12 comments on “Nakazawa Yuko gives speech to members on the first day of Morning Musume’s 20th year

  1. Nakazawa Sama!!!! The 1s true and still the greatest OG… Moreso than any other member in H!P history does she show continual love for the group and the organization.. to this day she still buys every single Morning Musume single… Without her, i can honestly say H!P would have turned out completely different

    PS that 2shot picture between her and Captain just put a huge smile on my face… 2 best and probably most unamimously respected leaders ever

  2. That the former members are still involved, even in a very small capacity, is part of what makes H!P so great.

  3. To me, Nakazawa is THE legend of MM and HP because without her and the other 1st gen OG’s nothing else would have been possible.

    The five ‘losers’ of the Asayan audition were able to overcome adversity and work hard towards a new dream. Who could have imagined that they would be the foundation for something that has lasted for 20 years?

  4. Nakazawa-san really is amazing, I have so much respect for her, her being still invove with H!P like this is one of the things that make me love and appreciate H!P more

  5. I only found out about Morning Musume last 2015 through generation 1 and seeing Yuko always makes me emotional. Seeing her now vs before… Makes me cry just seeing her passion and love and how much of a better, whole person she’s become. I love just re-living the good memories and feelings through her.

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