25 comments on “Fukumura Mizuki finally talks about trying alcohol for the first time!

  1. Eh. Pure alcohol is pretty tasteless or is mild at best, you really are just tasting the impurities or other flavorants right? So that leaves it to just finding the combination of stuff you find palatable.

    That being said, itd be interesting to see what happens when she starts drinking the sweet mixed drinks

  2. Drunk people aren’t ‘cute’. Tipsy people can be cute. People that are really drunk just are annoying.

  3. Starts as random topic about Fukumura Mizuki. People end up talking about her boobs and she taking off her clothes at some point.
    Why not?

  4. 3: 名無し募集中。。。 2017/03/11(土) 22:28:56.57 0.net
    Fuku-chan does seem like she isn’t much of a drinker.
    Ikuta seems like she could drink a bunch.

    Thats exactly what I was thinking.. Fuku-chan seems like the type to not like alcohol no matter what type it is… Ikuta and Duu have the image of being able to pound beers and sake… Oda and Maa-chan seem like they’ll drink sweet fruity cocktails and wines… The 12th and 13th gen i cant tell yet, maybe only Chel will drink when they reach that age

    As for me, I’m like Henkka, i drink alot… Not necessarily to get drunk I quite like the flavor of beer, mainly IPAs and other craft beers… I gave up drinking vodka and other heavy crap after college

    • Well, fair enough. If someone doesn’t like the taste of alcohol nor the feeling of being drunk, then I see no good reason to drink. That’d just be punishing yourself.

  5. I love how traditionally Finnish-sounding your ending note was. LMAO
    I personally only enjoy the sweet stuff but will drink almost anything if it’s guaranteed to get me drunk, too. And I totally agree with #19: Fuku-chan does seem fun to drink with somehow.

    • Hehe. While I don’t expect to live in Finland again, I suppose that bit of Finnishness is something that’s going to be a part of me forever. It’s etched into my soul.

      And yeah, it’s the sweet stuff I like as well. In that sense, Japan suits me just fine with the plentiful chu-hi options. These days, my poison of choice is basically vodka & soda at home and at the bar, or chu-hi when I’m on the move.

  6. I could never get over the chemical sensation of alcohol when it passes directly into your bloodstream through the tongue.

  7. Fukuchan is that type who suddenly become overly affectionate and kiss her friend when she’s drunk

  8. >37 I see waht this guy did there, and it grosses me out because Momona is only 13 years old you disgusting lolicon! -.-

    Plus, what he’s proposing is digusting no matter the age of the girl.

        • Oh, true. I forgot…

          But even if Momona was in the age range in which that guy qualified as a pedophile for saying what he did… the term “lolicon” is ok too, that’s whate the Japanese call pedophiles, Cupcake..

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