14 comments on “Guys, let’s have a thread in English!

  1. damn! a few jaw dropping pictures in this post

    always nice to see a new post around here. thanks henkka

  2. I think if English speaking fans posted in Japanese it wouldn’t make as much sense to Japanese fans as this thread makes sense to American fans.

      • Yeah resop2! We demand you are tolerant (even approving) of our idiosyncrasy while we have no tolerance for yours!

  3. Thanks again Henkka. This was so funny in some places! And in others it was kinda like “What the ……..??” Japanese is so hard to learn, or translate. Spanish is so much easier!

    There are some awesome pics in this thread! Wow.

  4. This was fantastic and the indented responses made readability even better!

    I always find it so interesting how much some Japanese Wota look down on Foreign fans, I’m pretty sure there are many Japanese fans who are worse than we are. It seems like the H!P fandom can be quite toxic at times. Can’t we all just get along?

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