8 comments on “Kasahara Momona makes an uncompelling case as to 13-year-olds being adults

  1. Well as long as she only uses a rubber to erase pencil marks I don’t see the problem.

  2. She will soon learn that most adults wish to find their younger selfs still alive within and don’t die out from the weight of the the world they are carrying.

  3. >” It feels like I’m about to turn into a Kassaa wota…”
    Did anyone else hear the music in their head from Persona when a social link is about to go up a level? I am thou, thou art I…

    …Or maybe I’ve just been playing too much Persona 5 lately

  4. hahaha so cute, this really is the kind of thing a child would say, I agree with #158 the most

  5. Her next post will then be about how alcohol should not have an age restriction but instead be limited only to adults.

    All according to plan.

  6. “The general public sees 13-year-olds as being pretty much fetus-level” – Kasahara Momona, 2017.

    • >158: “Children aren’t as smart as they think they are, but they’re also not as stupid as adults believe them to be.”


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