24 comments on “Katsuta Rina says she wants to become a model; Tsunku is not amused

  1. Eh, I agree with Tsunku. It’s no good for him if his idols are being pulled away to a different career path. 9 and 30 on part 2 also have solid points.

    That being said, I would not miss Rina at all if she left, she does so little for me I forgot she existed for a good few months. One day I was just watching a S/mileage live on H!Station and I was racking my brain on who the 6th girl was for the whole thing!

  2. If I can read mind I bet what Tsunku really think is ” FUCK OFF MY MONEY MAKER”

  3. >>56
    There we go. When I read the thread title I was thinking: Rinapuu need to listen more to the latest Berryz single.

    • Having read it all now, I’m sure relieved that everything turned out well though.

  4. >Except Maro. Maro definitely loses.

    Damn, Henkka, you sure have a wide arsenal of brutal finishing moves…I lol’d <3

  5. I feel where Tsunku is coming from, i’m not of fan of giving people false hope only to let them go out and receive crushing failure…Don’t unnecessarily send people down new paths when the path they are walking now isnt complete yet..

    As for Katsuta, i’ll admit that she has grown wayyyyyyyyyy prettier over the time since she debuted…. Its not completely impossible for her to become a model but its very highly unlikely

    • They fail because Tsunku is secretly pulling the trigger. He got his friends in the industry and crush any former HP member going solo.

      He’s like “So.. You want to leave eh.. Take away my money eh.. We’ll see.. We’ll see.. “

    • Japanese (teen) idols tend to be more for bodies rather than face. There are plenty of plain-faced folk that are models thanks to their nice bodies. Make-up and angles also help them tons if need be.

    • Rina is cute and I hope she gets more fans, but then maro would lose fans. Hmm im a maro fan but do t know how tht will work out for me

  6. This doesn’t make sense to me since modelling seems to be a part of the idol’s arsenal…….just look at Airi or Fukuchan. I took Tsunku’s original comment as not trying to burst any bubbles for Rinapu but just his perverse way of motivating her to be a better idol. He recently claimed she could be a huge star so his expectations are high for her.

  7. Who is Rina Katsuta again? Hes right, she looks boring and plain. Need to be louder because no one can hear her as a ghost.

  8. Rina should go solo. She completely blends in when she’s with S/Mileage but when you see video of her doing solo work it’s like she’s another person. She’s far more charismatic when she’s by herself for some reason.

  9. I feel like one of the few who does not and will not find Rinapuu pretty, nor visually cute. I think she should just stick to being a model.

    Her personality is too damn cute however.

  10. I don’t really know. These girls really grow up fast. I remember there was another thread regarding Rinapuu & most of the wota find her cute.

    But I have to agree with Tsunku here that one should not take lightly in making their dream come true. Even if you achieved it, that doesn’t mean there will be no troubles in maintaining what you want. (Now that I realised it, I should really stick to my goals & stop doing things halfheartedly orz)

    Thanks henkka for the translation. This thread inspired me a bit.

  11. Aww~~ I just feel that Tsunku treat his idols like daughters, that comment sound more like a father rather than a manager **

  12. Damn, Tsunku. I’m all for honesty, even if it’s blunt, but sometimes we need to choose our words more carefully.
    For a moment* seemed like he was saying the girls could never be suited for anything outside the life of an idol.

  13. It’s crazy how many people here are defending this joke of a man. So any job choice and you wanna move on to do other stuff, you wouldn’t support them? You guys are retards LOL.

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