14 comments on “Ikuta: “The Support Ikuta Until She’s Center Party!” Mizuki: “That’d go on forever.”

  1. 96: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/08/04(日) 02:04:18.81 0
    Fuku-chan is actually hiding some pretty toxic poison inside that soft body of hers…

    2ch always has to bring it back to the body. :)

  2. Fukumura does come from a line of Musume’s in charge of cute but with a natural poison-tongue:
    Ishikawa Rika
    Michishige Sayumi
    and now Fukumura Mizuki

    • Ikuta on the other hand has a long line of absurd:
      Ishikawa Rika
      Kamei Eri
      Ikuta Erina
      Sato Masaki

  3. I was thinking the 12ki should include someone to inherit sayu’s poison tongue but it seems she’s already at work passing it down.

  4. Ikuta have changed her introduction lines. Now that is “hole in one to your heart” instead of “aim to be the No.1 idol in the world”
    Source: Morning Jogakuin

  5. I fully support that.. And i wouldnt say its impossible like Fuku-hime did, there have girls who became center for a few songs cause of their overwhelming personality in morning musume ie Ishikawa Rika… If Eripon keeps practicing her vocals then i sure it will happen sometime in her career because she has already become one of the better dancers and her variety/tv skills are unmatched by anyone in the group except Sayu

  6. i actually thought she said that because Eripon is the one that it’s like the in-joke for the members to tease. since Eripon gets comments like that so often, it probably came pretty naturally! xD

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