26 comments on “Kikuchi Moa (BABYMETAL, Sakura Gakuin) continues to be entranced by Suzuki Airi

  1. “For me, idols are something that give me courage, they make me smile.”
    This! now i like Moa more.

  2. It’s always like that for me. The girls I like all love another girl I really don’t like xD

  3. Babymetal just grew more support for me as a group.

    that said, I can’t seem to get into Sakura Gakuin, any recommendations?

    • nope, im like you… i like BABYMETAL way more than Sakura Gakuin especially now that Suzuka graduated from SG… I tried watching concerts and dvds but im still not interested in Sakura Gakuin

  4. BABYMETAL!!!! I love this frickin group and cant wait for the next single… This is just another reason why Moa is my favorite member of Sakura Gakuin and BABYMETAL, any idol who loves H!P is good with me… put your Kitsune up!!!

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  6. >>147
    > ★ Morning Musume
    > ☆ Ayumin
    > ★ Berryz Koubou
    > ☆ Momochi
    > ★ °C-ute
    > ☆ Airi-chan
    > ★ Buono!
    > ☆ Everyone (〃ω〃)
    Damn, this girl nailed it almost 100%. Now if only that was Chayu instead of Daiishi…

    > ★モーニング娘。
    > ☆さゆみん
    …what? Jeez, what are you doing, Henkka!

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