19 comments on “Am I the only one who’s hooked on Manakan aka Inabaccho aka Inaba Manaka-chan?

  1. Ozeki is my favorite of the group, but it’s amazing how much cuter Manaka looks now that she’s in Country Girls from her Kenshuusei days.

  2. Definitely my fav in CG. I didn’t notice her in the trainees because I don’t pay attention to them .( That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.)

  3. I didn’t realize how old she is until #115 mentioned she is 2 years older than Kudu. I thought Manaka was like 14 or something.

  4. Everyone in CG is so cute, it’s too bad if because of Uta-chan people have trouble seeing it. Manakan’s hair arrangement segments were adorable, but I also thought Yamaki was rather dreamy in hers (plus the hairstyles she did were pretty nice; one on Chisaki and one on herself). And Yamaki has a pretty unique, pretty look anyway, with the nose <3 Ozeki has the dimples and a cute voice and her energy & personality make her cute, too.

    My favourite is Chisaki, who I think also has an innocent aura like Utachan, but still a little different – maybe because her ROFL face is priceless. XD But she was already my "Utachan" before Utachan left. So cute.

  5. “Henkka: For months I’ve been furiously trying to decide who I like better, Inaba Manaka or Morito Chisaki.”

    Maybe you should try liking both Manakan and Chisaki as much as comes naturally to you instead of dividing yourself ^_^ The best of both worlds! (all 5 members of CG are awesome imo)

    “This is awful. Someone kill me.”

    Nice try, but it’d be inconvenient for us if you tried to leave Translator’s Hell right now…<3

    • > Nice try, but it’d be inconvenient for us if you tried to leave Translator’s Hell right now…<3
      That's what necromancy is for.

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  7. My cute little oshi of country girls!! she’s so cute and such a good dancer, she’s totally awesome!! ^O^/

  8. While I did know of Manakan in her Kenshuusei days i sort of looked over her cause of Rikako and Nanamin where my absolute favorite youngins (RIP Nanamin, you didnt deserve that treatment, they should have promoted you right after the Juice Juice girls)… But then they released that dance club video on Hello Station and i feel in love instantly…NOBODY THAT FRICKIN CUTE SHOULD BE ABLE TO DANCE LIKE THAT… Its too early to say she’s better than Riho cause of lack of evidence but they upload a few more dance videos of her and I’ll say it proudly… Then the hair arrange segment was mind numbingly cute, Country girs started to get promotional appearances and her cuteness and voice blew my mind some more.

    Sad to say that she might make me Oshihen if i havent already from Eripon to her… She should have been the center of Country girls from the get go but now that Uta is gone Up front would be morons if they didnt let Manakan take over… This girl has def jumped into my Top 3 current favorites among H!P idols

  9. I’ve known her since Kenshuusei days, but just “know” (because of the “RIkako” phenomenon in Kenshuusei before :lol:), After Manakan selected as Country Girls members, it’s like “she was in Kenshuusei??”.

    She deserve it better career from now on, such a talented person (her dance on a different level) and very cute also. Last thing don’t forget that she’s from Hokkaido, where the Country Girls (Musume) is rooted for.

  10. I actually followed her from before H!P, when she was in the Sapporo agency Runtime’s group Peaceful. Her cuteness and dance ability were on full display back then. She’s no newcomer to the biz, that’s why she appears to be an anomaly in Country Girls, a group that embodies freshness and amateurishness. She’s obviously the cutest member (now that Utachan is gone), the best dancer and the best singer. She should actually be the ace/center but that would totally detract from the CG image, which is why Chisaki and Mai are the face of the group now.

  11. Basically, everybody in CG is really awesome, but for me there’s no other answer than Risa (does no one else love “CG’s number one woman of talent”? )

  12. And now she’s graduating :( This sucks, she was so cute. I was hoping she’d come back, but I guess she was too sick.

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