34 comments on “There’s a button. If you press it, there’s a 1% chance Uta-chan comes back. However, there’s a 99% chance it will instead cause Fuku-chan serious misfortune. Do you press the button? (+2)

  1. It’s just 1:100 probability with the worst case of Fukuchan worst misfortune (i.e. forced to quit MM) after 20 presses. So yeah, why not!
    19 rapid presses isn’t that hard after all. Even with average luck, I can make Uta-chan back around 10 presses.

    This challenge too easy.

  2. Am I just missing what makes Uta special or is this like a child wanting a toy just because they can’t have the toy?

    • Uta had a really great stage presence in my opinion and she just felt very… “pure?” I can understand both sides of the argument personally.

      • There’s no two sides of an argument – there’s just a gradation of different levels of Uta-loss

  3. What if there’s a button that if you press it there’s 1% probability Uta-chan will comeback but also 99% Fukumura boobs will shrink to the size of Ikubo’s. and you could only press that button once? Beside that button there’s lying Fukumura latest PB.

    Will you press it?

  4. What if the button happened to be Fukumura’s left boob, with a chance of
    1 press: Uta becomes exploited by Aki-Pi in his usual lewd way
    10 presses: Momusu’s hiatus
    20 presses: Henkka’s translation of all your perverted thoughts and recital of it to your family
    30 presses (+pinching): You, becoming a long-term idol, inside a jail, ofcourse

    • I’d press it all day long, whatever the result!!!
      And the day after too, of course…

  5. I might have missed a lot, I guess? Why is Fukumura disliked? Did this change in the last 6 month?

  6. Heh, the imbalance in treatment between Fuku-chan and Ayacho is so terrible.

    > Henkka: You can do mind exercises to battle memory loss, pop some pills for hair loss, and there are healthy ways to bounce back from weight loss. But what can a doctor prescribe for Uta loss…?

  7. Button to make Yukarin comeback? Now that’s unfair.. I’ll push it even if it cause misfortune to all HP members.. And even if the odds are 0.1 to 99.9..

  8. How about a 1% chance Uta comes back and 99% chance Fukuhime leaves H!P for the AV industry?

    • I’ve already photoshopped her face on to some AV pornstar’s body in preparation for this inevitable event.

  9. Wait a button to bring Yuuka back AND get Ayaka to leave? Win Win!

    Now for the Uta button, sorry Fuku. I take no pleasure in your departure but it’s a far far better thing you do for HP than you have ever done before.

  10. 91: 名無し募集中。。。2015/06/14(日) 20:59:40.10 0.net
    I’d want to see them leave the button in each of the groups’ dressing rooms for a couple of hours. Meanwhile, me, Sayu and Momochi would be monitoring them from a different room — along with Fuku-chan.

    This is a great idea for one of those dokkiri (surprise) segments and totally needs to happen.

  11. Fortunately, just as there is a Beatles alternative universe that we acquired a cassette of their songs had they not broken up, Country Girls with Uta certainly exists. Now to wait for somebody to acquire the AU’s cd collection…

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  13. The ultimate misfortune for Fukumura: her boobs shrinking to Sayu size (Now, that’s will make fans REALLY think hard before pressing the button, right?).

  14. For the intial button questioin, i wouldnt press it at all… Not saying I dont like Uta but they still have Inaba Manaka…. Inaba should have been the center from day one

    Only buttons i would press are probably the Yuukarin buttons lol, I want to see how she would fare against the current MeiMei and Rikako

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