47 comments on “Fukumura Mizuki finally touches on the subject of her boobs!!!

  1. “Not Like that”??? Y not??? She should start embracing the fact that she is the character in charge of sexy… There has always been a member in Momusu who embraced the sexiness without taking it too far on the slutiness scale like “Charmy” Ishikawa and Kamei towards the end of her career… Becoming the sexy character would only serve to make her much more popular cause without it i feel she is fading to the back cause of a lack of a interesting personality

  2. I must really have a one track mind. It first I read the title of this post as “Fukumura Mizuki finally touches… bla bla bla… her boobs!!!”

    Please forgive me Mizuki.

  3. It could be a dangerous path she don’t want to follow, especially if she’s not comfortable with it. When you see where Kikka is now, even if she is really talented, now her streams are basically only about putting emphasis on her chest, even trying to force Miko (Up Up Girls) in some dubious games she apparently doesn’t seem to enjoy. It makes it painful to watch.

  4. Her boobs are even deserved to be regarded as Morning Musume 14′ full-fledged twin members.

  5. 19 and 107

    For “having seen them” myself twice, I can tell they are very shy and quite normal.

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  7. QUOTE “”Fuku-chan: “The fans like that kind of stuff, but it’s so embarrassing… but then maybe that’s the only thing I have going for me…?” It makes me so damn turned on when I imagine her thinking about it that way”” UNQUOTE

    That’s DARTH SEKUSHII for you people! Always teasing me, making me all horny. The more people draw attention to her breasts, the more she deny she had it THAT big, and trying desperately in vain to divert attention to Zukki’s (who I don’t exactly care much for, sorry Zukki fans), the more horny and aroused she makes me feel. Oh Mizuki, I can only wish Up-Front could organize a “Breast-Fondling Event” right after a hand-shake event. That would be a hell of a FAN SERVICE! OPPAI HIME FTW!!

      • If I were in an elevator alone with Mizuki, I wouldnt be able to control my lust. I’d stop the elevator midway and start tearing off her clothes. I would kiss her all over her naked body and suck on her breasts, then spread her legs and force my dick deep inside her tight pussy, rocking it to and fro mercilessly. At least, I would go to jail with the satisfaction of having broken her hymen and ejaculating my semen inside her, with the hopes that her boobs will become bigger as she gets pregnant with my child.

        • I translated your comment into Japanese for my partner. “You’ve got to see the kind of shit someone said in the comments of my site!”

          She’s currently refusing to speak to me because I’m a male.

          • Aww Henkka, you shouldn’t have done that. But even I would agree he went way past the line. I mean, Mizuki really is a sweet girl…the kind any man would be more than proud to show off to his mother. But that said, it’s probably is both a blessing and a curse for her to be blessed with such fine physical attributes, to the point her sex appeal is so overpowering it elicited impure thoughts among even the borderline-decent of us redblooded males. In that respect, I knew how he felt, and I have to admit there were times I felt that way about her, but only because I love her that way…but yeah…saying it out loud like that…she definitely don’t deserve that. If Mizuki knew there was someone like perogol69 out there stalking her, she’d never leave the house.

        • Dude, get a blog or tumblr if you wanna write that stuff instead of putting it in the comment sections of other sites

        • Normally, I’m of the belief that every man is entitled to his particular fantasies; but everything you’ve just written is a rape scenario. For this, I swear by the power invested in me by blood and bone – If I ever come face to face with anyone who speaks so freely of rape, mine will be the last face they see outside a hospital for a very long time.

        • Seriously, do we have to leave what is basically a rape threat up on this website? Is there no way the site runner could take this down? We all love the MM girls and this guy is basically writing about how he wants to *hurt one of them*. Does he really need a goddamn forum?

          • While I agree with you in that I don’t think it’s a very pleasant comment, I also agree with the above commenter in that to me it doesn’t read so much like a threat as it does just someone’s sexual fantasy.

            I’ve probably said this here once or twice already so I’m sorry if I sound like a broken record; unless it has someone’s personal information, or something that looks to me like something flat-out illegal, or something else along those lines, I generally don’t like to censor anyone. Like I said, while I didn’t care much for the comment in question, I would feel hypocritical deleting it considering how this is a site that translates comments from 2ch — an “anything goes” environment if there ever was one. Insisting on keeping it family-friendly in the comments section would feel very strange to me.

            Hope this makes sense.

  8. Seems somehow “on topic” to ask if you guys have seen the recent vid where Sato deliberately touches one of Oda’s boobs. When I watch closely the whole context it seems enough to start a million rumours. Let the good times roll!

  9. I like my Fukuchan embarrassed. It worries me that she’s a Momochi fan, lol. (though so am I)

  10. Fukumura’s combination of a hot curvy body and while being a nice, sweet, and shy girl is really a great combination.

  11. “6 :名無し募集中。。。@転載禁止:2014/03/09(日) 19:06:00.49 0
    Boobs are righteousness.”

    …I thought it was supposed to be flat = justice ?

  12. Does anyone find it ironic that the two of them (Fukuchan and Zukki) hide behind the two flatter members of 9ki?

  13. Henkka, livedoor is blocked in Russia, I can see the source using anonymizer only.

    Lol, the more you know

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