14 comments on “Roundtable Discussion with Japanese Hello! Project & Johnny’s Entertainment Wota

  1. Great read! I’m definitely more of a Johnny’s wota than H!P. I love watching their concerts and I’m listening to their stuff all the time. Mostly KAT-TUN, Kanjani8, Arashi, TOKIO, older NEWS and KinKi KIds.

    With H!P it’s more the old variety shows I enjoy watching like Utaban, Asayan and Hello! Morning. Naturally it’s also awesome when Johnny’s dudes are on the variety shows but as I can’t understand Japanese I need subtitles and I’ve seen way less Johnny’s stuff subbed than H!P.

    I’ve been following Musume since 2005 and know most of their catalogue by heart and also been listening to lots of C-ute and Berryz but the music I enjoy most from H!P has appeared only recently and it’s Juice=Juice’s stuff. Almost all of their singles have been amazing and their new album was also excellent. And it seems so different from H!P music. I haven’t researched if they have different composers (meaning not Tsunku) or what is it but whatever is the reason I hope they keep good music coming.

      • To be specific, the only Tsunku track on the second disk is “Erabareshi no watashi tachi”.

        On a somewhat unrelated note, I didn’t know you could leave the email field empty. That’s good to know.

  2. It was in 2002 when I first heard of H!P with “Souda! We’re ALIVE,” but I began connecting to H!P consistently in 2007 starting from “Onna ni Sachi Are”. Around the same time I listen to Johnny’s stuff too, but I couldn’t do it as often because their PVs tend to be more inaccessible than a cell signal in some random faraway island. But it didn’t stop me from wanting to see more of Johnny’s groups.

    Personally, Tsunku and Johnny-san both embody the kind of star maker I want to become. Both know what stuff they’re making and know how to carry themselves as pros. In a way these two men are my foreign business icons.

    I’m really happy that there are so many fans out there who like both H!P and Johnny’s. Here’s hoping H!P and Johnny’s make collab projects together!

  3. I’m 100% sure that the guy in the middle of the photo, the male in his 50s, is in fact the owner of Hello Tribe. It’s the hair.

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    • It sucks, but like I said about this news on Twitter: it’s not really news at all, what with the lack of “produced by Tsunku” on CD covers, concert opening VTR’s and whatnot this past year. This was hardly a surprise at this point.

      I figure they just avoided flat-out saying it at first because of the negative impact a sudden announcement like that might’ve had. People would’ve been shitting on anything not produced by Tsunku. This way they sort of eased the fans in. Or, you know… tried to.

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