41 comments on “Could it be that Fuku-chan doesn’t actually realize what her photobooks are used for? (+1)

      • Hey! What the fuck did I do?!! That wasn’t me, asshole! I’ve been busy writing mainstream fics the last few weeks. In any case, this recent thread has freed me from my writer’s block. If you happen to read my erotic fics somewhere else DEAL with it THERE… I don’t post any of that stuff here anymore, ok, dickhead?

  1. No offence Henkka, you’re an absolutely awesome guy in your own right. You’re smart and talented and kind and all….but we’re all guys aren’t we? You seriously never had any so called “impure” thoughts at all? Not even once?! If you said you have very little impure thoughts it might be still be believable… but none at all? Don’t get me wrong, ain’t trying to diss Henkka the great, but I just find Henkka’s statement mildly unbelievable (speaking as a normal guy).

    • No perverted thoughts. Not even once.

      I look at the picture I posted above and all I can think about is “man, they fucking nailed the balance of the sea, the sand and the girl. The reflection of the sun sparkling on the water… damn. I wonder who the cameraman for this trip was because that is just a breathtakingly beautiful shot.

      In other words, my eyes were so concentrated on her cleavage, I probably wouldn’t have flinched if you came at me with a trained police dog.

      • Bro, I take my hats of to you. You are way too awesome to be human. Can’t give any higher compliment than that.

  2. My erotic desire for Mizuki has reached a point of no return. With the release of her new PB comes the release of my semen despite all vain attempts at beating down an erection everytime I as much as see a hint of her cleavage appearing anywhere (more so for this PB). It has even got to that point where I see Mizuki’s lovely face every single time when I’m having sex with this current girl I’m sleeping with. I wanted to get this all sorted out (before I start calling out her name in my sleep and worse, getting caught doing it) by seeing a therapist or something but everytime I tried to get myself out of this predicament, Fukumura Mizuki just draws me in deeper and deeper that I don’t think I can help it anymore…I don’t think I can resist her. EVER

    • Dude, you really need help….Give me a PM and I’ll fix you an appointment with my therapist. He’s really good…he helped me through my previous obsession with Charmy. Now, I’m a changed man.

    • Henkka-sama, your no-censorship policy is great. Now, not that I call for changes, but I wish this sicko could see the difference between a fun site and a x-rated one.

      If PP wants to make some sex comments, at least he should do it with style!

    • Yep. I don’t think onani/onanie is English though, so I thought of Fukunism (Fuku-chan + onanism). In any case, “fapping to Fuku-chan” is the intended meaning.

      What am I doing with my life?

      • “What am I doing with my life?”
        We’re in this together, Henkka :) Thanks for all your hard work, I love reading this stuff.

      • Aww c’mon, Hennka…some people are born perverts, some have answered greater calling in life by translating 2ch threads. Awesome job youre doing no doubt…dont let anybody tell you otherwise. I hope to hear more risque, spicy thread translations from this site in future. It’s threads like these that make my day brighter

  3. “speaking strictly as a non pervert” – i heard that pervs always like to use that phrase. Hmmm

  4. Can’t believe this girl is only 17! If she could only be implanted with Sayu’s personality… she could be unstoppable.

    • The world wouldnt be able to handle that combination lol… People would be put into an eternal trance and stop functioning properly… Half the planet would die, the largest disaster in human history lol

      • Half the world will die. The other half will end in a whimper after the nuclear fallout spreads planetwide. After all, her boobs ARE on the level of WEAPONS of MASS DESTRUCTION

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  6. Was reading the 2ch thread this is based on this morning.
    #19 is from the opening lines of “Koi no Booing Boo”.

    • It means that there’s one thread more included in the post in addition to the one named in the title.

  7. Confession: I masturbate to Fuku Chan and Sayuu… I so want to put my little me in her lovely pink mouth….. I dream of her everynight. Whenever I get free time; more often or not I think about her,…. think about all the things I could do to her and make her delirious in ecstasy.

    • This is what happens when those dirty confessions tumblrs dissapear.
      Stuff gets posted here…. Pff…..

      • I swear my love for fukuchan is not induced by tumblr… it comes honestly, innocently and exclusively from her love melons. I so want to put my lips on them… lick them… bite them… hear her soft arousing moans… so hot….

        • Make sure you motorboat them boobs as well. And make it a point to ejaculate every drop of your semen inside Mizuki’s pussy to impregnate her. Fuck her without condoms…then it will be worth it

          • I don’t want to impregnate her, just want to enjoy her delicious pert body parts…. making her pregnant would be rather scandalous for career… would give her a lot of trouble… i am a well wisher afterall.. can’t ruin her life.

        • If you don’t wanna give her a creampie for fear of impregnating her, you could tit-fuck her by taking the softcore option. I personally would love seeing my sperm ooze out of her vagina after I cum inside her cos I think she’d make the perfect mother for my baby. But I won’t deny I would kiss and enjoy every inch of her body first, especially her breasts, before planting my seed inside Mizuki’s womb. that sweet fair skin just drives me wild.

  8. “Fukunism”?

    “Fukuni” means “Fuku onaani” lol. As in, masturbating to Fukumura. Not sure where you got Fukunism from.

    • オナニー /(n) (X) (col) onanism (ger: Onanie)/masturbation/

      Probably by translating “オナニー” and replacing “Ona” with “Fuku”. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

      • This.

        If I’d used “Fukunii”, I would’ve been forced to put in a translator’s note to explain it. I already use too much of those as it is and it always feels like I’m explaining a joke and thus instantly making it unfunny. I try to avoid translator’s notes more actively than I try to avoid smashing my body parts between door frames.

  9. I don’t have any weird thoughts when looking at Mizuki. I feel like I’m seeing a work of art, and going wow from time to time.

  10. So… to be honest I got a girl boner with her photobook. She is absolute flawless, pure face and sexy body! *blush* I think she must know I mean is so obvious that some fans with have perverted thoughts if she dresses and posed like that!

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