mortal could never hope to grasp lol

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