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  1. This does suck. If there is one good thing, it’s that so much of his work gets expressed through the voices of others, so he can still continue.

    And on a lighter note, maybe we’ll get to hear him sing a S/Mileage song Stephen Hawking style.

  2. fuck this shit, hopefully someday that demo compilation album will see the light of day as his final masterpice

  3. The only thing he can’t do anymore is recording the demo vocals – but he can still compose the vocal melodies with a keyboard or even use the vocaloid software (Hatsune Miku lol). And after what he’s been through now and being such a positive person overall, I’m sure he’ll have a lot of encouraging lyrics and songs in his mind already.

  4. Thank you Henkka, you’re the best.

    On the topic, well, I thought I was through with it since we first heard the rumours about it, and I’m glad he made this decision to save his life, but reading this and seeing pictures from the university ceremony made me tear up again.

    Thank you Tsunku. You’re the one who kept me with Hello! Project for so long, and knowing you, you will probably keep on writing songs for the girls and therefore keeping me interested in them. I just wish you all the best, that the cancer never comes back, and that you still see all the happiness in life.

  5. The vocal chords are a singer’s life.
    He must feel bad right now.

    Let’s just be happy that he’s not dead coz of that cancer

  6. 36. 名無しさん@ハロプロキャンバス 2015年04月04日 20:52 ID:1EzP6BSD0
    This only made me want to support him more. One day I want to become a person as strong as Tsunku♂.


    Thank you for the translation, Henkka.

    This is really sad…

  7. Oh my goodness…
    To me, Tsunku is like the father to all of the group H!P
    And a member that never graduates to Morning Musume…
    This is just too much…
    The thought of not hearing his voice in demo really saddens me, and the thought of a singer losing his voice is even more sorrowful; like I can’t imagine losing my sight because I love taking photos so much that I can say it is my life.
    He may gets to keep his life, but living without the ability to do the thing you love is more than a torture. I feel like crying every time I think of him writing a new song, humming the melody and then realizing that his voice is no longer there…
    But then he can still compose music. And I agree that from now on, his music would be much more deep and sophisticated since it represents both his idea and his voice. H!P, please do your best conveying his heart and his voice.
    You are strong, Tsunku. You really are. You have all of my respect.

  8. This whole battle with cancer has been a sobering reminder that even Tsunku, the man behind LOVE Machine, The Peace, I Wish, Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari, and countless other hits is in fact human and might one day not be there for Hello! Project and Morning Musume, for the girls who respect him and the fans who admire him. I can barely handle the thought.

    Though, of course, our pain is nothing compared to Tsunku’s, and he’s handling it all with so much grace. This man is truly one of the greats, and I for one am going to savour each and every composition he does for Hello! Project. They’re all so much more precious when I keep all of this in mind.

  9. Tsunku not being able to sing is like a bird getting its wings clipped… This is a tragedy, this is worse than any graduation announcement by far because it really feels like the end of an era for MM and HP.

    It is up to the Hello Pro members to carry on Tsunku’s legacy through their own voices now that he can no longer do it himself. Yuugure takes on a whole new meaning when read through the prism of these news.

  10. The saddest news for me in awhile, the only positive thing come out of this is that we all know how strong Tsunku is, and he will amazingly get through this. The best wishes for him, and I mean it.

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  12. This is of course, sad news, and I don’t want to belittle the suffering he’s going through. But I’m hoping that from now on there’ll be an even further touch of wisdom in his output and that his efforts will irresistably be channeled in the direction needed to make H!P number one.

    I fully confess this may be very selfish of me.

  13. I first caught wind of this on Twitter and secretly hoped out was a joke. It was late March so I thought it was an early April Fools prank. Sadly, it is not.

    Words can’t describe how I felt when I heard the news. Tsunku and his music were such a big part of my life and it’s just one more tragedy to add to the list this year. Thankfully, he made this sacrifice so it’d be bittersweet instead of outright sad.

    This truly is a time of big changes and we must be strong like Tsunku. If he can keep his cool during his brush with death, so can we!

    • But it could still all be a massive joke. Maybe in a years time he’ll come out and say “hahaha I had you guys totally fooled”.

      That would be nice… :-(

  14. I always hoped to be able to hear him sing live one day.

    This is tragic and incredibly sad, but it was the right decision. I admire Tsunku’s positive approach to it all and wish deeply for his continued good health… and a lot more songs written by him.

    And maybe, one day, we will get serviceable artificial vocal cords and all will be right once more in this world.

  15. noooo tsunku-san!!! at least he toured with the group one last time… didn’t know that would the last time we would hear him sing T-T

  16. Yeah, Henkka, I knew this would hit you pretty hard. After I read the news, you were the first person I thought of because you’re the biggest Tsunku fanboy I know (I honestly mean that in a good way).

    As sad as this makes me, I’m still glad that he was able to make this decision to help in his battle against laryngeal cancer and I’m looking forward to the new music he composes as he continues to lead H!P into the future.

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  18. This really messes up “surprise the girls with an announcement while they’re making an appearance.” thingy.

    And his voice subtly there in many singles. ( I think that’s the worst) ever since I first noticed it I’ve felt: “hey! It really IS a nice touch. For me “Sexy Boy” and “1,2,3” are the best examples.

  19. That is soooo sad poor Tsunku :(. Well he did make the right decision to keep his life since his kids are so young and he really isn’t old himself and has many years of life left in him. I hope he makes a full recovery and never has any trace of cancer again,

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