16 comments on “Momochi: “Congratulations, Ayaya-senpai. Please give Momoiro Kataomoi to me.”

    • Momoko’s the only one of them people actually know. Nobody cares about Berryz so if anything she’s helping them.

    • Berryz should be thankful for having Momoko in the group, but they don’t seem to care, in fact they don’t seem to care about anything. Do they do anything good?

  1. Momoko is like Sayumi to me. Both of them are really smart and know how to make themselves interesting. They know how to put themselves out there so that people would know them and talk about them.

    This just proves it again. lol

  2. I won’t mind if she gets to sing Ayaya songs. She’s one of the very few singers in current H!P who can pull it off. I mean, have you heard her cover of “Doki Doki Love Mail”? It’s really not an easy song, but that last note was flawless. http://youtu.be/lhP9QvF26r0 Even if you hate her persona (which is the major factor in bringing any public interest to berryz at the moment), you have to admit, her vocals are pretty amazing.

    • Though now I think about it, this really is a smart move. People know Momochi, and people know the legendary Ayaya. People will think “Huh, Ayaya and Momochi are from the same talent agency. Maybe there are other interesting idols there”

  3. lol, when Sayu graduates from Momusu I can see Momochi posting on her blog angling to become HP leader after her.

  4. can’t momochii be also considered as same as how mishichige is? i mean that true power of an idol. some kind of influential lol, though in a different lovel. only a lot more cunning and without the show of that… motherly love for everyone else or H!P

    • They are quite similar when you think about it. Beneath the cutesy idol image they´ve cultivated, they have this (not so hidden) cutthroat streak to both of them.

  5. Am I the only one who will probably have nightmares because of the first picture? O_o
    And “second Ayaya” made me laugh. I don’t like that girl (well I have nothing against Momoko but I really hate Momochi) but you have to admit that she knows what she’s doing. :-D

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