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  1. I was at the pre-release event for Sukatto this summer and had a chance to shake with all of 15. One of the best parts was when I was telling Nonaka (in english) that I was from America and supporting her – she was really happy and spoke in english to me. Even better, Maria either recognized my mm in nyc t-shirt or realized to some extent what I was saying in English and she was just SHOCKED!

  2. I’ve had handshakes with Berryz, C-ute, J=J and Country Girls.
    i’ve had the best interactions with my oshi miya (who told me during the berikyu signing session in Paris that she remembered me from the Buono! concert and signing two years prior) and asked what my name was. During the handshake I gave my gifts to her (which was allowed) and she put on the flower crown I gave her and beamed at me.
    Other great interactions I had were Captain, Maimi, Chisato, Yukanyan (who told me my eyes are pretty) and Yamakki who locked hands with me to the point of me having to be dragged away after I told her I’d wait for them to have a live in germany.

    Though for the Japan-based interactions I probably had a really big gaijin advantage lol

  3. I’ve had handshake experiences with BeriKyuu in Paris. I was very unlucky to have somewhat bad experiences with lots of members but the ones who were the most memorable are Chisa and Captain.

    When I told I “love” Chisa she was smiling sooo bright and said something I didn’t understand. But her smile alone made me melt inside, she seemed so happy.

    Captain was like a smiling angel, and so small and sweet. I felt like she was so fragile but her kind smile made it seem like she was an angel haha.

    Other good experiences were Airi and Maimi.

  4. First of all, welcome back Henkka..

    My summary for all the good handshake person:
    Fukumura : with her “Fukumura lock”, seems sweet with fans
    Iikubo : good at talking, can read the atmosphere very well especially to fans.
    Ogata : Probably same reason with Iikubo, good talker
    Yajima-Airi-Okai : famous c-ute member, good interactions with fans
    Nakanishi-Tamura : good interactions with fans
    Kanazawa : surprisingly she is a good talkers (beside her S-chara) and can read the atmosphere too
    Miyazaki : probably have special characteristic as “devil inside” when having interactions with fans
    Miyamoto : Idol is Robot
    Inaba : sweet personality, probably good talker

  5. I only have had handshakes with MM 14 (NYC)..and I blanked out after Sakura & Duu (my oshi) lol but Sakura’s hands were so tiny, soft and fragile I won’t ever forget and DUU made the hand eye-goggle sign, meaning she had spotted me (head to toe orange!) during the live! So that was awesome!

    but Miyabi did a wonderful thing in NJ when they came to America for the 2nd time…it was NOT a handshake event but merely autograph session…I tried to have an interaction with each of them, and struggling to find the words to tell Miya how much it meant to “us” that they came to America, it must have gotten through, because all of a sudden she just beamed happily and thrust out both her hands to me!! I was surprised but shook them and she seemed so genuinely grateful and happy…I won’t forget that!

  6. I guess the only handshakes that I have had were with IshiYoshi at Sakura Con, although it wasn’t exactly a “handshake” event. Rika was jet lagged so I forgive her for letting Yossie do all the work. lol

  7. At the Morning Musume ’14 live in New York, they led the handshake line with Sakura and she was incredibly nice. Everything you’d expect and more.

    Maachan seemed pretty indifferent around the male fans, lol. I didn’t see any chairs piled up behind her but I assume they had staff posted near the exits ^^

    Sayumi looked exhausted since the end of the concert and was pretty subdued by the time I reached her at the end of the row. It was good to see her, especially after I missed my chance to see Ai-chan before she graduated T_T

    What really stood out, though, was how enthusiastic Ayumi was in engaging each fan. Even a non-fan (who I had given a spare ticket) noticed how much fun it was to interact with her and how genuinely gracious she had been.

    Sadly that’s the limit of my own personal experiences with handshake events, but I don’t think one can really go wrong with MM as a first.

    Really, any H!P group handshake event is going to be a fun experience, so choose one of your favorite groups and go! ^^

  8. C-ute at Mexico City. It was a great experience, everyone was so tired and yet they were smiling and giving us their best attitude. They were all so very kind.

  9. >535: Guy mentions a MM member’s interactions but puts an illustration of a Berryz handshake when they were little (did those events even exist back then? And did girls so young hold them?) with their Koi no Jubaku outfits and a creepy looking guy just finishing his turn… lol. That was random.

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