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  1. Sure, she’s cute I guess. A cute ant-type alien. There’s something almost scary about the size of her irises and the high pitch of her voice when she speaks.

    All in all, she’s decent but there’s no OOMPH about her.
    It’s like when all your facial features aren’t bad but put it all together and you just get a decent face. Whereas some people have a feature here or there that’s kinda off but put it all together and you get a really attractive and charming face.

  2. She is good singer with good looks. All her hustle in training pay off. But great as an Idol? far from it. Funaki Musubu has better charisma than her already.

  3. I’ve been a fan of Karin ever since her Kenshuusei days, so have had the pleasure of watching her grow up, and her skills blossom into the wonderful artist she is now.
    Her solo songs from the PinkxKiss album are amongst my all time favourite songs. She shows an incredible talent even back then, and her Juice=Juice presence has only served to boost my fandom.

    When Chisato graduates, in June, Karin will be moving up to the number one spot, for me.

    Ok, I may be biased, but when I see people talk about her vocal talent not being good – I really can’t see it.
    She holds her notes well, has great range, and her voice is so soft and relaxing to listen to. There is no one who can relax me, vocally, more than Karin can.

  4. Considering I don’t follow Karin at all, I can only judge her by looks or first impression. Unlike others whereas you’d find them “cute!” or “naaahh”, Karin didn’t register in any way to me at all. No reaction at all. I think I easily scrolled past her face.

  5. I think the problem between Karin and international fandom is that she doesn’t have flaws – but she’s not amazing enough to make up for it.
    I mean flaws make you interesting. Looking at the other latest translation Mizuki doesn’t rank highly among international fans either – she’s really good, but doesn’t capture you. Girls like Masaki, Murotan, etc. may mess up a line, but they do it with charme.

    Being the idol robot might be perfect for Japanese fans, but it’s not that interesting for international fans. They don’t want a “safe” pick, they want to be entertained.

    I also think that while there is an international standard of beauty, Western fans couldn’t care less about white skin or a tiny face.
    Don’t get me wrong, Karin is great. But she’s not as entertainkng as other idols.

    • I agree with pretty much everything you said, summed up what i would have wrote.. Glad others are noticing Murotan like i have, shes insanely good at performing and making you want to look her way… Her addition to the dance club took far too long in my opinion, she should have been added back when they added Rikako

    • I agree with you, if I did not see her in person
      At first, I went to J=J’s live for just seeing Tomoko-san, but now I get hook on everyone in J=J. Moreover, Karin-chan is the most impressive one with her performance and her handshake

  6. i just think that when she was in the eggs, everyone always hyped her up so much and said she was such a great singer and that she needed to debut RIGHT NOW so i was always expecting so much. but when i finally found something of her i didn’t really see what i thought I would. yes, she’s an extremely talented performer, but I was expecting practically a mini(er) aichan– or at the very least an eri or reina. but she wasn’t. she’s good, but she’s not special. karin has the kind of voice that you’d expect a really good idol singer to have, she dances the way you expect a good idol dancer to dance, and she’s cute i guess, but more on the plainer side imo. there’s just wasn’t anything that drew you in about her. meanwhile, sayuki isn’t necessarily as talented a singer as her, but she’s got a really food, really interesting voice that you wouldn’t really expect from an idol, and i really like the way she dances. plus, sayuki is really beautiful when she smiles. i will admit though, there is a big difference between when karin is really in her on mode and when she’s just going through the motions, and when she’s truly into it, that is really impressive.

  7. Its because majority of Japanese Wotas are old, whereas Western Wotas are mainly Teenagers or early 20s. Younger people just can’t relate to Karin as much as like Morning Musume girls.

  8. I like Karin a lot. She probably tops the list of idols I haven’t yet met but want to.
    But even with those idols I don’t particularly care for, I couldn’t bring myself to outwardly express my dislike, even on the internet. That’s not what idol culture is about, and I respect each one for their hard work and dedication.

  9. I love that this translation follows one in which the Japanese fans say that Westerners don’t understand Karin’s appeal. well done, Henkka. ;)

  10. For me, there’s the instinctual distrust of her.

    Of course, she resembles Nacchi tons – the only member I’ve truly disliked (but not her discography). So I understand there’s clear bias when I see or hear Karin ;;

    Yet really, I STILL don’t fully grasp wtf makes her -that- much of a popular member. She’s always sang well, she’s always been cute, and her expressions have always been flawless. And management – aside from waiting so long to major debut her – has legit always spoiled her.

    But there’s nothing about her aura that I care for. It’s extremely bland. Talented and cute for sure, but … there’s really nothing going for me. And that’s what I’ve noticed after I was exposed to her more and my impression of Nacchi on her (my bias-ing) started to lessen.

    After reading these comments and the translations, I can’t help but think it’s ’cause she’s worked towards being “perfect” so much. I’m more of the natural idol-type fan,, which is how I love Ayaya so much despite her being the “idol cybog” loll

  11. One only only needs to listen to Hotaru matsuri no hi, to understand the difference between Maachan and Karin. Why Maachan appeals more than Karin.

  12. I like Karin but I know I’m almost the only person who thinks she is not really good at dancing. She definitely has the energy and moves on beat with the right amount of sharpness but she looks very awkward doing most dance moves. I notice her shoulders and upper body are always super tense and stiff. You can see an example of this here at 1:08 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfgD4r3CUIs

    I’m not trying to hate, I think she is a great idol and singer :)

  13. I think one more comment should be added here.

    “I don’t know how to explain this, but, you know, Karin is regarded as the embodiment of “H!P Kenshuusei Culture”. In the first place, the idea that some trainees could be more skillful than regular H!P members originated with Karin, neither with Wada, Fukumura, nor Kudou. In this sence Karin is the pioneer, and Hamaura and Taguchi are only Karin’s followers. So, Hamaura will never be able to act on an equal basis with Karin.”


  14. This coming from a guy who recently got to learn about the Japanese culture and language a bit — I can assure the nay sayers, Karin is at the top of the talented idol crop.

    She’s like Tsugunaga Momoko without the chatter.

    As for the person who mentioned Karin doesn’t have flaws — she does. They’re not as noticeable to non-Japanese.

    Furthermore, she follows a very old school (predating ‘98 Morning Musume) approach (mannerisms, antics, etc) in her act. As a result, she’s tailor-made for Japanese audiences.

    I can guarantee people this, C-ute would have exploded in popularity if Hagiwara was replaced with Miyamoto.

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