18 comments on “Anyone else worried that Daaishi might get blown away in the upcoming typhoon?

  1. “She’ll be okay if she just holds on to Zukki or Fuku-chan.”
    ” Well, Fuku-chan does have a lot to hold on to.”

    It seems some have yet to release how slamming Zukki’s tits are.

  2. Getting blown away is a good thing… actually that’s the best thing that can happen to an idol… free fan service to all her fans… her popularity will skyrocket and crash all the stock exchanges across the world….I will set up hidden cameras all over her place and record her upskirt videos….struggling against the wind to keep her skirt from flipping up from the front… from the back… trying desperately to hold the top from being blown away… only saving grace for her would be that her love melons are hmm.. ‘no melons’… she can let go of her top and concentrate on her pert bottoms…

  3. UFA presents a Hello! Project production of Morning Musume ’14 in…

    The Wizard of Oz: Dorothy no Dai Kaze Bouken!


    Ayumi Ishida as Dorothy Gale

    Haruna Kudo as Toto

    Sayumi Michishige as Glenda the Good Witch

    Haruna Iikubo as the Scarecrow

    Erina Ikuta as the Tin Woodman

    Kanon Suzuki as the Cowardly Lion

    Tsunku♂ as the Wizard

    And Masaki Sato as the Wicked Witch of the West

  4. Holy cow!!! is that really what Yaguchi looks like now, she really took that scandal hard and resorted to depression eating smh… Kemeko needs to go check on her and see if shes doing okay

  5. I think im quite interested in seeing Daaishi get blown away though… It seems like she would flutter away in the most amazingly beautiful way that just emits tons of Daaishi feeling throughout the atmosphere :)

  6. This reminded me of that ep in Music Fighter where 7-member C-ute guested & had a reporting of sorts to the Typhoon condition. I can actually see Daaishi doing that in HaroSte LOL But yeah, I always forget how small these idols are. If ever she flew because of the typhoon, she can imitate Sally Field’s old show, The Flying Nun.

  7. She needs to gain weight to not get blown away. In order to do that she must eat meat. She must eat meat to her heart’s content. Let’s all send care packages with plenty of meat. Meat, meat and more meat.

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