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  1. I’ve had lots of dreams where I’m backstage, rehearsing with all the members for a H!P concert.

    And one time I dreamt I was at a Morning Musume reunion concert in the future, with everyone from 1st gen to 8th gen there. That was in 2009/2010 I think so that was everyone in the group. It was kind of like when the MM and Dorimusu performed together in 2012. They should do that again.

    Do that many people really think ex-H!P members will make a porn debut? Wow. Somehow I’m not surprised by the erotic dreams though…

    • This is the greatest gift I’ve been given all day!

      <3 Pussypounder/Nakadashi

      (to be honest, I was kind of hoping for another filthy comment from you LOL)

      • I wanted to squeeze Fukumura’s breasts. I wanted to feel her soft, untouched body, a body that feels pure. I wanted to lift her skirt and pull down her panties and put my dick inside of her. I wanted to hear her cry. I wanted so badly for her to feel shame that she wasn’t a virgin anymore. But I stopped myself. I stopped myself when I realized how wrong it is to ruin the future of this unbelievably pure and innocent girl. Upon reflection, I finally came to the shocking realization that deep down within me, it’s not her body that drew me to her, but the pureness and innocence of her which attracted me to Fukumura. There are so few of her kind left in my society, the ones who are still pure and innocent, uncorrupted.

          • This. Actually, you know what? I think it’s time for a policy change.

            I’m hereby disallowing the overly explicit sexual fantasy stuff in the comments.

            The vibe I seem to be getting quite clearly is that pretty much no one reading this site really cares for the stuff and would rather not have to sift through it when reading the comments. As for the people who do like it, I second Anonymous’ recommendation of the above Tumblr blog. Unlike here, that blog was quite clearly intended for that subject matter.

            Don’t take this to mean you can no longer comment on the members in an honest way, even if it gets a little sexual or what have you. I’m only disallowing the kind of stuff I’ve seen in comments by Pussypounder/Nakadashi, which is basically just sexual fantasies meant to get a rise out of people.

            I’ve mentioned before I’d feel hypocritical deleting those comments considering the nature of this site. But then I realized: 99% of the time I delete all that stuff from the actual 2ch threads I translate, too. Now that will extend to the comment section as well.

        • This is not a H-Manga, I swear. But P-Pounder, you should check out Onani Master Kurosawa.

          It should suit your taste

  2. I feel like idols have taken over all my Jungian archetypes…

    I just hope Maa-chan doesn’t become my wise guide.

  3. I’ve been a fan for 9 years but I’ve only had one H!P dream. Around the time of the first 12th gen audition. I had a dream Sasaki joined and her first single with the group sold half a million copies. .____.

  4. About a year ago I had a dream that Country Musume was revived, but somehow I was the only member. Kind of a disaster. That dream SHOULD have had some proper members in it.

  5. I once had a dream with riho, but i don’t remember the context, i think that sometimes i dream with momusu members, but i don’t remember neither.

    Merry christmas! :D

    • As was said by #24, you can learn to be better at it. Try to write them down as you wake up.

      The interesting thing is, if you try to “mind your dreams”, you begin to see more of them, with better clarity. That’s your subconsciousness at work.

      Merry Christmas!

      • Your advice worked! xD yesterday i had a dream with sayumi, we were at a hotel and she was pissed off by something xD i think it was for the reservations :D

        Thank you, i want to keep dreaming with h!p members :3

        (i remember that i had dream with momoclo members once, we were at a poor comunity or a pool, but akari was not there .w.)

  6. Sorry, Henkka, but if Santa Claus is really Finnish, that pushes you and your tanslation empire down to 3rd-awesomest Finn ever, after Santa and Simo Hayha.

  7. “I have a recurring dream where I’m a member of Musume. We’re in the middle of a concert and I freak out because I don’t remember the dances at all.”

    I get this dream a LOT.

  8. I dreamed of riding a train with Momochi once. There was just the two of us in the whole train. I can’t recall exactly where the train was heading, but it was going through a cliff near a sea or something. In that dream we didn’t talk at all, the train wasn’t even making any sound when it was running.

    We just sat there, with her head on my shoulder and her arms around mine. Her eyes were closed like she was sleeping. I on the other hand was looking where the train was going and after a while, I saw a tunnel couple of hundreds yards away.

    As the train was reaching the tunnel, sounds gradually began to enter the dream. Like the train, the sea and such. As we’re about to enter the tunnel, I heard my self talking. My voice was clear and audible despite the loud train whistle. I turned my head to Momochi and said “Thank You”. She slowly opened her eyes and looked back at me with a smile. She didn’t say a word but her smile was so.. Serene. The train entered the tunnel and everything went dark.

    I woke up, feeling rather.. Well feeling nothing actually but I noticed there were warm tears flowing from left eye. I wonder why..

  9. While I’ve had a couple of dreams with H!P members, the one I always remember the most vividly is one in which I offended Tasaki Asahi by accidentally pointing out how terrible her career has been going. Ever since then, I’ve been following her blog posts to make up for it. I’m sorry Tasaki.

    • I had a dream just like that, except it was with Mika Todd, and it took place in the worlds largest bathroom.

  10. Ogata, huh? As expected.

    Reina seems to invade quite a few dreams too.

    Anyway, I had more of those than I’d care to admit. They usually involve Berryz working at whatever place I’m dreaming off, I don’t know why. On one occasion Tsunku was there too. In another dream they were just hanging around at a party. I think °C-ute was there too. And the pope…

    That seems to be a pretty common one. Huh.

    > None of the dreams are erotic though.
    Yep. Well, erotic ones are pretty rare for me to begin with.

    Merry Christmas!

  11. Maasa and Chinami had a fist fight in my dream, and I woke up all of sudden because Chinami won.

    Speaking erotic dreams, I had a dream where Risako was on my bed, signaling me to strip her. I’m still shock with that dream because I’m a straight girl. -_-

    Merry Christmas, Henkka!

  12. In fall of 2004 I had a dream I was a staffer and I had to accompany Yaguchi for the day as security. She went to a pub and met up with her secret boyfriend and they sat in a booth making out while I sat at the bar counter frowning.

    • Wow…that one almost sounds real…@_@

      Remove the “I had a dream” part and it’d be pretty believable now >_<;;

  13. I’ve dreamt of Sayu, Mizuki and Ayumi once….

    I was lost in a subway then I saw Sayu and went “Michishige-san Hello!” and she said something in japanese so I cant understand anything and I just stared blank at her, she looks in a hurry and said byebye to me.

    after a few minutes of wandering around, I saw Mizuki and poked her (XD) and I called her name. She high-fived me, I was so happy i almost jumped in joy

    then I saw Daishi wandering around too I called her but she ignored me…..

    Then I woke up orz

  14. Not wholly on-topic, but I once saw a dream about Shiori (yellow) and Kanako (red) of Momoclo.

    I was walking in a some kind of corridor. I spotted the two girls behind a corner and stopped to watch. Shiori gave Kanako a big balloon as a gift. They were both smiling at each other. Then they noticed me and gave me an angry look. They walked away and that is how my dream ended.

  15. Just last week, I had a dream about Reina.

    We were in a hotel room where she pushed me down on the bed and told me to close my eyes.
    A moment later she tells me to open them again and I see she took her panties from under her skirt.
    She gives me a questioning look, then that devious kitten smile of her took its place.
    After licking her lips, she slowly said, “WOOF WOOF WOOOF WOOOF.”

    …Damn you, dog.

  16. The craziest dream I’ve ever had, was about Karin being a gardener and all the other H!P members were flowers but then these became evil and wanted to attack her. Then her neigbours laughed with her and she cried (bullies).

  17. I had a dream of being a good friend of 10ki members walking together for windows shopping in a mall.

    And I also ever had a dream of seeing Kago-chan got hospitalized because of having a high fever.

  18. I see quite a lot of dreams of attending a Berryz Koubou concert where I am the only one in the audience. They’re mostly just me yelling and waving at Maasa and her being all “what is that creature?” :P

  19. The only dream with an HP! member that I’ve had happened a few years ago…

    I was in some crazy high-def fantasy game world (looked kind of like Diablo 3 even though I’ve never played that), and I was busy teaching Katsuta how to cast magic spells by drawing the appropriate runes.

    She was frightening quick to pick up the fundamentals, and looked super cute in that witch’s hat ^_^

    Nothing erotic or disgusting happened, lol, unless Pussypounder/Nakadashi wants to write a fanfic based on this =D

    Merry Xmas to my fellow WiT’ers! And especially to you, my raven-haired beast of a beard, Henkka <3 May the coming year be full of fun translations and filthy commentary!

  20. I once dreamt I was in Hawaii at that one mall they always go to and lo and behold, they were there filming their next alo hello.

    I think I was in some candy shop and they were just pouring in one after another and I was just star struck the entire time xD

    Merry christmas to WiT’ers~ I usually lurk but I promise I’ll comment more~!

  21. I’ve had so many H!P/idol related dreams in my almost seven years of being a fan. I’ve written most of them down but stopped after 140… XD Hell, I had one last night!

  22. Had a nice share of HP related dreams, all pleasant, some erotic. Just had one with Reina on Dec 24th. It was as if Santa himself (or Henkka) had the good idea of visiting my dreams.

    BTW, thank you for the policy change. Nothing against sexy fantasies, but got to draw the line between naughtily funny and obnoxiously creepy.

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  24. The only one I remember happened around 2002, and it included most of the members of MM at the time but centered around Kago. We were all in a winter cabin and the girls wanted to go sledding, but Kago was sick so I stayed behind to hang out with her while the rest had fun in the snow.

  25. I havent been a fan quite as long as some of the rest of yous guys, but I’ve had a few recurring dreams with Reina and Sayu. Its always like we’re good friends who havent seen each other in a long time, and we just talk and go to amusement parks. Shit’s super chill.
    Also, once I had a dream abaout Masaki, but that one was kind of dark, and I’m still uncomfortable even remembering it.

  26. I had a dream that Tsunku got jealous of MoBeKiMaSu (not sure which group it was) because he thought they were stealing his songs. Then he announced over twitter that he was keeping Mikaeri Binji for himself. It was really strange especially because it happened in the middle of a completely unrelated dream.

  27. As an-old H!P & MM fans, myself always dream about H!P & MM member found a band since long time ago.. They sound little bit different than Idol ambiance or BanDol (Band-Idol). Just purely Rock/Pop Band..

    Somehow my dream came into reality when Reina formed a band :lol: At first, they seemed to play some cover songs with new arrangement, but after 2nd mini album they truly described my dream..

    Love you Lovendor.

  28. “3. 名無しプロジェクト 2014年12月24日 02:55 ID:AsKB79J90
    I’m a girl wota. I had a dream of going on a school trip with °C-ute and later getting into a hot spring with them. I was so happy.”

    Please allow me to jump into your dream cannon ball style.

  29. My dream is weird but fun as well :lol:, I was with a crowd in a dancing hall of some sort, then suddenly I was in a drinking match with Riho (I don’t know what we are drinking in the mug, it’s color brown on my dream probably soda or coffee :sweatdrop:). Riho is winning the contest.

    But before that dream, I don’t know Riho is loves to drink Cider. So it’s like a dream of the future.

  30. I once dreamt that MaiMai, Maimi and Chisato were smelling pillows in a Febreze commercial.

  31. A couple of months ago I had a dream where I met the Morning Musume ’14 lineup (minus 12th gen). I was in Japan and I think I ran into them at a restaurant or something. I talked to them and they were all super friendly and they thought it was cool that people from other countries had heard of them.

    What was weird was that in the dream everyone spoke fluent native-sounding English. And all the signs on the streets were in English too. I remember thinking, “Wow there sure is a lot of English in Japan. Shouldn’t more things be in Japanese? It’s JAPAN!”

  32. It’s a bit callous but I just a dream about Miyabi and another Hello Project member but I forgot. It’s not a pretty dream. In that dream they were murdered and raped by a a crazed wota hunting down Hello Project members who got married. It wasn’t a gory or lewd dream, more like nior film. I was the lead detective in that dream. I tried to find the serial killer but couldn’t get ahead because my pencil kept breaking and I couldn’t finish report.. It was a weird dream.

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