7 comments on “Loitering Between the Lines of Hello! Project: Part 4

  1. Note: Part Three of this series is the odd one out: the topic of discussion in it wasn’t lyrics, but rather H!P-related movies. As I haven’t seen any of the films in question nor do I intend to, I chose not to translate it.

    • I don’t blame you. Morning Cop, Pinch Runner, etc arent’ exactly masterpieces of cinema.
      The reason I happen to have copies of their DVDs is to have something rare and ironic.

      Really, it’s all Camp.

      • The only H!P-related movie I ever saw was Yo-Yo Girl Cop. The only reason I watched it was that it had Matsuura Aya and Ishikawa Rika fighting each other with yo-yos. That, in itself, makes it a masterpiece of cinema.

  2. A long time ago I made a side-by-side image of Sayuki and one of the young Olson twins from their time as Michelle on “Full House”.

    I haven’t gone seeking it out so I don’t know how common a comparison it actually is, but this in particular is literally the first time I’ve seen someone else mention it. I feel vindicated.

  3. I know you provided links at the bottom to everyone’s twitter but where do you actually see the full text of these interviews? I’m really interested to read the 3rd part if I knew where it was.

    • The third part of the series was published in the January 2016 issue of the CDJournal magazine. The full texts aren’t posted online anywhere from what I know.

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