9 comments on “Best of Wota in Translation 2015

  1. Thanks for everything, Henkka-sama. But how can 2016 be happy without WIT? Seriously! You will be missed.

  2. One post for the reaction to Rihos graduation, such a devisive figure and always gets the best comments. We can hope.

  3. Happy New Year!

    And thanks for all the fish.

    This was another great one. As was this. While on a less positive note, this prompted discussions of varying interestingness.

  4. Laughed with the sayashi drawings thread, the kamei posts were heartwarming a bit, not too much like a lukewarm razor wound with warm blood pooling
    But yeah I also liked the posts about wota personal stories from handshake events etc. Although I m pretty sure some of th m were fake
    Oh and I liked all the maro hate.
    I hate her too but on a loving way and from as far away as possibiru
    Posi buil

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