39 comments on ““The Matenrou Show” vs. “Romance no Tochuu” vs. “Taiki Bansei”

  1. Tell your wife I love her from me. XD She’s amazing from how you make her sound!

    My personal vote goes

    Romance no Tochuu > Matenrou > Taiki Bansei


  2. Romance>Matenrou >>>>>Taiki Bansei

    I got tired of Taiki Bansei after about 30 times of listening, while Romance and Matenrou have permanent spots on my phone.

    Romance is very good charming song the exhibit its sophisticate composition nicely. Matenrou is nice song too, but I think they touched it to be more into idol zone song, just like a bit much, a bit too mainstream.

  3. Anjurumu’s latest song Gashin Shoutan is pretty funky

    My ranking is also similar to Henkka’s.

  4. 104: 名無し募集中。。。 2015/02/08(日) 17:13:13.68 0.net
    Taiki Bansei is like “oooohh?!” → “meh…”
    Matenrou and Romance are like “meh…” → “oh yeah!“

    My thoughts exactly.

  5. I hope that if H!P continues to put out funky songs with real instruments that they’ll show the process on Music+, like they did with Gashinshotan. I love that stuff.

    No such thing as too much funk in HelloPro!!!

  6. Matenrou Show > Taiki Bansei > Romance

    but as a bass player myself I love all 3 songs…

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  8. Lets be honest though TYPE 0 Matenrou is way better than the original (thank you Gaki)

  9. I like Mantenrou show.. But I still the song is about dicks..

    Do it to me! Baby
    Skyscaper SHOW

    Do it to me! Baby
    Intense boy

    Do it to me! Baby
    The Mountain top

  10. For me it’s Romance no Tochuu > Matenrou Show >>> Taiki Bansei.
    Taiki Bansei can get a bit tiring after some time, while Romance and Matenrou are always great.
    But I love all three!

  11. Matenrou >>> Romance > Taiki

    Although, honestly, when Matenrou first came out, I didn’t care for it at all. It seemed so underwhelming in the shadow of OTT. But it’s proved to be one of my most played colourful era songs since then, and it’s always fantastic live. I had better first impressions of Romance and Taiki, but then my love for them mellowed after a while.

    Still, they’re all amazing songs. MM’15 needs to get back on this sound ASAP.

  12. I believe Taiki Bansei was meant to be an earworm for a group that was revamping, nothing more, nothing less. They totally wanted you to see the ads around Shibuya and your brain blurt out “TAIKI BANSAY WOHH OHHH!” and get it stuck in your head. It served its purpose to same extent. The other two, on the other hand, have more depth.

    Romance no Tochuu is the best out of the three imo.

  13. My choice : Taiki > Romance > Manterou (by a close margin)

    If we talk about H!P music, then we talk about quality. So far this quality thing that makes me proud of being H!P fans. But prefer H!P still doing wide range of music genre, rather than stick to just one genre.

  14. Taiki Bansei is on top for me, but it gotta be Takui’s version. Otherwise its Matenrou & Taiki > Romance.

    • I wish there was a full MV for the Takui version, rather than just the bit on M+. I’d also like to hear a version with Takui and Tamura.

  15. for me is:

    Taiki Bansei > Matenrou Show >>>>> Romance no Tochuu

    i dk Taiki Bansei was an instant like just so catchy and cheerful, with Matenrou show it grew on me, but i never got on board with Romance no Tochuu

  16. For me it’s definitely Matenrou Show! Not only is it an excellent song, it (along with One Two Three) captures some watershed moments for Morning Musme:

    1. It’s the first time RihoRiho gets serious competition from the 9kis and 10kis in singing time (from Sato and Mizuki) and dancing (Ayumin).

    2. We see Duu beginning her ikemen phase.

    3. Zukki begins her Chubby Era which appears to have just ended.

    4. It’s (in my opinion) the first time Fukumura Mizuki goes full sex pot on us!

    The other two songs are pretty good too, but The Matenrou Show is much more.

  17. Taiki Bansei is too repetitive and Mantenrou is too 2012 Riho. Meanwhile, Romance no Touchuu has killer lines from Sayuking and the rest of Juice=Juice.

    So, Mythology ~Ai no Album~ wins.

  18. Matenrou out of these 3, but I’m gonna go ahead and put in a vote for Waratte! You.

  19. Romance>Taiki>Matenrou

    Juice juice is just too powerful all across the board with vocal abilities… Every member can legitimately sing especially Sayubee

    • It’s pretty much stuff like “so cute,” “beautiful face,” “nice picture” and at the end “I want to follow Zukki’s example and become thin.”

  20. lbr, you guys are only saying Manterou Show because it is older. That song terrible, especially next to Romance no Tochuu and Taiki Bansei.

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