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  1. 101: 名無しさん@おーぷん 2014/10/30(木)08:29:20 ID:???
    Even though she’s through and through Japanese, why did they originally try to raise her while using English?

    102: 名無しさん@おーぷん 2014/10/30(木)08:30:17 ID:???
    Apparently they both have an affinity for New York.

    Gold! Maachan needs to miss LA

  2. Thank you Captain for bringing me to H!P 11 years ago. Berryz kobou hiatus will surely leave a big hole in my life.

    I also would like to thanks Maa-chan for just being who you are. Maa-chan is a definition “one of its kind”. Idol comes and goes, but I wonder that will anyone can come close to the level of Maa-chan again in the next 20 years.

    Morning Musume was down to 5 members with a very low sales. The addition of 9th gen does not help things much at that time. I almost quite. But only by a glance of Maa-chan audition footage, it made me keep following H!P from the day that I thought H!P was going to end.

    Thank you captain Saki for being my first oshi

    Thank you Maa-chan for being my last oshi. Your days as an idol will end, while I keep following the groups and H!P, but I don’t think I can be any oshimen of any other girls. There will be a long time before anyone can come close to your level.

  3. Huh serious thread hmm…

    Well somewhat late I guess but Ai-chan thanks for everything, as far as I’m concerned you really were a perfect idol, dancing, singing, personality… So I really wish you all the best in the future.
    Risako please continue with singing after Berryz, I could never get tired of your voice.

    Also Harunan you are awesome, pure honey :)

    Anyways I better stop because my blood sugar level is getting dangerously high with all this sweet talking…

  4. Thank you morning musume for consuming my time.
    To momusu

    Suki da na kimi ga
    Naze ka wakaran
    Suki da na kimi ga
    Zenbu suki da
    Mitame wa kawaiku nai no ni
    Zenbu kawaisugiru

  5. The moment when I found EVERYDAY Zekkochou! I knew that not only I fell in love with you but with H!P as a whole.

    Thank You, Yajima Maimi

  6. This is pathetic but what the hell, sometime it’s good to get it off my chest.

    I’ve been diagnose with a syndrome that limits my physical activities about 10 years ago. What syndrome? Let just say it affect my heart(as in heart pumping blood not heart broken shit over love) I was 13 at that time but I don’t know if it’s stupidity or just puberty(I’m going with stupidity) but I lost my will to live.

    I’ve always been an outgoing guy and was aiming to be either a firefighter or enlist in the army but yeah, now it’s gone. I came to a certain point in my life that I have nothing to aim for. To make matter worse, somehow I caught a fever and stayed out of school for about 2-3 months(minor infection to the heart). When I got back, my grade plummeted. Seriously, I was in the top 3 and now I’m in the bottom 3. Great.. I can’t do sports and I falling behind on my academic.

    By that time.. People been treating me differently as if I was some sort of porcelain doll. It made sick.. From a guy who thinks he’s tough and now to this.. Really it’s something I can’t really describe. It something new, something I don’t like at all. But life goes on I guess but I didn’t have any care for the world anymore. Studies and social life all went out through the window. I didn’t bother with any of them. But I guess I’m a genius or something, I somehow managed to ace one of the big exam in my country without even have to study. I saw a glimmer of hope in my life for the first time in years..

    But as any other sad story goes, it doesn’t last long. I thought my luck was changing so I decided hey maybe I should try sport next. I wanted to play football(soccer) again. So I did. I bought a ball and started to play by myself, trying to remember how to do it. Then I fell. I don’t know how or why, but I fell onto the ground. I couldn’t get up for about a minute. My body just went numb. When I got up, nothing was hurting except for a few sore spots. No big deal but I decided not to play anymore. Guess what happened next? A few weeks later my feet began to feel numb, it was hard to even lift my legs just to get up one single staircase. So I went for to a hospital and discovered the columns in my spinal cord had shifted, pressing the nerves and causing the numbness. Any later I would’ve been paralyzed waist down. Again life has delivered me a crushing blow. I’m back to being an emo prick.

    I didn’t mentioned this earlier but the spine injury was also due to syndrome. The bones and connective tissues in my body are weaker than other people. But I got better after several weeks of treatment(I used voodoo)(Nah just kidding). Anyway.. The final crushing blow was that I have a chance of inheriting the syndrome to my kids(if I ever have one). It was 50% chance. This is perhaps the biggest point or plot that kept me in depression. I mean, I’m okay if I’m the only who would suffers but I couldn’t bear the thought of putting someone else in the same boat as me. I had a few aspirations in my life; To be a firefighter/soldier that was taken away from me. And now, perhaps the most important goal I want is to have a family is also taken away from me. My sister once said, hide the fact you have the syndrome or people won’t marry you. I know she meant no harm but.. That hurt badly.. More than she ever knew..

    Anyway.. What all this bullshit got anything to do with Hello Project? I like them. Yeah, I said it. I like/love some of the girls. I mean not as in the manner of hey I like you. I mean as in, hey I like her, it would nice if she’s my girlfriend sort of feels. I know it sounded pathetic to love a girl who’s miles away over the internet and she doesn’t even know I exist but.. What else could I do.. I need a little bit of delusion I can get to make it through this life. The fact that the idols present themselves a boyfriendless girls and pure. Well, it’s like giving me a little bit of false hope and something to look for. I don’t know why but yeah, stupidity at it’s best. It’s not like I blindly delude myself.. It just, something I set out in order to continue on living and somehow it worked. I’m every bit a broken man but I managed to get through day by day. I even managed to get my degree with first class honor. Imagine that..I’m still jobless though :]

    So I guess.. Thank you HP.. I won’t name the girl that I admire/like/love but yeah. Thanks to her.

    • Shit, man. Way to go making any “problems” in my life suddenly seem completely insignificant. I’m glad you’ve found something that helps you deal with all that crap. Thanks for the honesty.

  7. I must thank all of Hello!Project. Since discovering this treasure I’ve had numerous bad days (work frustrations, internet flame wars, annoying family issues, etc) which were bearable by watching and reading about the antics of a bunch of girls and young women on the other side of the planet. A special thanks to my oshi Sudo Maasa, Ishida Ayumi for always being so upbeat and Nakanishi Kana for confirming hard work pays off (even though I’m still miffed about this ANGERME nonsense)!

    And while a bit off topic, a big thanks to Henkka for the translations! Japanese (especially in written form) is incomprehensible to me and I’m too busy studying Korean to even try and learn it. So thank you for opening up this enlightening window on one of my little passions for me!

  8. Thank you hello project for existing and make my life more fun and enjoyable, before i was a grumpy person, now i’m always happy and excited for my idols, thank you, thank you reina for being my first oshimen and inspiration, thank you sayumi for being there and bring kawaiiness to my life, thank you zukki for being in morning musume, you hold now the honor of being my oshi.

    thank you tsunku for being born and create hello project, you’re awesome

    thank you fukuda asuka for creating the graduation system in morning musume that brings new girls to love, seriously thank you Asuka Fukuda, the greatest and most talented singer that morning musume ever had.

  9. Henkka is so right about Coconuts Musume Ayaka being the reason most foreign fans got introduced to Morning Musume. If it wasnt for Ayaka’s English lessons segment on Hello! Morning I dont think I would have gotten hooked when I happened to stumble upon the video on youtube. Her segment helped breach the language barrier. My favorite guests on her segment were Takahashi Ai and Yaguchi Mari yet back then I had no idea who they were or knew anything about them, they were just funny to me and it got me to search for more stuff about these girls and that led to me becoming the hardcore Morning Musume Wota that I am today.

    A personal thanks goes out to Yaguchi Mari for being the initial reason I even saw the Ayaka’s English segment in the first place. Back then I was only watching Martial Arts movies and I saw a low budget comedy type martial arts movie that had this tiny women playing a child and I was curious to who she was so I googled her and it lead me to youtube. The rest is history

  10. Thank you, Momochi, for staying and bringing a wide smile to my face whenever I see you.

    I also need to thank Airi, Kanatomo and Meimei for keeping my attention on their respective groups and for their wonderful singing.

    Furthermore, and possibly even more importantly, I thank Teranya for writing all those songs. Please get well!

    • Among those who are no longer on active duty, my thanks go to Chayu, of course.

      And also to Ayaka. I had a lot of fun watching those English lessons.

      Chayuuuu… ;_;

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  12. Thank you, TEEN magazine, for the very small , random article printed in 2003 about morning musume ( at the time they held the title for largest girl group). If it wasn’t for you guys, it is possible that I would have never known about them, which is unthinkable.
    And a special thank you to YouTube for introducing me to them all over again in 2008. You introduced me to a very special fandom, as well as a whole new level of procrastination.

  13. Since I don’t see any (PG13) thankyous to Mizuki, here’s one:
    Zukki may have been my first H!P oshi, but you’re my dearest (Zukki still occupies 2nd place). I initially thought you were boring, and was, I admit it, annoyed when they gave you the solo in PyocoPyoco instead of Zukki or Erina.
    However, it all changed around Wakuteka time. I started to notice that you were actually beautiful (I’m a bit shallow, so an idol’s looks are a big factor in my book), and, more importantly, I saw you on Tsuntube singing Ii Koto Aru Kinen no Shunkan, one of my favorite Momusu songs. I started researching you more after that, and saw that you were a wota through and through, and that was pretty much that.
    Thank you, Leader!

  14. Thank you Up-Front
    Thank you Tsunku-san
    Thank you Makoto-san
    Thank you Sanma-san
    Thank you Sawayaka Goro and his partner that nobody bothers to remember his name
    Thank you Time Machine 3gou
    Thank you Araken

    Thank you TV Tokyo, TBS, BS Japan, BS Sukapa, SSTV, NTV, TBC Touhouku Housou and MTV81
    Thank you NHK for J-melo (Shame on you Kouhaku)
    Thank you bayfm78, Radio Nippon, MBS Radio, FM PORT, Shounan Beach FM, FM-FUJI, Nippon Housou, CBC Radio and HBC Radio
    Thank you Youtube, Ustream, and Showroom
    Thank you Ameba, Twitter, WEAR, Facebook and Google+
    Thank you UTB, Top Yell, BOMB, Princess Bambina, CD Journal, CD&DL Data and Young Gangan
    Thank you JOYSOUND and DAM

    Thank you au by KDDI, Morisanchuu, Yama-chan and Dentsu?
    Thank you KAGOME
    Thank you Yusuke Santamaria
    Thank you Furikatsu-kun, Kumamon, Satoyama-kun
    Thank you Hello Kitty

    Thank you Ookami

    Thank you Morning Musume ’14
    Thank you Berryz Koubou
    Thank you ℃-ute
    Thank you S/mileag…eh.. ANGERME
    Thank you Juice=Juice
    Thank you Mitsui Aika
    Thank you Satoda Mai and Country Girls
    Thank you Hello! Pro Kenshuusei

    Thank you LoVendoЯ
    Thank you Up Up Girls (Kari)
    Thank you Bitter&Sweet
    Thank you The Possible
    Thank you Kikkawa You
    Thank you Mano Erina
    Thank you Morning Musume OGs

    Thank you Ogawa Saki
    Thank you Maeda Yuuka T______T

    Thank you Yoshihashi Kurumi
    Thank you Tanabe Nanami T______T

    And last but not least

    Thank you Tauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  15. Even though you aren’t there any more, thank you Koha for bringing us your incompetence in not being able to work a VCR player!

  16. Thank you Mika Todd. You were probably the main reason “Ayaka’s Surprise English Lessons” got subbed in the first place .

  17. Thank you Maa-chan <3 She always makes me smile and my heart melt <3
    And thank all Morning Musume '14 and Morning Musume in general, my life wouldn't be the same without them :) Thank you Hello! Project and thank you, Tsunku

  18. Thank you Tsunku! get well soon (T T)

    And thank you, Miyazaki Yuka, for your dedication! You wouldn’t quit uni if you weren’t serious about beeing an idol :) and you’ve improved greatly! I’m proud over you, as you always do your best! ガンバーレ!

  19. It’s a rare thing to say, but: thank you, Mitsui Aika-san.

    I was always a very anxious girl. I didn’t speak up much or try to make a lot of friends, I didn’t dress the way I wanted to or pursue the goals I wanted to, all because I was afraid of being laughed at or scorned by anyone. I just kept to myself and tried not to embarrass myself.

    In my last year of high school, one of my friends got into Morning Musume, and when Kanashimi Twilight came out, she dragged me into her fanaticism. Aika stood out to me immediately — I thought she was cute, sure, but her voice was also really unique to me. I’d had some kind of preconceived notion that idol groups were squeaky and frilly and KT as a whole took me by surprise, but to hear such deep notes come from such a baby faced girl really caught my attention. Sure she wasn’t the best singer in the group, but I decided then and there that I “liked” her.

    And then I got into the actual fandom. And I learned more about her. About the violent backlash she’d received for being placed in the group instead of Kikka or Sumire. She was scorned for something she couldn’t control, for following a path that she wanted to take and miraculously succeeding — the same thing I’d always tried to avoid. And yet she just shrugged her shoulders and smiled and said “oh well, I’m already here so there’s nothing they can do about it”. She was twelve. She was twelve and she showed so much more strength and maturity than I did. Even in her later years and during the unfortunate end of her tenure in the group, she was full of so much positivity and optimism.

    She and her attitude toward her criticism and her health and injuries have made such a huge impact on my life, without having “known” her, I’d probably still be that same anxious girl. I wouldn’t even have the courage to post this kind of silly thing for fear of getting laughed at for liking an “unpopular” girl. Instead, I’m able to be true to myself. Aika’s been a huge inspiration to me, and for that, for never giving up, from the bottom of my heart, I express my thanks to her.

  20. Thank you for dj waffles. the guy who subbed utaban videos. that guy was legendary a god among wotas.

    • Man.. I remember that site.. Ayaka English lesson and Hello Morning.. I got them from there.. Guess I need to thank him too.. and Hello Online

  21. Airi, Miyabi, Momoko – thank you for going to Hello!Pro Kids audition. If it wasn’t for it, maybe Buono! could never be formed, and the song “Renai Rider” would never be released, and so I wouldn’t get into Hello!Project. Thank you for bringing me so much fun while listening to your songs.

    Terada, thank you for letting “those five losers” a chance to debut, and so starting my amazing journey with Morning Musume. I don’t know how dull my life would be without it.

    Sayu, thank you for your hard work. You weren’t my favourite member, but my respect for you is more important than my liking. Just thinking that for whole 11 years you had almost no free time for yourself, had very little sleep, were able to deal with the hate you got for acting like a princess (which you did for sake of Momusu) and forced yourself to work when other girls would just give up and quit… makes me look up to you. You are one real idol. I hope you’re having a good rest now.

    Maa-chan, thank you for being so sweet. You are a ray of light in my life. I want to say “Please never change”, but I will love you no matter what.

    Kananan, thank you for being such a lovely angel. There are almost no human beings like you.

    Zukki, you had to endure a lot. Thank you for you strength.

    Harunan, thank you for being amazing. I have so many reasons I love you for, some of them I can’t even express in words. I’ll always cheer on you.

    Idols and (Japanese and not only) fans, thank you for showing me that no matter how you look or act – noisy or calm, boldly honest or humble – there always, ALWAYS will be someone who will love you for who you are.
    That’s something I really needed in my life.

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