9 comments on “Wasn’t Tokunaga Chinami just great?

  1. I’ve always felt like Chinami is extremely underrated at least over here in the international fandom. I’ve come to love her a lot since she graduated. She’s just such a bright, fun character and she’s adorable. She always looks like she’s enjoying life to the fullest.

    • Who keeps giving a thumbs down to these truthful comments? Long-haired Chii is the best :3

  2. One of the most underrated idols in H!P. I watch old videos and enjoy her adequacy, heartfulness
    and joviality.

    • >11 And I don’t think her sense of pitch was off, maybe sometimes but just like all of Berryz, she was capable of sounding great. And she had such a cute voice. I think Chii’s cute voice was not very appreaciated 74 Aaah, the world isn’t fair indeed :( That is why not only Chii but all of Berryz weren’t more popular. All of H!P actually.

  3. I do think Murotan looks a lot like her in her expressions, freshness and smile.

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