19 comments on “Wota confesses love to Momochi via phone call on her radio show; cringe ensues

  1. Maybe it’s just the difference in culture, but listening to the conversation it didn’t really seem that bad or gross? Like he kept it under control he coulda gone crazy and been all creepy, but he didn’t really say anything disrespectful?

    • I think it’s the fact she’s an idol and on a radio show so the percentage he will rejected is like.. 100%.. Others who love Momochi feel for him.. It’s cringy..

    • Nah, he handle it like a pro I would say. The best part was that he dropped the bomb out of the blue in the middle of conservation (like by the way Momo its you, we’re talking about) XD. All in all I would say that he was very calm and composed during the conversation, from mine point of view the whole thing was very sweet & funny.

    • Seriously, being IN LOVE with a girl you’ve only seen on TV is creepy. Charmed or vaguely smitten, I can understand. But in love to the point of not being able to study properly and wanting to hate her? Sorry, super creepy for me. Sounds like this guy could pull a John Lennon on her any time.

  2. Oooh, I feel kind of bad for the guy who is in love with Momoko.
    If he’s 19 now, he was 14 when he began liking her – so it’s not creepy at all.
    Well, at least he got to talk to her.

  3. If Meimi called me I’d be to be far more cringy than this guy. Like a lot of stuttering and heavy breathing.

  4. Momochi is such a pro! That was great improvisation. I also find it odd how the Japanese people called it pathetic or gross; I found it fascinating and real in a way.
    Momochi also impressed me at a Country Girls mini live, how she was directing both the other members and staff offstage. Wow!

  5. I have to confess that I’m deeply in love with Momochi. I want her to scold me for being in love with “everyone’s idol”… lol
    It’s impressive how she can handle every kind of conversation, even the most embarrassing ones!

  6. ”It’s amazing how obvious it is that this guy is still a virgin.”

    Well… just as half of adult population of Japan. I think that our little wota is hardly something exceptional here.

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  8. As expected of Momochi. The way she handled that was, of course, perfect. And the second thing sounds spot on too.

    > 13: 名無し募集中。。。 2015/04/06(月) 17:07:11.54 0.net
    > Just proves how kind-hearted Momochi is, the way she didn’t end her sentence with “…so stop fucking asking me that question.“
    Haha, right.

  9. I found him to be more cold than creepy but he is only 19. Momo handled it very well. As expected of a top idol ^_^

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